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Broken Boy

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Published 16 Mar 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
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A Dark Gay Menage Romance
They'll Bring Him To His Knees.
Aiden Taylor-Chapman had it all until he threw his life away on drugs and crime. Now he's being targeted by a mob boss who wants him dead, and he's been captured by two military grade bodyguards who are holding him on the orders of Mason Malone - a man who was once his best friend, but is now keeping his sister prisoner.
If only Steven and Robert would let him go, he might have a chance of putting things right, but the two ex-Marines are more than a match for him. They demand obedience and submission, two things Aiden has never been able to give anybody. It's a battle of wills he loses every time as they subject him to their unique brand of military discipline.
It's bad enough that they won't give him the fix he craves. Worst still, he's falling for them both.
Broken Boy is a dark gay menage romance, and companion novella to the bestselling dark romance Shamefully Broken.

"Broken Boy" Reviews

Tue, 13 Mar 2018

First off, if you haven’t read “Shamelessly Broken,” you are going to need to read it first. It will help in understanding the story. Now, Aiden is Ellie’s brother. A big screw up and drug addict. Ellie, from “Shamelessly” has hired Mason Malone and his security team to find her brother. Which is where this story comes into play. Rob and Steve have rescued Aiden. These guys are two of Mason’s best. They need to get him cleaned up but also protect him from the Cornoli boys. The Cornoli’s are looking for payment and an end to Aiden. But Rob and Steve are not going to let that happen.
Rob and Steve also has an interest in Aiden. They find him in need of a Dom and a Daddy. Rob is a Daddy and Steve is a Dom. I have to say this is one heck of a power Domination. Mind you, I have never really read an all M/M/M story before. This is my first. Beyond that, the story is still the same. Aiden is as much a broken person as Ellie was. Aiden needs guidance and a firm hand. Neither one ever had that. And Rob and Steve are just the guys that can not only guide Aiden but also make him feel worth, love, and safe. Something neither his sister nor he got from their parents. I have to say I have felt the way Aiden did. A screw up, worthless, not wanting anyone else to suffer for my mistakes. Reasons were different but have been down that dark road. But it takes strength to pick yourself back up. I cried for Aiden and that shows the depth that the story went.

- West Haven, CT
Sat, 17 Mar 2018

I read Shamefully Broken where we met Aiden but he was a lost soul with an entitled attitude. Aiden get his funds shut off by his wealthy parents, who gave him nothing but money. The former golden boy turns to drugs then onto pimping women. Nothing seems to get through to him until Mason assigns him two body guards, aka jailers, to teach Aiden some manners and help him face reality.
His guards are Steven and Robert and these alpha men are set to show Aiden how to communicate thoughtfully. These big men are exactly what he needs and they give it all to Aiden along with loving care, discipline and affection.
This is my first MMm read and I didn't think I would like it much, but Loki Renard wrote it so that I LOVED IT! Aiden got exactly what he needed from Steven and Robert.

- Cape Town, 11, South Africa
Mon, 19 Mar 2018

What an awesome read. I had so much sympathy for Aidan even though he was a total f**k up. He is almost childlike in the way he reacts to Steve and Rob. Constantly defying and pushing boundaries. Steve and Rob are good together and provided quite a few light-hearted moments. Loved their dedication to their charge. The love they eventually showed. Loki did an amazing job conveying the confusion of feelings all the characters were going through, and boy was those scenes of discipline and pleasure oh so sexy!!!! I can't wait for the next instalment. My only would have been good to have some real backstory into Steve and Rob.

- Dublin, 07, Ireland
Sat, 24 Mar 2018

It may be dark. It may be gay. But it is brilliant. It is an amazing read. I found it hard to put down. I have not read the other books in which these characters appear in. But I have to. If it's half as good as this one it's going to be a great read. The three main characters are wonderfully written and described. There are some very hot sexy scenes between them. There are also some spankings. I loved how this great author delt with drug addiction. I have to highly recommend it. A wonderful and interesting read.

Aimee C Wright
- The United Kingdom
Wed, 14 Mar 2018

I absolutely loved this book. This is the first m/m/m book that I have read and I could not put it down. I loved Shamefully Broken and enjoyed seeing what was happening to Aidan at the same time events were going on with Ellie and Mason. I loved that although Aiden had made some seriously bad life choices Steve and Rob would be there for him. I felt sorry for him, although he had made the bad choices he was desperate for love. Aiden, Rob and Steve are all different personalities but they fit together and give Aiden just what he needs! Great story.