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Defy Me (Shatter Me, #5)

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Published 02 Apr 2019
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Format Hardcover
Publisher HarperTeen
ISBN 0062676393

The gripping fifth installment in the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling Shatter Me series. Will Juliette’s broken heart make her vulnerable to the strengthening darkness within her?
Juliette’s short tenure as the supreme commander of North America has been an utter disaster. When the children of the other world leaders show up on her doorstep, she wants nothing more than to turn to Warner for support and guidance. But he shatters her heart when he reveals that he’s been keeping secrets about her family and her identity from her—secrets that change everything.
Juliette is devastated, and the darkness that’s always dwelled within her threatens to consume her. An explosive encounter with unexpected visitors might be enough to push her over the edge.

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- Argyle, TX
Fri, 05 Jan 2018

The more I think about it, the more and more I think this really just isnt on the same level as the other books and theres 2 major plot points that i really just don’t like, so im lowering this to 4 stars or maybe even a 3.5.
4.5 stars?? Something stops me from giving this a full five because there were actually a number of things that I'm not a fan of, but I know from past experience that rereading it helps it feel more real, so I might just have to do that, but still.
I devoured this so fast I didn't even have time to mark it as "currently reading" on goodreads. but HOOOLLYY SHITTTTTTTT this plot twist had me literally running around my house and screaming!!!!
I'm gonna have to reread this to gather my thoughts for an actual review but here's my first reactions on release day:
•I didn't anticipate I would like Nazeera and Kenji but........ I was into it.
•delalieu deserved better, especially after that whole speech
•i literally choked when the plot twist occurred i took a 30 minute break im SOOOOOO SHOCKED BUT IT'S GENIUS
•Emmaline made me sob. I love her so, so, so, so, so much.
•the reuniting scene....... was underwhelming. in general, i think this book missed many opportunities to flesh out the description and i wish we could have had a better sense of place/time/characters through that detailing, but it all felt internal monologue and dialogue-heavy. i felt the same about restore me with the info dumps but this one was more pronounced because it was so abbreviated.
•the entire plane ride scene.......... LOVE
•however, im rlly not a fan of them getting engaged in this book. it was anticlimactic and melodramatic. i'm definitely just being selfish tho bc my expectations were so high. also juliette is 17 and warnette has only been a thing for like 4 weeks???? hmmm
•her name is juliette not ella and his name is warner, not aaron. final answer.
•i know i'm saying a lot of negatives but like................. wow. this book just punched me in the gut over and over. so many good lines and moments. however, i feel like there wasn't a scene in this book that i ~loved~. restore me and ignite me and unravel me all had iconic warnette scenes but this one just.... didn't?
•i LOVED kenji's chapters in this!!
•warner "killing" anderson......... ICONIQUE
•winston saying the f word, that's all
•i cannot wait to get to know nouria and her resistance.
•warner's birthday um im CRYING
August 2018
Um the synopsis? I already knew all of this but I'm still bald. if anyone finds some lungs hmu because I need air
THE TITLE AAHHH!! I was honestly nervous it was gonna be named something dumb like Remember Me or Find Me, but I LOOOVE this title!!! It's sort of like a taunt, like "ooh, try me bitch." I can't wait for Juliette to snap in this book and I love the title and I love the book and sihujflakgf I'm so excite. I hope it's a million pages long. Theories video will probably come out as soon as this has a synopsis and snippet! :)
