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Published 01 Jan 1970
Format Kindle Edition
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A shocking tale of romance and deception, N.B. Baker’s Everything is an impressive debut that proves no secret is ever really buried. Ella Stone is struggling to pick up the pieces of her life. Abandoned by her parents when she was an infant, both of the grandparents who raised her are now gone. Facing her future for the first time, Ella decides to move to Detroit in order to be near her two best friends. After a misguided relationship with a man she finds in bed with another woman, Ella begins doubting her life-changing move. That is, until she meets Chance St. John. When Chance fends off a brutal attack, he and Ella share an instant connection. As the two get to know each other, their passionate exploits both in and out of the bedroom make way for a deeper connection for which neither one was quite prepared. But despite their increasing closeness, Ella can’t shake the feeling that Chance is hiding something from her. His frequent nightmares and skittish responses point to a secret in his past that haunts him still. While Ella attempts to uncover Chance’s mysterious past, her own life takes a turn for the strange. As Everything builds to its explosive climax, Ella must discover the truth before Chance’s dark past consumes them both.

"Everything" Reviews

Carol (StarAngel's Reviews)
- Philadelphia, PA
Sun, 18 May 2014

Book – Everything
Author – NB Baker
Publication Date – February 20, 2014
Type – Stand Alone
Genre – Romance
Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars
Book provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.
First thing about this book is the constant twist and turns the author writes about in this story.  Ms. Baker also has the ability to make her characters realistic and come alive through her writing.  These are characters who are easy to connect and fall in love with.  I loved Chance and and Ella but Justin stole the show! 
I still can’t get over this is a debut novel for the author.  I loved how she was able to intertwine a mystery and romance along with angst, humor and love. 
Ella has lost everyone in her family and makes the decision to move to the city to be close with her friends.  She wants to start over and begin a new chapter in her book.  Along with this, it’s time to kick the current boyfriend to the curb when she finds out that he is a cheat.  Ella needs to take a chance…and that chance is with a man she meets in Detroit with the same name.
But there is something hidden behind Chance’s eyes – but Ella won’t push until it comes about that someone is gunning for her and wants her dead.  Will Chance finally reveal the secrets he has been holding back? 
Awesome book full of suspense and romance.  Oh and the sex scenes are total build up getting the anticipation levels off the charts!

- Chicago, IL
Wed, 05 Feb 2014

This book will blow your socks off! It is a love story, with a big dose of mystery, suspense and thrilling sexy scenes.
First there is Ella. She is as gentle as her name implies. She is just looking for a place to set her "roots". She has lost everyone in her family. By moving to Detroit, she hopes to be close to her two best friends and start a new life full of hope and love.
Reality quickly sets in when she arrives early from a trip and finds her douchebag boyfriend in bed with a chick. I am so glad she throws his ass out of the apartment.
Then she literally runs into Chance. The name says it all... yes he is gorgeous so we are all cheering for her to take a "chance" with him. I know, I could not pass it up. But this man is different. He is a gentleman, quiet, loving, caring, and most of all, willing to stand up and defend her from "douchebag".
This love affair is scorching hot. Steamy scenes are just the beginning. The bed sheets are on fire! And this man is a romantic at heart.
He also has secrets that he will not share. Ella can tell he has been deeply hurt and hopes he will eventually share all with her.
As the plot thickens and attempts are made to kill Ella all bets are off. Who is doing this? "Douchebag"? Someone else? Why?
I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I did. I have singing the praises of N.B. Baker's debut novel for days. If you get a chance, check out the video trailer on her facebook page. It is a gem! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Author...

Mon, 17 Mar 2014

I want to thank Goodreads and the Author N.B. Baker for a copy of this wonderful book!!!!!!! I loved the characters!!!! I loved the story!!!!!!!!!! I want Chance!!!!! This book was so intense, and I couldn't put it down...only I had to for a few days and couldn't wait to get back in or I would have read it in one sitting! I loved how the story flowed and you got to know the characters without all the 2 pages of back ground history. The intense feelings between the two characters was fun, exhilarating and the hint that something was going on with Chase's character was a climax to the end, but not as climatic as the love scenes!!! I will definitley read N.B. Baker's next books! Good Job Girl!!!!!!!!!!

Philomena Callan
- Bedford, The United Kingdom
Sat, 26 Apr 2014

What an amazing debut novel this is. I really can't believe this is the authors first book. It was brilliant.
Ella has her heart broken and needs to start afresh. Chance is running from his demons. This is their intense story. It's a romantic story with so much more. It's a story full of suspense with twists and turns that literally had me on the edge of my seat. Let's not forget the hot sexy scenes between these two.
Cannot praise this author enough for such a fantastic read. I thoroughly loved it and ended up reading it in one sitting.

- Hindman, KY
Sat, 15 Nov 2014

I loved this book beyond words.
Strong Alpha hero with a spunky heroine and a storyline that kept you guessing.

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