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4.00117 votes • 15 reviews
Published 07 Dec 2004
Format Paperback
Publisher Berkley
ISBN 0425200736

A first-time Sensation author delivers thrilling romantic suspense. Tess Carson's sister has disappeared after being implicated in the suspicious murder of her boss. The victim's son, Grant Weston, appears to want to help, but Tess is wary of his true intentions.
But when Tess begins having visions of another time and place, she starts to suspect that she may hold the key to finding her sister.

"Echoes" Reviews

- Smithers, BC, Canada
Tue, 20 Jan 2009

This book was a delightful surprise; Erin Grady aka Erin Quinn has written a fascinating, multi-layered, mystical romance. Time shifting through earlier lives, the two stories blend to a final destination. Each character has a counterpart in both levels, and the shift to past history holds the key to the main story.
Tess Carson, a successful businesswoman in New York City, receives a call from the tiny rural community of Mountain Bend, California from the principal of the elementary school. Feeling very confused it takes time for her to realize that this must be the school her niece Caitlin attends. The caller informs her that Caitlin’s mother, Tess’ sister Tori France, did not pick her daughter up from school that day and seems to have “disappeared”, and as the emergency contact, Tess finds herself winging her way to a remote location in California “...a couple of hours east of Sacramento or several hours west of Salt Lake”. Tess knows that her sister is not particularly reliable, but when it comes to Caitlin she would never desert her.
Stories abound in this small town, much as they do in all small towns, but Tori appears to be in the middle of everything. However, it is not many hours before Tess becomes a reluctant witness to something very strange, is it hallucination or reality? That becomes her mantra as time shifts again and again, but always to the same period. Though sometimes spending days in the past, she always arrives back moments after she “leaves”.
The town is full of secrets, and yet they apparently are all related to one family, the Westons, the very family Tori was working for. Is it coincidence? Did she discover something hidden? Did she kill someone? Only the story will tell but the answer will be found buried in the past. A great read, passionate, mysterious, steadily building; a story of love, deceit, and jealousy through the ages. The characters are strong and full-fledged within both levels. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more.

- Charleston, IL
Fri, 27 Feb 2009

Read this not long after having read The Labyrinth by Kate Mosse.
I love 'parallel lives' stories, but the difficulty is in doing it well, but this authors skilful weaving of the tapestry of two lives, and the mystery within, made the reading enjoyable.

- Buckeye, AZ
Sun, 05 Jul 2009

I had a hard time really getting into this book at first, but once it sucked me in I was hooked. I loved it! I haven't strayed from my usual genres in ages, but I have to admit that this excursion was well worth it. It's part modern, part old west romance. Tess rushes to California to take care of her niece when her sister turns up missing. While there, she is somehow transported to the past as another girl named Molly who rushes to be with her nephew when an accident claims her sister's life. The parallels between the two women surface throughout the story and served to pique my interest all the more. I found that the love scenes were bordering on young adult which I found to be refreshing in an adult romance. Overall, I would highly recommend this book.

- Gilbert, AZ
Fri, 11 Jul 2008

I wrote this book too so naturally I think it's grand. :) Romantic Times BOOKclub gave WHISPERS 4 1/2 Stars and said:
"As [the] story unfolds, a parallel tale, which took place in the 1890s and has significant relevance to the present, is told as well. These two narrative strands are woven together skillfully and, once united, lead to the story's suspenseful climax and to the dramatic resolution of both plots.
Grady is an author to watch. Her beautifully descriptive prose, masterful characterization and tightly knit story structure will make readers happy to follow her wherever she leads."

- Elberton, GA
Wed, 25 Feb 2015

Tess Carson has to leave her life in NYC to travel to a small town in California when her sister, Tori, disappears leaving a daughter behind. Not long after arriving in Mountain Bend, she begins to have hallucinations or visions about a woman named Molly from the past who also traveled west when something has spends to her sister. Tess's current situation seems similar to Molly's. Both are dealing with two brothers, one of whom is lying about the other. I found Tess to be a very likeable character. I had the mystery partially figured out, but the story still kept my interest. I would enjoy reading other books by this author.

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