March 2018
Ok I have questions (first of all how dare you) but really, here's what I've compiled after reading Restore Me:
1. was warner's memory also erased? because if nazeera recognized juliette, why wouldn’t he? If he knew emmaline as well—if they knew each other for a year longer than he knew ella—then wouldn’t he have at least recognized emmaline when he tortured her?
2. will she go by ella in future books?
3. was the asylum in book one an asylum for people with powers?
4. did anderson have leila killed to punish warner or did she die of natural causes?
5. if ian’s the only one without powers, then what’s alia’s power?
6. If nazeera has hidden powers, how can warner not sense them? Does he stay quiet about it out of respect? Does she turn them off around him?
7. They say that Juliette being with Warner was an experiment. To do what? To accomplish what? What’s warner’s role in it? Especially if they don’t know he has powers? Did they know she’d overthrow Anderson? Then what’s the result from that if they just want her dead now?
8. How did castle get a hold of juilette’s journal?
9. Was Juliette hallucinating the birds? Did she see Nazeera and think it was a bird? Were they real? Is the motif coming back somehow?
10. Okay this one's a bit conspiracy and outlandish, but hear me out: when juliette gets shot with the "poisoned" bullet, she sees birds and how bright it is and everyone’s pupils are dilated because it’s so bright. what if that’s what the real world looks like but everyone is just under some illusion that it’s dark and dead and broken and everyone thinks she’s seeing things but in reality she’s just seeing what’s actually beneath the illusion and that’s why castle said the world isn’t as bad as we thought it is, because it’s actually super healthy but the entire world is being tricked is the entire world an illusion and juliette saw a glimpse of the real world with her bullet? so the entire world is a programmed illusion either in people’s brains or someone with powers or some technological invention and she was somehow shot with something that let her see beyond that?
11. if juliette went back to the asylum to be tested and experimented on again after her parents gave her up, then why did she sit there for almost a year before warner found her?
12. “Juliette failed their tests a month ago” what tests???
13. If warner knows the supreme commander of oceania has no children, who did he think he was with when he was 5? HIS MEMORIES WERE TOTES ERASED
14. juliette says there’s stacks of notebooks on the desk in her room. is there writing in there from her/emma/her parents??
15. i'm just saying, warner might be a robot. they mentioned it 4 times in restore me.
16. during his panic attack scene, warner says, "this has only happened one other time before” –when?
17. Walking through the sector, juliette talks about missing her old life and it’s so weird to think, does she miss her old life with her adoptive parents, or are there memories somehow lingering from life before then with her supreme parents?
18. How did Kenji discover his power? He said in unravel me it came to him when he needed it.
19. did castle know about her parents and lie to warner? i s2g castle is working with the enemy or something he was so sketchy in RM
20. If Castle knows her biological parents are going to try to get her back, why doesn’t he know their true identity? How can he know they’re still alive if he doesn’t know who they are?
21. other questions about the poison bullet: Will it have a lasting effect? Did it trigger something in her brain? What if it’s slow-moving and it undoes the mental block in her brain and she regains her memories? Did it cause her to hallucinate her friends dying at the end of the book?
there's probably a lot more i didn't write down but it's 8 days in and ya girl is already stressed :)

