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A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns

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Published 12 Jun 2018
A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns.pdf
Format Paperback
Publisher Limerence Press
ISBN 1620104997

Archie, a snarky genderqueer artist, is tired of people not understanding gender neutral pronouns. Tristan, a cisgender dude, is looking for an easy way to introduce gender neutral pronouns to his increasingly diverse workplace. The longtime best friends team up in this short and fun comic guide that explains what pronouns are, why they matter, and how to use them. They also include what to do if you make a mistake, and some tips-and-tricks for those who identify outside of the binary to keep themselves safe in this binary-centric world. A quick and easy resource for people who use they/them pronouns, and people who want to learn more!

"A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns" Reviews

Madalyn (Novel Ink)
- Atlanta, GA
Tue, 08 May 2018

This was a great little intro guide to using they/them pronouns! It’s targeted toward both people who use they/them pronouns as well as their friends/family/coworkers/acquaintances/etc.

Mon, 09 Apr 2018

This was a much needed, amazingly illustrated, perfect book on the use of they/them pronouns. Being a trans person myself, this made me feel good that my feelings and thoughts are similar to others and it just makes me feel so much more valid! This is definitely something I will find myself throwing at people who seriously need it, plus giving to friends and family!
Thank you to the authors for making this, it's worth getting and reading!

Thu, 26 Apr 2018

I got an ARC copy of this book.
Gender is my thing. Sexuality is my thing too. They both hold a very dear place in my heart. As soon as I saw the name of this book I pounced. There was no way I was passing up on this book. The cover was cutesy and it was something I might want to take lessons from for the class I teach. 
The book talks about pronouns. There is some technical talk, which one of the characters is really bored through. Then they start to break it down into real people talk. There is discussion on how to use a pronoun, when to use pronouns, and why it matters. This book covers a ton and I learned a lot about language from it. If you already use gender neutral pronouns for someone you love or even yourself, then this book is just reaffirming things you understand. If you don't, it is a great introduction. 
There was purposeful misgendering of Archie to prove a point. That point is how damaging misgendering can be for someone. There is even talk about how it is ok to feel angry, cut people out of your life, and that sometimes people love you but will never get it. It was a wonderful section and that section is so important for queer people to read. Family is not blood for a lot of queer people. Family are the people who love you and the people on your side. This book validates that experience and allows someone to see just how hard pronouns can be on someone when you get them wrong. It was just so well done. 
The book is not just a book for beginners. If you already know your stuff, this book is still interesting. The art is cutesy and I adored it. Then there were some really funny sections like Tristan giving a new meaning to YOLO and his hat that made his life easier because it was a hat of ignorance. LOVELY. I was snorting. This book could have been super dry and dusty, something no one but supreme nerds (like me) would have read. Instead it was really approachable and helpful.
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- Seattle, WA
Wed, 28 Mar 2018

*I received this book as an eARC from Oni Press and Limerence Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
I absolutely love that this is a comic! It's a comic that is made to educate and inform people on gender neutral pronouns, specifically they/them. The format is conversational with a few nice diagrams. This comic covers so many great topics including pronouns in general, misgendering, and gender neutral pronouns. It's told in a fun, and sometimes sarcastic way. The emphasis is on building empathy.
"Nothing is as cool as being an empathetic and respectful person."
I give this educational comic a 5/5. I HIGHLY recommend this. This comic would be a great gift for friends, family, AND co-workers.

⚔ Silvia ⚓
- Italy, Italy
Mon, 28 May 2018

I was sent this book as an advanced copy by the publisher via NetGalley for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own.
I picked this up from the Read Now shelf on netgalley hoping to find something informative that I could recommend others, and that's exactly what this was. I knew almost everything that was in this short comic, but I still learned some new stuff. Since English isn't my first language, I found the quick guides on how to use gender-neutral language pretty useful because sometimes I'm not sure what terms are gendered and which aren't or how to substitute a gendered noun etc.
Throughout the book I was also trying to put myself in the shoes of someone who's completely new to the concept of non-binary people and read it through their eyes. I think the authors did a great job at summarizing both the technicalities of gender-neutral language and the effects that misgendering may have on genderqueer people. Everything was backed up by useful, everyday examples.
The first part of the comic is directed at cis people who want to learn about gender-neutral language (especially using they/them when talking to/about someone who uses these pronouns) and want to support their enby friends. The second part is directed at non-binary people themselves, with advice on what to do in different situations.
I feel weird judging a book like this because I don't think it's really my place, but I definitely recommend reading it if you're new to these concepts and also if you're cis and an ally but still want a reminder of what to do and not to do. It's also something great to buy (once it comes out as a physical copy) and leave at your workplace (like suggested in the book itself) or anywhere you might want to implement gender-neutral language to help your non-binary colleagues/friends feel included.