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Every Breath

3.72252 votes • 34 reviews
Published 16 Oct 2018
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 1538728524

In the romantic tradition of The Notebook and Nights in Rodanthe, #1 New York Times bestselling author Nicholas Sparks returns with a story about a chance encounter that becomes a touchstone for two vastly different individuals -- transcending decades, continents, and the bittersweet workings of fate.
Hope Anderson is at a crossroads. At thirty-six, she's been dating her boyfriend, an orthopedic surgeon, for six years. With no wedding plans in sight, and her father recently diagnosed with ALS, she decides to use a week at her family's cottage in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, to ready the house for sale and mull over some difficult decisions about her future.
Tru Walls has never visited North Carolina but is summoned to Sunset Beach by a letter from a man claiming to be his father. A safari guide, born and raised in Zimbabwe, Tru hopes to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding his mother's early life and recapture memories lost with her death. When the two strangers cross paths, their connection is as electric as it is unfathomable . . . but in the immersive days that follow, their feelings for each other will give way to choices that pit family duty against personal happiness in devastating ways.
Illuminating life's heartbreaking regrets and enduring hope, EVERY BREATH explores the many facets of love that lay claim to our deepest loyalties -- and asks the question, How long can a dream survive?

"Every Breath" Reviews

Thu, 31 May 2018

Now I am not normally a Nicholas Sparks reader, so I was a bit leery starting this book as it seemed kinda hooky to me. However, it picked up before it hit the middle and I found myself not wanting to put it down, to see how the story would end. Overall I did like the book and I recommend it.

Brooke — brooklynnnnereads
- Canada
Fri, 21 Sep 2018

I loved this novel. For those that enjoy a timeless, classic, romantic love story....check this one out. From the beginning author’s introduction from Nicholas Sparks to the very end, I was fully enraptured and captivated. As so many important novels do, it had me thinking about life and circumstance throughout reading and left me with similar questioning thoughts once I turned the last page.
This book has all the makings of a love story to remember from the characters’ strength, resilience, and loyalty to the moments that squeeze your heart with heartbreak for situations that no one should have to go through.
This novel was relatable for any age whether young or old and I can only imagine that many (like me) could see themselves in these character’s shoes for different moments of their lives. Whether it be for making that difficult decision that alters a life’s path or dealing with the grief of loss that only comes from living (and loving).
For those that are a fan of Nicholas Sparks novels, you will not be disappointed with this one. It has all the telltale signs of what he is rightfully known for. It’s one of those stories that only he can tell best.
***Thank you to Hachette Book Group Canada for sending me an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review***

- West Chester, PA
Sun, 01 Jul 2018

never disappoints. loved this story of second chances. of taking chances. of true love. wonderful tear jerking. also loved sparks putting himself in the story. xox

- Chions, Italy
Sat, 14 Apr 2018

Nicholas Sparks, you never cease to amaze me. With your words you create worlds and stories I could never even imagine, and in a few pages you make us read about the love of a lifetime. And “Every Breath” is just another example of how great and unique your writing skills are. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making me believe and fall in love with love itself at every turning page.

- Roma, Italy
Sat, 14 Jul 2018

Un classico libro alla Sparks. Bei sentimenti; emozioni forti; amore, amore, amore (ho già detto Amore?); tristezza; tenerezza; lacrime.
Quest'uomo ha una visione decisamente idealistica dell'amore, in generale, ma a modo suo ti fa sognare e sperare che esista davvero una persona che riesca ad amarti nonostante tutto.
Nonostante la distanza,
nonostante le decisioni "egoistiche",
nonostante il tempo,
nonostante la malattia.
L'ambientazione è bellissima e ho trovato Kindred Spirits davvero affascinante.
Cos'è Kindred Spirits?
Leggete il libro e scopritelo, sarebbe un peccato se vi rovinassi la lettura svelandovi questo piccolo, ma fondamentale, particolare 😉