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Insight Meditation: A Step-by-step Course on How to Meditate

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Published 01 May 2002
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Format Wire-O binding
Publisher Sounds True
ISBN 1564559068

Insight Meditation box set includes:
240-page Insight Meditation workbook (wire-o binding)—This workbook is designed as a complete self-guided curriculum. Organized into nine lessons, the workbook features more than 75 step-by-step mindfulness exercises, question-and-answer sections, glossaries, and photographs illustrating correct meditation postures.
2 CDs (70 minutes each)—Six meditations teach the cornerstone practices in the Insight tradition.
Insight study cards (12 cards)—Daily reminders of the fundamentals of meditation in a convenient, portable form.
Workbook Contents
Lesson One: The Power of Mindfulness
Lesson Two: Bare Attention
Lesson Three: Desire and Aversion
Lesson Four: Sleepiness, Restlessness, and Doubt
Lesson Five: Concepts and Reality
Lesson Six: Suffering
Lesson Seven: Karma
Lesson Eight: Equanimity
Lesson Nine: Lovingkindness
Last Words
Appendix A: Meditation Supplies
Appendix B: The Five Hindrances
Appendix C: The Three Great Myths
Appendix D: The Three Kinds of Suffering
Appendix E: The Four Brahma-Viharas
Appendix F: The Six Realms of Existence
Appendix G: The Eight Vicissitudes
CD Contents
Each CD features three guided meditations that will help you explore the direct experience of meditation. The meditations are set up to simulate as closely as possible the ambience of an actual practice session at a retreat center like the Insight Meditation Society.
Meditations include:
1. Breath Meditation
2. Walking Meditation
3. Meditation on Body Sensations
4. Meditation on Hindrances
5. Meditation on Emotions
6. Metta Meditation
Welcome to Insight Meditation. The compact discs and workbook will take you step by step through a comprehensive training course in basic meditation. The cards included in the box list various helpful teachings that are explored throughout this workbook.
This course is rooted in the Buddhist style of vipassana, or insight meditation, but these fundamental techniques for sharpening your awareness and releasing painful mental habits are useful no matter what your religious or spiritual orientation.
It’s not necessary to affiliate with any belief system in order to benefit from Insight Meditation. These mindfulness practices can support your existing spiritual path, whether it’s a structured practice like Christianity or Judaism, or simply a personal sense of your relationship with the great questions of human existence.
What to Expect:
Insight Meditation comprises two compact discs, a workbook, and a set of informational cards.
The workbook contains:
--Information on meditation resources
--Suggestions for setting up a meditation space and a daily practice
--Buddhist teachings about meditation and life
--Q & A sessions that clarify practical new issues new meditators tend to encounter
--Exercises to help you deepen your understanding and experience of meditation (and space to respond to them)
--Tips for taking your meditataive awareness into the world and for troubleshooting problem areas in your practice
-- Glossaries of Pali, Sanskrit, and other terms
-- A list of books and tapes you can use to further your study of meditation.

"Insight Meditation: A Step-by-step Course on How to Meditate" Reviews

- The United States
Tue, 15 Jul 2008

Really cool book and guide into how to become self aware not just through meditation but throughout every activity we perform.

- Cheltenham, The United Kingdom
Sat, 10 Mar 2018

Some lovely insights.

- Saint Louis, MO
Thu, 16 Nov 2017

Great read. Mind developing and centered with strategies for overall peace.

- Ithaca, NY
Sun, 03 Mar 2013

Review by Janice Brodowsky
This is a great guidebook that takes you step by step through the process of Insight Meditation. Sharon Salzberg is wonderful and has written many books relating to lovingkindness meditation, and has hosted video meditation retreats on This book is user friendly and speaks to a Western audience, which is something that I can relate to. I highly recommend this book/cd set.
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- The United States
Tue, 26 Mar 2013

Just started this for a teacher training course in which it is required. Initially I started out with an intention of just "getting the answers" I needed to pass my exam. But I have to say this is very well written and most should be able to glean helpful "insights" from the teachings regardless of personal beliefs. I myself am lds and always do my best to look for good in all faiths. I have to say this is written in a open manner to all. Nicely done.

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