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High Voltage (Fever, #10)

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Published 06 Mar 2018
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Delacorte Press
ISBN 0399593667

There is no action without consequence…
Dani O’Malley was nine years old when the delusional, sadistic Rowena transformed her into a ruthless killer. Years later, she’s tough, hardened, yet achingly vulnerable and fiercely compassionate, living alone by her own exacting code. Despite the scars on her body, driven by deeper ones carved into her soul, no one is more committed to protecting Dublin. By day, she ensures the safety of those she rescues, by night she hunts evil, dispensing justice swiftly and without mercy, determined to give those she cares for the peace she has never known.
There is no power without price…
When the Faerie Queen used the dangerously powerful Song of Making to heal the world from the damage done by the Hoar Frost King, catastrophic magic seeped deep into the earth, giving rise to horrifying, unforeseen consequences–and now deadly enemies plot in the darkness, preparing to enslave the human race and unleash an ancient reign of hell on Earth.
There is no future without sacrifice…
With the lethal, immortal Ryodan at her side, armed with the epic Sword of Light, Dani once again battles to save the world but her past comes back to haunt her with a vengeance, demanding an unspeakable price for the power she needs to save the human race and no one—not even Ryodan who’d move the very stars for her—can save her this time…

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- The United States
Fri, 23 Jan 2015

As a stand-alone read, I loved it. I loved Moning's imagination, the way she twists us up into the characters emotionally and for the characters as they are now... But...as a continuation of Dani and Ryodan, we come to already know...I'm conflicted. The vacillation from the base characters was difficult to justify but in the end I managed. I got caught up in the telling and enjoyed the heck out of it anyways!

Sara Kate
- Indianapolis, IN
Wed, 23 Aug 2017

Ahhhhhhmazing!!!! I loved it! So incredibly good. The audio was fantastic like always. I have really grown to love Danni these past few books. She was really grown and come into her own person. I really loved where she took this story with Dani. Ryodan.... oh how I love Ryodan. Him and Barrons are right up there together. I love the alpha male beasts she has created in this Fever World. Definitely one of my favorite series ever. This was definitely not a disappointment!

Thu, 03 Dec 2015

So.. this is it. Dani's long awaited HEA. I'll preface my review by saying I am a huge fan of Dani, she's one of my all time favorite characters. I've been desperately waiting for Dani to take the main stage again since Burned. I was so disappointed about the direction change but I had faith K Mo would see it through. I have a lot of respect for her as an author and I have no desire to bash her. I wanted to absolutely love this book.
That being said this book was bad. Shockingly bad. It read more like fanfiction than a work by THE Karen Marie Moning. The characterization is it's biggest downfall, with beloved characters becoming cartoonish over the top versions of themselves. The character that takes the absolute biggest hit as a result of this is Ryodan.
Ryodan transforms from the cold calculating man who cares about his world deep down to some sort of perverted horndog eternally chasing after Dani with multiple declarations of his love. It's offensive. It was your cookie cutter angsty eternally tortured romance hero. That may work for some people but I'm not buying it!
I could go into a bunch of examples of this but honestly I'm too sad and disappointed to even go back and look for them. Kat turns holier than thou, wise in an over the top way, Christian turns into a harmless angel with not a single ounce of bad in him, Lor an absolute dummy etc etc. Reading this book felt so utterly strange- like it wasn't real.
I love Dani. I will always love her character. But as the story goes on her voice was lost in this one, often times sounding more like Mac than herself.
The second biggest issue with this book is the plot. There is none lol. Dani sits around lonely and sad doing her laundry for half of the book and the other half.. she's dealing with changes. Not exactly riveting content lol. There is a villain in the book but it absolutely takes a backseat to a bunch of fuckery lmao. This book is 100% a romance and not even a good one. Like there's just no other way to say it.. [spoilers removed]
It hurts my heart a bit to even give this book 2 stars- I've become very attached to these characters I obviously don't want to dislike it. But it was so disappointing, the writing was just bad. There were a lot of cool ideas here and there but the execution was so terrible it killed any potential that might've been there.
I'm in denial that K Mo even wrote this book, it doesn't feel like one of hers at all but instead something you could have found on ff.net. It would almost be funny if it wasn't so horribly sad
ETA: I've noticed this hasn't really been commented on in anyone's review but I feel readers should know going into it. This book has TONS of rape/threats of rape/ sexual abuse. This author has a history of writing rape in a problematic way but this book really ups the ante. Rape in this series is handled so flippantly and irresponsibly with oodles of victim blaming/shaming and it hits a new low here.
[spoilers removed]
If you're going to address rape I feel like it's an author's responsibility to commit to showing the gravity and effects of such trauma otherwise it's just offensive and exploitative.
There's an official release date! March 6, 2018!!
Finally, Dani's going to get some time to shine!

