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Need to Know

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Published 24 Jul 2018
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Format Paperback
Publisher Ballantine Books
ISBN 1524797049

Perfect husband. Perfect father. Perfect liar?
Vivian Miller. High-powered CIA analyst, happily married to a man she adores, mother of four beautiful children. Until the moment she makes a shocking discovery that makes her question everything she believes.
She thought she knew her husband inside and out. But now she wonders if it was all a lie. How far will she go to learn the truth? And does she really . . .

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- The United Kingdom
Sat, 16 Dec 2017

* Thank you to Random House UK for my 'wish for it copy' for which I have given an honest review in exchange*
Vivian Miller is a CIA counterintelligence analyst - she's good at what she does, and has developed an algorithm which will enable her department to identify Russian sleepers ( seemingly ordinary people leading everyday lives ), however, their lives are lived within the United States, and they are naturally a threat to national security. When Vivian manages to access the computer of a Russian operative, it should be cause for celebration, but the discovery will threaten everything that she holds dear, and will put not only her own life in danger, but also those of her husband and four children!
Wow! Just wow! What a brilliant, nerve jangling, tension filled read this was! How easy it was for Vivian's life to turn completely upside down with just a couple of clicks on her computer. I don't want to give anything away with this one, as it's taken me on a journey that deserves to be experienced by each and every one of you readers in your own individual way, and I'd hate to spoil that journey for you. Just be prepared to share in Vivian's sheer terror as events increasingly overtake her life. And that ending! Well, it just floored me, took me completely by surprise. Do yourself a favour and don't miss out on this one - fantastic!

- The United States
Thu, 04 Jan 2018

4.5 you NEED TO READ it STARS🌟🌟🌟🌟.5
A thrilling breath of fresh air! Just like many of you I am a thriller junkie.... and with the market so saturated with so many thrillers, this book stands apart and strong!
Vivian is a CIA operative focusing on Russia and in particular finding sleeper cells..... but even more importantly she is a mother of four young children..... so when a few clicks of the computer leads to putting her family in jeopardy... you definitely see Vivian’s mama bear come out..... Vivian and I probably have very little in common however we are both mothers and I could just relate so well to her need to protect her children at all costs.....
Truthfully when I first read the blurb to this book I wasn’t all that interested, just The idea of the CIA was a turn off..... fortunately I read some very favorable reviews from people that I trust the opinions of and decided I’d take a chance on this book..... I am so grateful that I did! This is a thriller with all those twists and turns that we all love, but with a brand new fresh approach.... I even found the spy stuff super intriguing and very authentic.....
I believe the plan is to turn this book into a movie? And if so I think it will make a fantastic movie..... very fast-paced, action-packed, definitely kept me on pins and needles......
Strongly recommend this! I realize I didn’t say much about the plot, but I want you to enjoy the journey as much as I did!
PS: DasVindaniya.... pardon me if my Russian is incorrect, but this is my way of giving major props to the stellar epilog of this book! And doesn’t that sound prettier than goodbye? Seriously say it out loud!
*** i’d like to thank Net Galley and the publishers for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review ***

- Katy, TX
Fri, 05 Jan 2018

Oh how I LOVED this book....
The illusion of a cheerful home is about to hit a major speed bump! This edge of your seat spy thriller is so addictive with the full steam plot, it kept me up all night reading!
I love that this is a straight up spy thriller that isn't bogged down with too much analyst mumbo jumbo. You can just enjoy the page turning without having to decipher unfamiliar lingo, but offers enough details to tell an authentic, believable story.
Vivian is a CIA counterintelligence analyst, but also a wife and mom to four young children. Her husband, Matt works from home at his flexible IT position and he loves helping out with the kids. Vivian and her team are hard at work trying to bring down some suspected Russian sleeper agents planted in the U.S.
Vivian is excellent at her job and what she sees on her laptop when she clicks on a secret file of a Russian agent she is investigating takes her breath away! What is she looking at? Who is she seeing? No, this can't be? The story takes off and doesn't stop until the last word which took my breath away.
Loved this novel, loved the pacing and suspenseful twists. I read this straight through and really look forward to the author's next book. This is a her debut.
Thanks to Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group Ballantine for my ARC
Releases Jan.23, 2017
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- The United States
Sat, 20 Jan 2018

I really didn’t need to know about this book. While I didn’t hate it, I certainly didn’t love it. And, it’s not just that CIA counterintelligence analysts and Russian sleeper cells aren’t my usual fare. At the end of the first chapter I thought, “now we’re cooking with oil” but it just didn’t pan out for me. Based on the reviews I had read I was hoping Need to Know would be as exciting and surprising as the first season of The Showtime series Homeland. Unfortunately, it was predictable so I’m going to classify this book as Homeland lite.

Mary Beth *Traveling Sister*
- The United States
Sat, 17 Feb 2018

4.5 stars
Vivian Miller is a Counter Intelligence analyst for the CIA. She has four children and a husband. She is on a project where she under covers sleeper cells.
Vivian uses someone else's computer and finds a picture that she isn't suppose to see. She is shocked. What she sees turns her life and her family in danger.
What do you do when everything you trust might be a lie? Everything that matters to Vivian, her job, her family are threatened.
Who can she trust? Her life has changed into a nightmare. This story is filled with so many secrets, lies and betrayals. Her life is torn apart, she tries to do her best for her family and her country. You can just feel her stress. She is facing impossible choices.
This is one heck of a spy thriller. I usually do not like spy thrillers, but this one is so different than others. This kept me turning the pages. I had to find out what happened next. It kept me guessing. It was an addictive read.
I found this to be very realistic and very intense. It was very entertaining. It was a very fast paced read. I kept on wanting more. I just couldn't put it down. The author used to be a CIA Analyst and I think that is why this book felt so realistic. It has a very unique plot.
This was quite a thrill ride and kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved the writing style. The chapters were short. All of the characters were done so well. It had some great twists and turns. Lots of jaw dropping moments that just blew my mind. If you are like me and don't like spy thrillers, don't let this stop you, because this one is so different and easy to understand. The suspense keeps on coming, straight from the beginning until the very end.
I highly recommend this.
I want to thank Netgalley, Random House, and the author for the copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.