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Ash Bear (Daughters of Beasts, #3)

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Published 25 Nov 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Wicked Willow Press

Grim is the reluctant Alpha of the Rogue Pride Crew, and just trying to get from one day to the next without maiming his Crew. Controlling one animal is hard enough for shifters, but Grim is the only one in existence with two animals—a good lion and a monstrous lion named the Reaper. His life has been turned upside down after he fled his old Pride, and landed in a trailer park of lumberjacks in the heart of dragon territory. He’s Grim during the day and the Reaper at night, and life can’t get much more complicated. That is until he runs into a shy, blue-haired, curvy stunner named Ashlynn Kane. Ash might be just the distraction Grim needs to keep his inner Reaper from tearing his new Crew apart, but the closer he gets to her, the more he starts to believe in a bigger future for himself. And the more he believes, the more turmoil finds him and his new Crew.
Ash Kane is a simple girl who got left behind. Her best friends have joined a new Rogue Pride Crew, and no one calls anymore. Her life has become routine, and quiet, and lonely. That is, until her friends come back for a short visit and bring one monstrous, dual-personality Alpha lion shifter named Grim. She’s submissive, and he’s about as dominant as they come, and they shouldn’t be a good match, but she’s not scared of him, and here’s why. Her instincts are screaming that deep down, that trouble-makin’ man has good in him. She’s falling hard for him, but Grim is being hunted and haunted by a ghost from his past that could annihilate them both and ignite a war in Damon’s Mountains.
Good lion, bad lion, good lion, bad lion.
Half of Grim is salvageable, but always beware of the Reaper.
Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

"Ash Bear (Daughters of Beasts, #3)" Reviews

- Bellevue, NE
Mon, 03 Dec 2018

This is the third book in this series and they should be read in order. Grim is fighting everyday to keep going. The Reaper takes his body every night and he doesn’t know how much longer he can do it. Ash is Bash’s daughter. She has a hard time. She doesn’t understand people and finds it difficult to talk to people. But she understands Grim in no time. He understands her too. But she deserves someone better than him. Someone who doesn’t have two lions in him, one he can’t control at all. Ash feels like she has been left behind by her two friends. Now that she has found a new normal, they have come back and treat her like nothing is different. But she is different. Grim and Ash may be just what the other needs. He helps her be more confident and comfortable. She helps calm the Reaper. His other lion The Good is coming out more and more and he though that part of him was dead. I loved this book so much. Grim has so many different sides and Ash helps him so much. Grim is funny, funnier than I thought he could be. Ash is a little broken herself. Just in a different way then Grim. I can’t say enough about this book or Grim and Ash. Go buy this book NOW and read it.

Janelle Jones
- The United States
Tue, 27 Nov 2018

Better than expected
I knew grim's story would be good. I have been anticipating it since I started reading the daughter of beasts. I loved how it was a mix of gritty and sweet. A perfect mix of grim n Ash. I truly enjoyed this book. I'm excited abt the next!!

- The United Kingdom
Mon, 03 Dec 2018

Great read
Yet again another good book by T.S. Joyce, I loved Ash and Grims story as I believed Grim needed to find someone who understood him the most as having Two Lions on the inside is mentally taxing especially if one of them is a psychotic killing machine. After losing her two best friends to the rogue pride Ashlynn is feeling depressed that she's lost her best friends, although she is very happy for their mating and during a happy reunion between Juno and Rhett, Ash meets Grim the totally sexy and dangerous Lion lumberjack who is the Alpha of these Rogue miscreants even though he doesn't want the job. Ash is a little different than most people as she's a little socially awkward when talking to others as she feels like nobody understands her and that she can't understand other people through basic speech whereas when she meets Grim, she can talk to him so easy the conversation flows like water.
As the two grow closer together within a few days Grim realises that Ash is completely different from anyone he's ever met and that she does something for him although he has to deal with his psychotic Lion (The Reaper) who wants to destroy everything and hearing his good side who decides to show himself, Grim must fight tooth and nail to regain control. And as Ash developed feelings for this brooding alpha male she sees that caring for someone on a much deeper level can be possible she just have to find him. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it especially if you're a TS Joyce fan. I enjoyed the writing style and how the story moved through each point without stopping.

Tue, 27 Nov 2018

5 stars, if there were more, I would give this book more. I absolutely loved this book. I think Grim and Ash might be my favorite mates yet in the T.S. Joyce world.
Grim Reaper is a monster, Ash is a submissive. Something in each of them calls to the other. They see things in each other that no one else sees. It was a sweet story, filled with hope.
Can't wait for the next book by T.S. Joyce.

Lady Heather
Tue, 27 Nov 2018

I friggn love T.S. Joyce's writing and shifter stories!
In this book has the "Sons of Beasts" and "Daughters of Beasts" in a surprising situation.
[spoilers removed]
Great story!
Great characters!