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The Summer Wives

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Published 10 Jul 2018
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Format Hardcover
Publisher William Morrow
ISBN 0062660349

New York Times bestselling author Beatriz Williams brings us the blockbuster novel of the season—a spellbinding novel of romance, murder, class, power, and dark secrets set in the 1950s and ’60s among the rarified world of a resort island in the Long Island Sound . . .
In the summer of 1951, Miranda Schuyler arrives on elite, secretive Winthrop Island in Long Island Sound as a naive eighteen year old, still reeling from the loss of her father in the Second World War. Although a graduate of the exclusive Foxcroft Academy in Virginia, Miranda has always lived on the margins of high society. When her beautiful mother marries Hugh Fisher, whose summer house on Winthrop overlooks the famous lighthouse, Miranda is catapulted into a heady new world of pedigrees and cocktails, status and swimming pools. Isobel Fisher, Miranda’s new stepsister—all long legs and world-weary bravado, engaged to a wealthy Island scion—is eager to draw Miranda into the arcane customs of Winthrop society.
But beneath the Island’s patrician surface, there are really two clans--the summer families with their steadfast ways and quiet obsessions, and the working class of Portuguese fishermen and domestic workers who earn their living on the water and in the laundries of the summer houses. Uneasy among Isobel’s privileged friends, Miranda finds herself drawn to Joseph helps his father in the lobster boat, but in the autumn he returns to Brown University, where he’s determined to make something of himself. Since childhood, Joseph has enjoyed an intense, complex friendship with Isobel Fisher, and has a catastrophe that will shatter Winthrop’s hard-won tranquility and banish Miranda from the Island for nearly two decades.
Now, in the summer of 1969, Miranda returns at last, as a renowned Shakespearean actress hiding a terrible heartbreak. On its surface, the Island remains the same--determined to keep the outside world from its shores, fiercely loyal to those who belong. But the formerly powerful Fisher family is a shadow of itself, and Joseph Vargas has recently escaped the prison where he was incarcerated for the murder of Miranda’s stepfather eighteen years earlier. What’s more, Miranda herself is no longer a naive teenager, and she begins a fierce, inexorable quest for justice to the man she once loved . . . even if it means uncovering every last one of the secrets that bind together the families of Winthrop Island.

"The Summer Wives" Reviews

- The Colony, TX
Sun, 31 Dec 2017

Miranda Schuyler has arrived on Winthrop Island in the summer of 1951. Her mother is set to marry Hugh Fisher, and after the wedding she will be spending the summer in his home with her new stepsister, Isobel. Miranda soon realizes there are two types of people on the island, the wealthy who come to the island to stay in their vacation homes and dine at the country club, and the working class make ends meet by catering to the rich. As Isobel shows her around the island, Miranda is drawn to Joseph Vargas, who helps his father in the lobster boats and lives in the lighthouse across from the Fisher family home. Before summer's end, Miranda's path changes course and she leaves the island due to tragic circumstances. Decades later when she returns she realizes the island is still full of secrets as she attempts to seek justice.
What I enjoyed about this book was due to the alternating timelines, you had an idea of what happened early on but needed the rest of the pieces to the puzzle to see the whole picture. I wouldn't say there were any truly shocking plot twists in this book but I still had a hard time putting the book down. I really enjoyed seeing the people of the island through the perspectives of Miranda and Bianca. The setting of Winthrop Island and how the rich and working class interacted were strong assets and made the book all the more enjoyable.
My only disappointment with the book came with the ending. I didn't feel like it was the most satisfying ending. I don't know how to describe it other than when I finished the book I walked away with a "meh" type feeling whereas up until the last few chapters of the book, I had really enjoyed watching the story unfold. It certainly isn't a bad ending but for me it was the weakest part of the book.
I received a free copy of this book from the publisher but was under no obligation to post a review. All views expressed are my honest opinion.

- Canastota, NY
Sat, 09 Jun 2018

The setting for this book is a little known exclusive island off the coast of Long Island, and the story spans decades there.
The author shows us both sides of the people that live here, the wealthy summer residents, and the immigrant Portuguese’s, mainly the businesses and help.
Be ready for a bit of mystery, murder, and how the population here is related to one another. There are several bombshells dropped, some of which I saw coming, but others are complete surprises. I guess, when the final facts come to light they do make sense.
You will be quickly page turning to find all the facts here, but when the last page is turned there is a feeling of loss and a want for more.
I received this book through Edelweiss and the Publisher William Morrow, and was not required to give a positive review.

- Pompton Lakes, NJ
Wed, 30 Aug 2017

Love, mystery and social status are all interwoven in this new tale by Beatriz Williams. The characters come to life as you flip through the pages. The various time periods and the social constraints placed on the main characters also play a very important role. Many of the lives are interwoven and Miranda will uncover all the truths to protect her one true love. I was extremely lucky o receive an advanced reader’s copy of the book which will be coming out in July.

- Gulfport, MS
Tue, 19 Jun 2018

This was amazing! A top favorite for sure and a new auto-buy author. I have to have every book Beatriz Williams has written now. Immediately! It was that amazing. Review to come once I have my thoughts in order.

- The United States
Sat, 17 Mar 2018

This book was really good. Once I got into it it was hard for me to put down.
Liked: - The characters. I didn't necessarily care about them like I have with other books, but they weren't detestable. They were interesting and had me curious to see what they'd do next.
- The community. I enjoyed the idea of the islanders, and the way the community interacts with each other. Interesting conflicts.
-The plot. I enjoyed the mystery, and the resolution.
Disliked: - THE TIME JUMPS. If we did PAST Miranda then PRESENT Miranda over and over that would have been easier to follow, then with PAST Bianca at the end. I kept getting very confused during the Bianca parts and it really threw me out of the story. This made me deduct a star, because I was SO confused in the beginning
Overall, enjoyed the book. Had a hard time getting into it in the beginning, but once I did it really got going. I'd recommend this. It would be great for: a beach read, an easy read, a slightly romantic read. I'd also recommend reading this in as few sittings as possible, because with the time jumps it can get a little confusing.
[also, thanks to Goodreads and the publishers and the author for a free ARC to review for my unbiased opinion]