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The Right Direction (Sweet Sin, #1)

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Published 06 Dec 2017
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From USA Today Best-Selling Author comes book one in the Sweet Sin series.
Meet the men of the rock band, Trained in Black.
“Our someday will come soon, Joslyn.” Those words were the last words I heard from Roman Nixon before I walked away.
I knew our someday might come, but not the one he and I had always dreamed about.
His life headed in one direction, mine in the other. While Roman became the lead singer for the successful rock band Trained in Black, I became a ruthless attorney.
He moved on and married someone else. As I was forced to observe him and his bride on the cover of every magazine out there, I deserved to suffer because of what I had done.
What I didn’t expect was a phone call that led to me becoming his new attorney.
After years apart, our opposite worlds collide. This time, we may get our someday.
But first, we have to find a way to steer us in the right direction.

"The Right Direction (Sweet Sin, #1)" Reviews

Mindy Lou's Book Review
Mon, 09 Apr 2018

Narrator Review: Lacy Laurel & Logan McAllister
Distinguishable between characters: 5 Stars
Impersonating opposite sex: 5 Stars
Accents: n/a
Any critiques: None
Overall enjoyment of Performance: 5 Stars.
Recommend audible version: Yes, Highly recommend!
Story Review:
Rocker books are always a "proceed with caution" read for me. The majority seem to have an overload of other women drama due to the famous persona of rockers. I am happy to report you don't have that in this book. Yes, their is an ex-wife drama but the hero is so over her and only refers to her with disgust. Now THAT I can handle.
In fact, I will have to say my favorite part about this book is the fact that Roman has always loved Joslyn and they did not end because of him. When she gets pulled back into his life, he pursues her relentlessly. I can't tell you how happy that made me. I love when a Hero chases the heroine.
This had a great storyline. The ex wife is the drama of the story but like I said it was tolerable due to the feelings of the hero. We got good quality time with the main couple together and a few surprise things happen to keep the story interesting. I look forward to the next one in the book! ARC of audiobook provided by narrator.

Tue, 28 Nov 2017

Audiobook: Narrators – Lacy Laurel and Logan McCallister
This narration was spot on for two characters that were both heartbroken and angst ridden. These narrators excelled at the various ranges required to read both male and female parts. Lacy’s gave Joslyn a feel of vulnerability while Logan’s added a raspy depth to Roman’s giving him a deep sexy timbre.
Roman’s life is a disaster. He’s just gone through a messy divorce when, hounded by the paparazzi, he attacks one of them. Their questions were of the most personal sort. The kind that Roman refuses to ever discuss and the type that attempts to shed a negative light on the one woman he can’t forget.
When Joslyn is called in to represent the man who stole her heart as a teenager, she can’t say no. They have a lot of history together and just as much pain. Now that she’s back in his orbit, Roman is taking advantage of that fact by tying her to him. Unfortunately, the main impetuous to keep her with him is to keep her safe. Someone is setting them up with the out of control paparazzi and the only way they’re going to find their way out of this mess is together.
These characters were always in love with the other but life and bad decisions dealt them a heart breaking and traumatic past. Once reunited, they have to wade through all the pain from their previous lives before they can embrace their happy ever after.
I loved how these two worked together, sometimes impatiently on Roman’s part. It’s a fast paced story with the obvious angst of the broken hearted and plenty of steam. Lots of steam! I loved Roman’s possessive dedication to Joslyn and his determination to keep her. Joslyn was once a young girl, broken, but has grown into a strong independent woman who was more than capable of facing Roman’s strength face on.
I can’t wait for the next!
I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.
Dual POV
Safe [spoilers removed]
Triggers [spoilers removed]

- Oakland, TN
Wed, 29 Nov 2017

The Right Direction by Kathy Coopmans is an emotional and sexy 2nd chance romance. From the very first page I knew this book was special and had the power to break my heart into many pieces –and guess what, it surely did. There were so many emotions and feelings that kept me hooked on this story from beginning to end.
Joslyn and Roman- we got a hint of their story in Once Upon A Rock Star Anthology where we got a small snippet of their story there. Now we get the full story and what a story it is. These two had a troubled childhood that connected them , a bond that they thought would never be broken but tragedy happened and their bond severed. Roman went on to live his rockstar dream while Joslyn was left behind. Roman never forgot his first love, his true love but he moved on doing his best to stave off the memories of his past, of his pain. He hoped one day he would get to see his true love again. Kind of like that saying “ If you love someone/something, set it free and if they love you, they will return”. Roman always held out he would see Joslyn again. The past between them and how they ended up separated caused tears and tears. I cried so much. I hated that neither of them didn’t try harder but WOW I loved it when Joslyn came back to him in present time. Roman finds himself in jail and in the need of an attorney. His publicist finds him the perfect lawyer...Joslyn. Joslyn has always followed Roman’s rockstar career and kept track of him, even thru his marriage and divorce, and that was a pretty painful time for her but she did it. Now that Roman has her in his life again, he is pulling out all stops to keep her in his life again and will stop at nothing to show Joslyn that they are moving in the Right Direction finally and are headed toward the right place…toward each other.
Thing is, nothing ever is smooth and there are things in their way- like ex-wives causing hate and discontent against Roman and Joslyn, stalkers causing trouble for Joslyn and new found family which is something that hits Joslyn for she didn’t know she had any family and was unaware. Will these two finally be able to live a happy and love filled life or is someone(s) bound to ruin this 2nd chance at love ?
This was an amazing story, filled with intrigue, suspense, passion, angst, action, big emotions, drama, villians and LOVE. I couldn’t help but fall head over hills for this read. Kathy Coopmans did an outstanding job with this book and I cant wait to read more stories in this world.
My Rating: 4.9 stars *****
“I received an advanced copy of this book from the author at no cost to me."

- Hagerstown, MD
Tue, 19 Sep 2017

The Right Direction by Kathy Coopmans was an emotional, sexy hot, thrilling second chance romance! I was hooked from the beginning!!! This author knows exactly how to captivate her readers. Ah the feels with this book!!! Sooooo many! And I LOVED IT! I can't express how much I LOVED this book!!
Roman and Joslyn both had very difficult childhoods. Only made better by having each other. They were each others best friends, and biggest supporters. So when Roman wins a singing competition, as much as Joslyn wants him to stay, she supports his dream. However she soon decides she wants to be with Roman, then a tragedy unfolds that tears them apart.
When Roman finds himself in jail and needs an attorney, low and behold Joslyn steps back into his life. And their chemistry and connection is still OFF THE CHARTS!!! This story is full of twist and turns. I couldn't read it fast enough to see what was happening next. And in true Kathy Coopmans style, it doesn't come easy for them.
I'm sooooo excited for more of this amazing new series!!!
*I voluntarily read an advance copy from the author. This is my honest review.*

- The United Kingdom
Mon, 23 Oct 2017

A beautiful read
Goodness me! Where do I start with this book?! From the very first page I knew this book was going to break my heart......and it did! The emotions poured off every page, wrapping me up and pulling me in.
Damn Kathy Coopmans is amazing! She made me feel every little thing as I tried to tiptoe through this book, but it was so fast paced that I felt like I had whiplash! In a totally good way!
Joslyn and Roman stole my heart.......Lord those two had been through so much, experienced so much but they always had each other.......until they didn't.
After years apart they collide, so much unsaid and done but that connection!....melted my heart and other things! But there are forces trying to bring them down, mess with their minds. This will keep you on the edge of your seat. A truly beautiful story of second chances and a love so pure and strong.
You NEED to read this book!