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A Killer's Mind (Zoe Bentley Mystery, #1)

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Published 01 Aug 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Thomas & Mercer

A chilling thriller of serial murder and dark secrets that will leave you wondering, is the past really in the past?
Three Chicago women have been found strangled, embalmed, and posed as if still alive. Doubting the findings of the local PD’s profiler, The FBI calls on forensic psychologist Zoe Bentley to investigate.
Zoe quickly gets off on the wrong foot with her new partner, Special Agent Tatum Gray. Zoe’s a hunter, intense and focused; Tatum’s a smug maverick with little respect for the rules. Together, they must descend into a serial killer’s psyche and untangle his twisted fantasies, or more women will die. But when the contents of three inconspicuous envelopes reveal a chilling connection to gruesome murders from Zoe’s childhood, suddenly the hunter becomes the hunted.

"A Killer's Mind (Zoe Bentley Mystery, #1)" Reviews

- New Orleans, LA
Mon, 23 Jul 2018

3.5 stars
“Corniest serial killer ever.”
A Killer’s Mind is an entertaining, easy to read thriller about “the corniest serial killer ever.” This book is full of snarky characters, wacky murderers, and quirky characters (including a cat and fish).

Zoe Bentley, a forensic psychologist who consults for the FBI, has a unique connection to her job. She loves what she does for a living, which allows her to get inside the sick and twisted minds of psychopaths and unlock their motivations in hopes of helping the FBI identify them. When a serial killer in Chicago begins embalming victims, Zoey, along with agent Tatum Gray, are brought in to help local police stop the sick and twisted killer before it’s too late.
Told in alternating point of views, this is a fast-paced read that doesn’t waste any time getting into the nitty-gritty of the crimes. If anything, it moves too quickly as it doesn’t really allow the reader to unpack many nuances. At the same time, I enjoyed this element as I often read this after work and needed a mindless diversion from reality!
I chose A Killer's Mind as one of my Kindle First reads and went into it with zero expectations. I was quickly drawn by Zoe and Tatum’s snarky wit, as well as by the demented killer’s POV. Zoe and Tatum have great chemistry, but I am not sure if I would like a romance to develop between them. It seems as if this is going to be a series, and the ending left me looking forward to the next installment. Overall, A Killer’s Mind is over-the-top, mindless fun!

- The United States
Sun, 01 Jul 2018

Like many books in this genre, “A Killer’s Mind” began with a description of the killer at work, putting the finishing touches on his latest conquest. What was refreshing was that author Mike Omer gave us just enough of a taste in the first chapter to entice readers to keep turning pages.
The author introduces us to Zoe Bentley, a forensic psychologist who is good at her job but doesn’t feel she gets the recognition she deserves. Tatum Grey is an FBI agent, “promoted” to his current position due to an event that the author purposely shrouds. The shadows in both their paths are initially left hidden, creating curiosity. Despite their faults, I found myself liking both of the characters.
Mr. Omer tells the story through multiple eyes, giving us a chance to experience the story from Zoe and Tatum, as well as sharing occasional glimpses of the killer. It was interesting for the author to develop the character of Zoe with flashbacks to her high school days during a time when a serial killer was terrorizing her community.
The book has a good, even flow to it, the action proceeding at a steady pace and the police procedural aspects carrying a realistic feeling. This is a story that you can sink your teeth into, and I never got the feeling that the author would let me down by introducing surrealistic twists or having Zoe or Tatum do things that were drastically out of character. For those concerned about language, Mr. Omer has managed to craft a book that features very little cursing or swearing, relying more on his talent rather than shock value.
Overall, an entertaining read, and definitely a positive start to a series. Five stars.

- The United States
Wed, 15 Aug 2018

4.0 Stars—- I just finished my first book by Mike Omer and for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book tells the story of FBI consultant/psychologist Zoe Bentley and her work assisting the FBI and Chicago police in working the case of a serial killer with the worst nickname ever —-“The Strangling Undertaker.” Bentley is assigned to work the case with FBI agent Tatum Gray, who is an enjoyable cut-up and the antithesis to the no-nonsense, no-fun, all work Bentley. The book alternates between the current case and a case from 20 years ago (when Bentley was 14) in which Bentley was personally involved in solving a different serial killer case. Although it is obvious to the reader she solved this case, the police do the dreaded ‘don’t take her serious because she’s a kid’ routine and blame it on someone else. These two investigations inevitably come together but with some very different outcomes and twists. Personally, I believe this is why I enjoyed the book so much. Just when I thought that it was going to turn into a boring book that I have read 20 different times with 20 different names, it surprised me by going in a totally different direction. It also has one of the better climactic scenes to bring the story to an end I have read in quite a while. If it wasn’t for some typical stupid local law enforcement overreactions and one completely ridiculous out of character Bentley field trip, I might have given the book the full 5 stars, but a solid effort nonetheless.

- Dallas, TX
Mon, 02 Jul 2018

An FBI serial killer book, interesting characters, that I liked for the Chicago setting.
Some of the best mystery-thriller Chicago books are authored by Sara Paretsky--suggesting readers start with those if they haven't already read them.

- The United States
Sun, 01 Jul 2018

I loved this book, it was my pick of the Kindle First books for July- I did not even have to agonize over the choices this month, loved the brief description.
Zoe and Tatum make a great team, albeit not exactly willingly. There is a lot of humor spread throughout the pages making this a fun read even though it's about a serial killer. Looking forward to the next book.