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Stone Sentinel (Beautiful Monsters #3.5)

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Published 14 Dec 2017
Stone Sentinel (Beautiful Monsters #3.5).pdf
Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Jex Lane

As a gargoyle, Jet would prefer to spend his days sitting on the corner of a building, but when Samantha insists that Krampus is going to ruin Christmas, the two of them set off on an adventure to stop the creature.
At least that’s the plan. First, they have to convince Warlord Tarrick that Krampus is not only real, but the reason incubi children have gone missing…
Note: This novella is told from the point of view of Jet, a gargoyle who sometimes takes the form of a Rottweiler. This is not a standalone story. It is meant to be read after Broken: Beautiful Monsters Vol. 3.
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"Stone Sentinel (Beautiful Monsters #3.5)" Reviews

- Iran
Sun, 06 May 2018

4 Stars
In this novella, Sam and Jet’d be going on an adventure to save Christmas! And I really enjoyed this adventure! I really like Sam, she is funny, she is always standing up to Tarrick and has her sire’s back. I still don’t like Tarrick and I’m glad Sam told Tarrick all the reasons that made me mad at Tarrick but I’m angry that he didn’t have anything to say!!! Well, it was short and I wanted more! Told in single POV, 3 rd person. It’s a Beautiful Monsters novella and it should be read in order. Overall, I loved it and hope you enjoy it as well!

Shin Mon
- Yangon, Myanmar
Sun, 21 Jan 2018

I’m very glad that I waited a while to read Stone Sentinel after I read Broken. Lord knows how bad of a book hangover I got after reading Broken. 😁 I think it’s by far the best book I’ve read this year but hey, it’s still young so who knows, I might find a book that I like even more. 😉 Anyhow, after breaking and smashing my heart to pieces, Jex Lane decided to throw us, poor readers, a bone at the end of ”Broken”. 😏 So we are kinda having a HFN at the moment. And let’s get to reviewing this book. 💙
This book is non-romance. It was written by the POV of Jet, a gargoyle who’s the familiar of both Matthew and Samantha. A creature that’s so old it literally existed since the very beginning of this earth and created by the very Mother Earth herself. This novella is about Samantha, Matthew’s sired daughter, and Jet going on an adventure and saving Christmas from a demon called Krampus. But as a usual Jex Lane book, it’s so much more than a holiday novella. 😊 First of all, I can’t believe how witty and funny this book is from the view of Jet the gargoyle. It was hilarious! 😂 Refreshing, unique, funny and enthralling. The best possible combo of a book! 😍 And as funny and witty the book is, there are some parts that just broke my heart all over again. 💔 I still can’t get over how ruthless and inhumane Malarath’s treatment was to Matthew. At the mention of those terrible past, my heart bled all over again. 😭 And we found out about so many interesting facts and factors in this novella. 😳 Like how Tarrick views Devak and vice versa, the relationship aspect between the two lovers of Matthew, is it jealousy or is it a loyalty thing? 😱 The civil war has already started and it’s getting worse and worse. Creatures of the supernatural world are on the brink of the very civil war and being consumed by it. There’s no way they’d survive this war without picking a side. It’s to follow Matthew, the Blood God, or Malarath, the ultimate evil Incubus high King. We also got some glimpses into the future from Sam’s visions. And I’m afraid to say that they aren’t very hopeful at the moment. 😭
I think I’d literally die from the frustration of waiting for the book4 in ”Beautiful Monster”series if I read this novella right away after “Broken” because this one made my yearning for the coming book in the series increases by tenfold. 😭 I’m dying to know what happens after everyone reunited. What is Malarath plotting? Who else will be sacrificed for the good of a greater cause? 💔 I don’t know … the only thing I know after I read this one is that I need to stalk Jex Lane to death and demand to publish the next book ASAP. 😂👏
But does this novella only made be curious and wanting and left me yearning? Nooooooo!!!!! I got the biggest surprise of all at the ending of the book! 😱 It literally made me smile ear to ear and filled my icy heart with the warmest, sweetest emotions. I didn’t see that one coming! 😊 Nope, mum’s the word. 😁 You have to find out yourself if you wanna know what the hell I’m talking about. 😏 This truly is a holiday novella about family, love, trust and being there for each other no matter what. 😍 Now, I’m contented, smiling and sighing happily. 😌 Well done, you Jex! 👏
Favorite excerpts from the novella: 💗💜💗
Sometimes Jet would try to guess how Devak appeared to them. To date, he’d deduced that the guardian looked like a vampire. Attractive, based on how others reacted to him, and around the same height as Fate-Pebble. Oh, and Rage-Boulder enjoyed Devak’s cock and butthole quite a bit.
“How do you know how big Devak is? Did you order someone to tell you his dick size?” Tarrick shrugged. “It came up in friendly conversation.” “You totally did order someone.” Fate-Pebble laughed. “Oh wait, I see it now. You’re right. You didn’t actually order anyone. You slept with a woman who saw Devak and my father together and you asked her during pillow talk. Sneaky. I can’t believe you compared your cock to Devak’s. Also, he’s not small, he’s average and I hate that I know that. My life is way too weird.”
“I hate that you beat him. Imprisoned him. Lied to him. Used him. I hate that he probably only loves you because you manipulated him. And that his love is a near obsession now. I hate that he was raped and you did nothing but watch it happen from a window.”
You only finally stood up for my father when you learned what he is. Who he is wasn't enough for you.”
Fate-Pebble’s face went hard. “Maybe… maybe we can change the future.” “And if we cannot, I will be there with you until the end. And after, I will make sure your name is never forgotten.”

4.5 that was one hell of a surprise stars


Fri, 15 Dec 2017

Happy Holidays, BeMos. I hope you enjoy this one.

- West Yorkshire, The United Kingdom
Mon, 26 Feb 2018

I struggled with the previous book Broken, it was a difficult read and then I wasn’t a happy bunny when I realised not only was Blood Prince not available but I’d no idea when it would be.
I had a mini rant and decided I’d never be able to wait for all of Matthews books but then I read this. I mean I couldn’t resist, who could with Jet the grumpy gargoyle.
I loved this book it’s funny and delightful. Jet has collected two stones Rage-Boulder and Fate-Pebble and this is an adventure to save Christmas.
This is the perfect book to read after Broken now if only the author could write a little faster please :)

- Shelbina, MO
Tue, 19 Dec 2017

Stone Sentinel by Jex Lane is a great book that has a new take on gargoyles. I just love gargoyles! I love when I find a book with them in a good light. In here, Jet, a gargoyle that can shape shift to a Rottweiler or human, has two stones he protects. Stones being creatures he has picked out himself that he decided are worthy of protection. One is an oracle, a girl. One a vampire male. He is with the girl always. It is a great story. The girl is also a vampire and needs her sire but he is not himself at the moment. It is a good story of a group of hunters and their bonds. A short but great start of a series, I want to read more! I used KU, hope the other books are in KU!