- Deer Park, TX
Mon, 26 Feb 2018

After the last book I was so scared to read this one, seriously! Juliette and Warner had gone through such a mess in the first three books, and then the last book was like, nooooooooooo! And then this, tear my freaking heart apart with the back flash scenes, already. I was balling like a baby!
I loved Juliette in this, loved Warner in this, really loved Kenji in this! Those are my three little children! Nazeera was awesome too, and her character ARC really opened up and shined here! 
There are a lot of twists here, a lot of shocking moments, a lot of me with heart eyes and teary eyes and all kinds of emotional eyes! And that freaking ending was perfect, which only makes me scared for this last book! But I need it now!!!!!

- The United States
Thu, 28 Mar 2019

First of all, what was the point of this book?
Really though. What was the purpose? Did we really need a whole 352-page novel for what happened here? I don't think we did. The entire first 25% of the novel could have been removed and it would not have impacted the story in any way.
This is a series that should have remained a trilogy.
I have so many questions about the world building and about the characters and about the fact that all these things and people are coming completely out of left field and we're just supposed to nod along and accept all the nonsense that's going on.
Seriously, this book was filled with so many twists and revelations, and not in a good way. These twists were of the 'wtf is going on, wtf does this even mean' variety. Like they were added for shock value and not because the story needed it or because they made much sense.
It feels like Tahereh Mafi is just pulling stuff out of her a** at this point and trying to overload us with surprises and twists so we don't realize that this book didn't need to be written.
And this is coming from someone who absolutely loves Tahereh Mafi.
Still, I suppose I was entertained for a few hours of my life. The characters didn't all suck in this one. Well, Kenji, Juliette (now known as Ella, although she will forever be Juliette to me), and Warner didn't. Everyone else from the original trilogy was pretty irrelevant. Also, Nazeera ok, I guess?
Juliette and Warner will forever be goals and I will forever ship them. I have no shame in admitting that their ship is the only thing motivating me to read book 6. That ship, and the fact that I want to see Kenji live happily ever after.
Overall, this book felt pretty irrelevant if I'm honest. Maybe I'm just hating at this point, but I've fallen out of love with this series. Unravel Me and Ignite Me will forever be on my list of favorite YA novels though. Maybe I'll just pretend that the series ended at book three, it's what I did with The Mortal Instruments series and it's worked out fine for me.
If you loved Restore Me, you'll like this one too. If you didn't like Restore Me, or thought it was 'just ok' then maybe give this one a pass.
My final rating is 2.75/5 because despite being irrelevant and having a really weak plot, I was entertained. Also, I like Kenji. This book gets a star for him alone.
Also, are we all going to pretend that they didn't just slightly photoshop the cover of Restore Me and tried to fool us into thinking this one was new? The Restore Me and Defy Me covers are literally the same! At least the original trilogy had different colors!
TW: Parental abuse (both physical and emotional) and suicidal thoughts
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Thu, 27 Apr 2017

*takes deep breath* ... AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
May 7th 2018

