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Whisper Me This

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Published 01 Aug 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Lake Union Publishing

Single mother Maisey Addington has always fallen short of her own mother’s expectations—never married, a bit adrift, wasting her high IQ on dead-end jobs. The only thing Maisey’s sure she’s gotten right is her relationship with her twelve-year-old daughter, Elle…until a phone call blows apart the precarious balance of their lives. Maisey’s mother is in a coma, and her aging father faces charges of abuse and neglect.

Back at her childhood home, Maisey must make a heartrending life-or-death decision. Her confused father has destroyed family records, including her mother’s final wishes. Searching for answers, Maisey uncovers one unspeakable secret after another when she stumbles upon a shattering truth: a twin sister named Marley.

Maisey’s obsession with solving the mystery of her sister forces her to examine her darkest memories and triggers a custody battle with Elle’s father. Will Maisey’s love for her daughter be strong enough to break a cycle of abuse and create a new beginning for them all?

"Whisper Me This" Reviews

leslie hamod
- The United States
Tue, 10 Jul 2018

For once, I am speechless
A tale of how women change the courses of their lives in response to the men in their lives. A story of lies, redemption and love.

- Marble Falls, TX
Fri, 08 Dec 2017

Kerry Anne King writes with such insight and compassion for human nature, and her latest novel, WHISPER ME THIS, is no exception. The families on which the story centers have secrets they’ve kept through the years out of concern for the damage that might be done if they were exposed. But in the end as the families’ lives become intertwined and their secrets come inevitably to light, what is revealed to be the most riveting heart of this book are the gut wrenching choices that were made in terrifying circumstances. One such choice haunted a mother throughout her lifetime and left behind a legacy of mistrust and confusion and a near unsolvable mystery. Following the clues is an act of faith that sometimes wavers. There’s no guaranty the end will tie up in a neat bow, but the courage of the human spirit, its ability to heal, is persistent and luminous throughout the pages of this very real and emotive story. I loved it.

- Lafayette, IN
Mon, 23 Jul 2018

Whisper Me This is a page turner filled with family secrets! Maisey is a single mother trying to raise her daughter. Maisey's mother is found sick and neglected and her father is a suspect. While dealing with the aftermath, she finds a long buried secret from her mother's past. Kerry Anne King is a new author for me and I will be looking at her other books!

- Easton, MD
Sun, 08 Jul 2018

For Pete's sake.
I knew this book was about all sorts and types of domestic violence. I once upon a time lived through several abusive relationships, so I wanted to see how this book handled it. (It was a free book, thank heavens.)
Major issues.
1) Do NOT have a character come to bury her mother, take care of a father with the beginning states of dementia, and by day two talk about your tingly bits feeling something for someone you just met a day ago. Girl, you're crazy.
2) Do not allow your 12-year old, however precocious, to know too much. Or for that matter, be the only one with a grain of common sense. Just don't. That's not what kids are for. Find a therapist.
3) ONE Google search. Just ONE, and you found a long lost family member? GTFOH. I can't get that kind of result looking for a decent restaurant. Convenient. And stupid. Lost respect for your storytelling there.
4) Since the new-found family member is a bit of a star (ie, has money to get the hell out of Dodge), DO IT. This particular character is no shrinking violet, is surrounded by big burly guys in her payroll....just head for Nashvile, do not pass go, do not play in any more Thai restaurants. Speaking of which, Thai and Country Western? I'll take my Pad Thai to go. Good lord.
The book got two stars because I got hooked it a particular storyline and had to figure it out, which I did, as it was a bit trite. I also enjoyed some of the smart-assery the main character do it out.
Do not read this.

- Milford, CT
Sun, 22 Jul 2018

Whisper Me This is an incredible emotional drama with generations of unspeakable secrets, fragmented memories, lies, deep grief, fear and yet love and hope. Maisey is brought suddenly back home with her 13 year old daughter Elle to deal with her dying mother and father who appears to be in an unbalanced state of mind. This story is written with such compassion, and relatable characters your heart just aches for, and others so horrible you want to do then in. There are journal pages that give clues to the old mysteries, and add heart pounding moments to the story as it enfolds with moments of indecision, and suspicion. I fell in love with Elle, for her wisdom and courage; she was her Mom's best support. Haunting memories that were squelched for Maisey when she mentioned her imaginary friend Marley when she was a little child kept reappearing as nightmares as she goes through her present day. A book I devoured from the first pages, I keep seeing these characters in my mind, you don't want to miss reading this one!