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Published 27 Jun 2018
Format Hardcover
Publisher Quarto Publishing Group - Frances Lincoln Childrens

Fern’s Nanna has not been herself of late. And when Mum remarks that all the joy seems to have gone out of her life, Fern decides to fetch the joy back. With her catching-kit at the ready, she goes to the park and finds joy in all sorts of unusual places. Whooooshh!
But Fern soon realises that joy doesn’t fit in a bag, or a box or a tin! How will she manage to bring some back to Nanna?
Emotional, funny and uplifting, this beautiful picture book has a strong message about empathy and maintaining loving relationships with our grandparents. Guaranteed to bring a bit of joy into every reader’s life, this story is a pure delight.

"Joy" Reviews

- Australia
Sun, 01 Jul 2018

This one is well named. JOY!
‘What’s wrong with Nanna?’ Fern asked her mum.
‘I don’t know’, Mum replied.
‘It’s like the joy has gone out of her life.’
‘What’s joy?’
asked Fern.
‘Joy is what makes your heart happy
and your eyes twinkle.’

Nanna, looking drab and Fern looking worried
As good an explanation of JOY as any, I reckon. Nanna used to be a colourful, cheery baker of cakes.
Cheery Nanna with her happy cat and Fern
Now, even the cat and the plants seem moody and down in the dumps with Nanna.
Nanna's living room in decline.
Fern is going to try to fix that. The premise of the book is easy enough to understand, and Fern’s attempts to catch or trap some “joy” for Nanna are just the kind of thing a little girl might try.
Fern trying to catching pretty things in a box in the park
But try as she might, she has no luck. So, if she can’t bring the joy to Nanna, she’ll take Nanna to the joy!
Fern and Nanna, wheeling merrily through the park!
And the best sort of outing is a picnic! So we're treated to a delicious-looking happy ending!
Fern and Nanna having a picnic and a nap in the park
A great book to bring joy to anyone, and a wonderful way to show children how they can help other people find joy. Especially for grandparents and grandchildren, of course, but really, we'd all love to be in that park at that picnic, wouldn't we?
Many thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing/Frances Lincoln Children's Books for this delightful preview.

- Windsor, ON, Canada
Tue, 17 Jul 2018

Maybe I am reading too much into this book, but here goes. Fern loves her Nana. She is a happy, baker with a wonderful cat. Nana and Fern spend many happy days together. This part of the story is bright and colourful. But, when poor Nana loses her joy, Fern is worried about her and does not know what is wrong. It looks to me, like Nana is having some depression from aging perhaps. Fern asks her mom what joy is, and then she goes to the park to catch some joy and bring it to Nana. Try as she might, she can't catch the joy she feels when she hears a baby laugh from being tickled or when she sees ripples of sun sparkling on the water in the duck pond. When they leave the park and go to grandma's, Fern tells her all about the Joy she found at the park. This makes grandma happy and the colours return to the story. The next day, Fern pushes grandma in her wheelchair to the park and they find Joy together. Read this delightful story with a child or as an adult... you will enjoy it either way. The message about finding Joy in the little things and sharing your joy with others is easy to see. The illustrations match the story so well. When Nana is happy, the illustrations are bright, colourful and fanciful. When she is not happy, the illustrations are dark, bland and sad looking. I love how this is so in sync with the story. A great book for children with grandparents to understand how important spending time with them is. The publisher, Quarto Publishing Group - Frances Lincoln Childrens generously provided me with a copy of this book to read.

Laura (Book Scrounger)
Fri, 20 Jul 2018

I really enjoyed the soft and colorful illustrations in Joy even before reading the story, but I loved the story itself just as much.
Fern's Nanna has been acting tired and less energetic lately -- it seems the joy has gone out of her life. Without getting into all the "adulty" explanations about aging and mental health, we simply watch Fern as she tries to physically capture joy in her determined, child-like way. As the reader likely expects, this doesn't work, so Fern tells her Nanna about her troubles. She learns that she can help bring joy to her Nanna by just being herself.
I loved the sweetness and concern that Fern displays for her Nanna, and that in the end, even though she can't fix all of her Nanna's problems (which aren't explained here), she can still help her to experience some joy in the midst of hardship. A very sweet and encouraging book.
(Thanks to NetGalley for the review copy.)

- Fairborn, OH
Thu, 19 Jul 2018

What a beautiful story--one I can hardly wait to share with my grandkids. Fern realizes that her Nanna doesn't seem happy anymore (wonderfully conveyed in the grayness of the illustrations as opposed to the bright colors when Fern is experiencing joy), and tries to capture some joy to bring to Nanna. After many attempts, Fern feels sad (another gray illustration) when she returns to Nanna, who then has the best line in the whole book--"You bring me all the joy in the world just by being you."

- Halifax, H3, The United Kingdom
Wed, 05 Sep 2018

‘Joy is what makes your heart happy and your eyes twinkle.’
So perfect a sentiment and such happiness found from sorrow is a beautiful thing.
This is a beautifully illustrated, uplifting and magical book for young readers. The illustrations alone make this book worthy of placement in a KS1 classroom but the story raises it to being a book which should be shared as a whole class reading experience.