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Galactic Genesis

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Published 21 Jun 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher The Wooden Pen Pres

Dive into 6 all-new series with top space opera authors!
Six authors, one mission: kick off new trilogies with a bang! With this one volume you can dive into a smorgasbord of stories by some of your favorite authors and then get the second and third books in the series within weeks!
These are full novels, no novellas or short stories, a fantastic way go get an amazing deal from writers you love while trying out new authors in the mix.
Included are:
- M. D. Cooper's Shore Leave the first book in his 3-part series entitled Tanis Richards: Origins.
- A.K. DuBoff's Crystalline Space book one of her Dark Stars trilogy.
- Chris Fox's Dryker's Folly opening up his new Tigris War series
Plus TBD titles by J.J. Green, B.C. Kellogg, and Kevin McLaughlin.
Six All-New Space Opera Tales Launching Six New Series.

"Galactic Genesis" Reviews

- Köthen, 14, Germany
Tue, 10 Jul 2018

6 stories, 6 different authors and the start of 6 new series - all in one book. Can that work? Oh, yes, it can! It can definitely. Ok, one of the six stories didn't work for me (I don't say which, because the story all by itself was good - but I didn't feel the same need to further dive into it like I did with the other ones) but 5 out of 6 - that's very good, especially considering the price you have to pay to get this anthology.
The 5 stories I like are good enough to have me hooked up and looking for the next installments - and that's high praise indeed. So if you're interested in space operas (sometimes with a touch of magic) and/or military scifi (one of the stories - the last in the book - is good enough, not even a Grand master like David Weber would have to be ashamed for it) - you've just found the book you need.

- Rainier, WA
Thu, 28 Jun 2018

I have enjoyed reading all these books, they have given the readers some more information on the characters that they maybe following from other books. Or an introduction to some new characters from books still to read. Looking forward to reading more.

- Garland, TX
Mon, 25 Jun 2018

Everything I had hoped for!
Tanis is a bad ass in anyone's book. Add the AI, Darla, and what you get is he'll on wheels! The pairing of Tanis with any AI would be good but a rich opinionated one? Yes indeed! Give me more!

- Newport, Y6, The United Kingdom
Sat, 07 Jul 2018

Galactic Genesis: Crystalline Space- a review by Rosemary Kenny
Crystalline Space is Amy DuBoff's great book in the Galactic Genesis Box Set and also begins the Dark Stars Series, of which this is Book 1. Other authors have included their first in a series books too and all are full-length adventures that will keep the reader enthralled for all eternity!
Four young friends are recruited to become Dark Sentinels and defenders of Earth from the Darkness which has already become the nemesis of other planets in the galaxy. Commander Coldren takes them to the training base in the Crystal Mountains, where they receive their choice of weapons and personalise their armoured clothing from Tami.
Elle at 18 has just graduated from high school and is looking to go to college; she chooses a super-powered protective shield as her weapon and can also heal. Kaiden, now a mage, is also a student, although he has been near to graduating from his last semester at agricultural college. Toran, we learn has a wife and daughter who are being held captive with others, as hostages, in suspended animation. Finally Adrianne can control others' minds and support her comrades with positive thinking and boost their strength, while compelling enemies to submit.
With a dangerous mission to find and seal the Master Archives to prevent their use by enemies, the Dark Sentinels must somehow overcome their fears and prove themselves worthy as new Guardians of the Galaxy...but can the powers they have gained from the crystals they now wear unite them as a force strong enough to defeat the Darkness before it is too late? Buy a copy today and find out for yourself - then share the good news with your friends...more please!

- The United States
Mon, 09 Jul 2018

Definitely worth a shot
Bought this because I’m familiar with and enjoy the work of two of the six authors so, why not give the others a try? Glad I did, only one of the books was not to my taste and enjoyed several of the others enough to preorder the next in the series. Can’t go wrong for the price if this is a genre you enjoy.

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