Tue, 27 Jun 2017

Splendid. Breathtaking. My heart is so full. This very well may be my favorite of Moning’s stories. Dani’s story is epic, though I expected nothing less.

- Houston, TX
Thu, 24 Aug 2017

When you only have a villain who shows up for maybe three pages out of the book, he/she should be epic. Like so horrifyingly creepy and scary that more page-time would make us all lose our shit from fear. Let's see if this guy measures up:
...demonic one-eyed god....wears a mask.... has a bug as his evil minion...one leg bigger than the other..."
"And how do we kill him?"
"The legends say by taking his eye."

Soooo, you're basically saying that we could take this guy out by buying him a BB gun for Christmas and letting nature takes it's course?
In other words, the villain of this book was a fail. I guess it's possible that my expectations were high considering this is the series that brought us more complicated and terrifying characters than the U.S. Senate, but still. Even a children's book villain has more page-time than this guy did. I think the Big Bad Wolf was scarier. Oh, or the Creeper from Scooby Doo. Remember that guy?
I like how he's wearing a suit. In the good old days, people dressed up for work.
Alright, so no check mark in that box, but at least we get the long-awaited romance between Dani and Ryodan, right? Um... yeah, about that... if you like romance where you get to read hundreds of pages of a girl angsting over a guy, and a guy who was previously a badass, but now has the personality of that dog from "Up" - neutered and faithful, then you are totally in the right place.
[spoilers removed]
So, that was disappointing.
But, at least we get to check in on Barrons and Mac. Their happy ending. You know - all powerful, totally together, in love for all of eternity?
Yeah, no.
We find out they've hardly even seen each other since the last book. Barrons has been brooding since then. Of course, he's a sexy brooder, so that's kind of okay. But, still..
We DID get a small peek at Christian too, but I wanted more.
Which, I guess was the problem with this book in a nutshell - I wanted more story and less inner monologue.
There are so many great characters in this world, and so many terrifying creatures, and yet most of this book was just Dani thinking the same types of things over and over again.
There were times when it read like a self-help book. Hey, Dani says that if I exercise enough, I can cure my clinical depression. Yay! Take that psychiatry! Dani also talks to us about compartmentalizing, overcoming hardship, what love is, self-image issues, and suicide.
Who doesn't like a good self-help book?
Oh. That would be me.
But what Dani thinks about most of the time is how great she is. You know how the villain guy has one giant leg? Well, I think Dani probably has one giant arm from patting herself on the back so often. And, you know, it was fine for 13 year old Dani. She was a force to be reckoned with, a little super-hero kid. But when a woman in her 20's is constantly telling you how great her ass is, you kind of get to a point where you want to kick it.
It's like 13-yr old Dani grew up in years, so that she could fuck Ryodan, but didn't grow up in maturity at all. Considering all she had been through, I was hoping for more emotional maturity in her.
But that didn't happen. Just like so many other things in this book.
This doesn't mean that the book is not worth reading. It's still the Fever world, and there is always hope that the next one will focus on Christian or something. But, it just didn't live up to the rest of the series. I'm also one of the few people who likes Mac, so take whatever I say about the book with that in mind. I just hope the next one is less talk-more action.

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