- Argentina
Wed, 01 Aug 2018

Por Warner..
Esta quinta entrega la estaba esperando desde hace tanto tiempo, estaba tan ansiosa por qué llegue el 2 de abril para poder leerla.
Y me encantó..
Todo el libro está contado por capítulos de Kenji, Warner y Juliette.
Amé los capítulos de Kenji, amo a ese chico, no podía parar de reírme, con Nazeera y él coqueteandose y sus charlas, todo fue divertido.
Nazeera no me cae mal, incluso me gusta para Kenji, pero aún no confío completamente en ella.
Después mi amor Warner.. me desesperaba no tener noticias de él, yo solo esperaba que estuviera bien y que nadie me lo tocará por qué yo misma entraría al libro para matar a esas personas.
Me encanta tanto ese personaje, que cada vez que seguía un capítulo de Kenji, yo decía, "ya tiene que haber alguno de Warner, POR FAVOR" . Sufrí mucho.
Juliette, con el final de Restore me también quede muy preocupada por ella (más por Warner, por qué sí), y al comenzar Defy me no podía creer todo lo que le pasaba. Pero la amé aún más, en este libro el personaje se luce como se lució en Ignite me, yo me quedaba fascinada con cada acción que realizaba. Era sorprendente su manera de pensar y de accionar. Evolucionó de una manera impresionante, que me hacía sentir muy orgullosa de ella.
Y ni hablar de Warner, en este libro lo amé aún más como siempre, amo su carácter, su humor, su personalidad, su amor. Todo. También como personaje hay una excelente evolución. Estaba tan desesperada por leer este libro ya y todo por él.
En cada capítulo algo shockeante pasaba que me dejaba con la boca abierta. Tiene un desenlace increíble. Y todo el trasfondo que creó Tahereh de la historia es sorprendente, no me podía esperar nada. Además lo arranque a leer ya teniendo un cariño por todos los personajes y eso influye. La escritura sigue siendo impecable.
La escena de los reencuentros casi me hacen llorar, era lo que más esperaba, arrancaba cada capítulo esperando que sucedieran.
Tuve algunos problemas con escenas alternas que sentía que no encajaban bien con la historia, eran escenas necesarias, pero no les vi el sentido. Por eso no gano las cinco estrellas, igual fueron pequeños problemas, todo el libro me encantó.
Y le agradezco a Tahereh de verdad por ese final, que por suerte no es abierto. Quedan cosas inconclusas que se resolverán cálculo que en el próximo libro, pero al menos, estaré todo un año esperando tranquila con este final, no como con el de Restore me.
En fin, un libro sorprendente, emocionante, que te deja con el corazón en la garganta, con personajes con una gran evolución. Muy recomendado si ya eres fan de la saga.
Ahora, voy a escribir mis sentimientos con spoilers, así que si aún no leíste el libro, no sigas leyendo.
- Veamos, como cagan a palo a Juliette sus padres biológicos, no me lo esperaba, están locos esas personas, odie como la torturaban, pero ante todo aquello Juliette nunca enloqueció, siempre trato de mantenerse cuerda y eso es admirable.
- La escena de Kenji con Nazeera en la habitación, no podía parar de reír, igual no era el momento correcto, con Juliette desaparecida y mi Warner, Kenji tenía que tener la cabeza en la tierra. Amo sus capítulos, es tan de oro, es un personaje tan querido.
- Las visiones ( o recuerdos) de Warner y Juliette, me sorprendió que hayan Sido tantos los recuerdos que los obligaron a olvidar, y los amé a todos, eran tan tiernos los dos de chiquitos hablando, jugando. Siempre hubo una conexión especial, siempre fueron el uno para el otro. Y fue toda su vida que se encontraban y se olvidaban, pero se volvían a encontrar y volvían a enamorarse.
Es increíble cómo sus propias familias le hicieron todo eso. Y Anderson vivo 😖, este hombre tendría que estar muerto, y no, esta vivito y coreando, arruinando vidas.
- Cuando al fin Warner cuenta donde está y cómo está, dios sufría tanto, Me lo estaban envenenando y todo por su propio padre y también Juliette siendo torturada por su Made,.fue horrible. Quería entrar en la historia y proteger a mis bebés.
- Ame la escena en la que Warner mata a Anderson, fue espectacular, y en la que Juliette mata a su madre la disfrute tanto.
- Cuando Juliette se encuentra por primera vez con Emmaline, lloré de impotencia por todo lo que le hicieron a esa pobre chica, le arruinaron la vida y la estaban matando. Pero ella nunca se rindió y estaba decidida a ayudar a su hermana para que logré un cambio. Y Juliette que la quería rescatar y llevársela igual, ya quiero saber qué pasará en el siguiente libro.
- El encuentro de Kenji y Juliette fue precioso, esos abrazos son increíbles.
- Y el de Warner y "Ella" fue increíble, cuando Warner le dice "Amor", ustedes no saben cuánto espere esa escena, en mí interior estaba haciendo una fiesta. Todo fue hermoso entre ellos, en el avión, sus charlas todo.
- El hecho de que ahora Juliette quiere usar su nombre de "Ella", entendí el por qué, pero para mí siempre será Juliette, por qué es el personaje que mas me ha sorprendido de todos los que he leído hasta ahora en mí vida como lectora y aunque sean la misma persona, siempre será Juliette para mí.
- Cuando Warner le está por proponer casamiento... Quede shukkk. Aunque ese no era el momento,.me encantó. Ame como Kenji los interrumpió. Se aman y eso no hay duda, y si siento es muy temprano para que se casen, pero hoy están vivos, mañana no se sabe, yo los apoyó al cien. Quiero que sean felices.
- Cuando se encuentran todos con Castle y demás, y después los dos están en la pieza y lo hacen, que escena tan intensa, ya me la esperaba por qué siempre sus escena son así, pero que bonita fue, y lo que pasa después, cuando le propone casamiento. Yo estaban festejando y casi lloro.
- Y el final, con el cumpleaños de Warner, también casi lloro de felicidad, se lo merecía, se merecía esa fiesta, todo ese capítulo narrado por Juliette fue hermoso.
Ahora voy a estar muy ansiosa para leer la boda en el siguiente libro, la espera me dolerá pero con este final puedo sobrevivir.
En conclusión, el libro cumplió con todas mis expectativas, e incluso más, tuve el pequeño problema mínimo, pero todo es grandioso.

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