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Published 10 Feb 1997
Format Paperback
Publisher Westworld International
ISBN 0952921502


"Addict" Reviews

- chesterfield, The United Kingdom
Fri, 07 Jan 2011

An absolutely INCREDIBLE true story of one mans life battling addiction to pills (uppers & downers to start with) after being spiked with one as a young boy and then abused whist under the influence.
The low's that this man hit and the things he did, the way his mind was affected and how he dealt with it all is so incredibly amazing its hard to read this book and remember that it is in fact a true story of the life this man lived!
I think most people should try and read a copy of this, regardless of what you normally prefer to read, as its a shocking yet refreshing read from an inspirational man who really has bared his heart and soul and the horrendous reality he experienced on his testing journey through life.
I cant praise Stephen Smith highly enough for this book and if I had my way every teenager in Britian should read this book before leaving school!

- Northborough, MA
Mon, 23 Apr 2018

This book gives a real account of the struggles of childhood drug addiction and the impact it can have on one’s entire life. It is especially sad considering Stephen’s abusal of pills was originally not his own decision but rather one made by a those taking advantage of him. It displays the drastic highs and lows that his life fell to, his rise to wealth and loss of everything he has due to his poor judgement. It conveys an important message against substance abuse.

Mon, 25 Mar 2013

I really enjoyed this... I think Wasted is slightly better though

- Northampton, J1, The United Kingdom
Sun, 23 Sep 2012

I read this in the throws of addiction and rang the number in the back. My recovery journey began from there. Somewhat unrealistic in part, and even laughable at times but nevertheless it remains close to my heart for the reason above.

- Saint Helier, 00, Jersey
Sat, 07 Mar 2015

A truly incredible story of one man's life. From rags to riches n riches to rags, also steming to child abuse at the hand's of a "trusted" doctor. It's a fabulous read. I read it 3 time's and am currently looking for the book again to read :)

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