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Look Alive Twenty-Five (Stephanie Plum, #25)

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Published 13 Nov 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher G.P. Putnam's Sons

Stephanie Plum faces the toughest puzzle of her career in the twenty-fifth entry in Janet Evanovich's #1 New York Times bestselling series.
There's nothing like a good deli and the Red River Deli in Trenton is one of the best. World famous for its pastrami, cole slaw and for its disappearing managers. Over the last month, three have vanished from the face of the earth, the only clue in each case is one shoe that's been left behind. The police are baffled. Lula is convinced that it's a case of alien abduction. Whatever it is, they'd better figure out what's going on before they lose their new manager, Ms. Stephanie Plum.

"Look Alive Twenty-Five (Stephanie Plum, #25)" Reviews

Sat, 03 Feb 2018

I will give all of the books from this series 5 stars because I love it! It's crazy, stranger than ever and makes me laugh :)

- Halifax, NS, Canada
Fri, 31 Aug 2018

Some funny moments. Diesel. Ranger and morelli ..stephanie is stacking them up.

- Houston, TX
Sat, 17 Nov 2018

Why do I keep reading this series? It jumped the shark so long ago that the shark has died - just like this series. And yet, I keep reading them. Library or free versions only. I'm stupid, but not THAT stupid.
It's not like I can't quit things. I'll quit the crap out of things that bore me or make me uncomfortable in any way. I have quit diets so many times that you would have to call me a professional yo-yo dieter. Like one of those freaks that gets really into yo-yos for some reason and can do all kinds of things that make you go "ooooh", and then it gets boring so you quit watching.
Yeah, that was great. Now, get the hell out . You're late for your mime lessons.
Stephanie has the personality of an elderly woman who isn't very bright. She can't bring herself to say the word "vagina", so we get words like "hoohah" and "doodah". She's less hip than my grandma. And, my grandma's dead. Still cooler than Stephanie.
Both, because she's freaking epic.
At least she didn't actually sleep with Ranger in this book, cheating on Morelli, like she usually does. She only kissed him a bunch of times. I mean, it's not like we'd be mad if our boyfriend's went around kissing another woman, right? That's not cheating. *eye roll*
So, in this one, Stephanie and Lula work at a deli, because, hey, why not? At least it wasn't a chocolate factory. And, hilarity ensues. And by hilarity, I mean mild chuckles occasionally.
What I'd like to see happen in this series:
Morelli dies.
Rex dies. (Because, hey, he should have died years ago)
Grandma Mazur dies.
Lula moves to Los Angeles and becomes a vegan.
Stephanie decides on Ranger.
Ranger realizes that she's a moron who cheated on her boyfriend so he finds someone better and they live happily ever after.
and this series.

- Hampden, ME
Mon, 12 Mar 2018

Ok. Let me start out first by saying that I am a fan of these novels. Granted, the series started to slip when it tried to focus too much on the romance, but now we’ve decided to pretty much let that go. Steph is sleeping with the cop and Ranger slips in when he can find an opening. I’m not gonna hate on the girl ‘cause this is the fictional world and there are plenty of hot guys to go around.
What I really love about these books are the side stories. Lost cats, killer hens, Grandma and her honeys, Lula and her diets. These characters are always available for some funny antics.
So, I will keep my Stephanie Plum fan club going, even if I’m all alone. 💕💕📚

Tue, 06 Mar 2018

As you can see from my previous reviews (24, 23, 22, 21, and 20) I am not happy with the way this series has gotten terribly formulaic. The characters grew briefly only to be stunted back again one book later. No decisions are ever made. Cars are totaled, Lula dresses ridiculous, Grandma goes crazy, Stephanie's mom is tempted to day drink (as am I reading the newer books), Rex never ages, and Stephanie can't choose between Ranger and Morelli.
According to the synopsis it looks like she has a new job. That sounds promising. I hope this is an indication of something new. Please for the love of Pete! Pick a guy, whether Ranger or Morelli or a new character, add some life into this repetitive madness, and let it end on a good note! I don't care if that means Stephanie manages a deli in Trenton and marries someone and settles with a bunch of kids or if she goes and does something different. Just don't be the same old thing. Maybe have her write a book! She has plenty of experience to draw from... let her make millions writing about the life of a Jersey bounty hunter that gets made into a movie and she can retire rich and not have to be this insane mess who constantly stumbles into awful situations to "save the day".
I ranted. My apologies.
After reading review will be awhile as I refuse to pay money for this book and will wait for a library copy.