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Ava: My Story

3.931,513 votes • 62 reviews
Published 01 Oct 1990
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Bantam
ISBN 0553071343

Hardcover Edition of Ava Gardner's own story with no hold barred. Like a novel but Ava really lived it.
In this chatty autobiography, Gardner tells of her upbringing in a poor but proud Southern family, her sudden success in early-'40s Hollywood--mainly because of her beauty--and rails against MGM, which played up her cheesecake potential. She neatly sums up the problems in each of her three short marriages: Mickey Rooney was a blatant womanizer; Artie Shaw was cool and overbearing; Frank Sinatra (the two were the loves of each other's lives) was as jealous as she, leading to drunken marathon fights. Gardner also sketches a creepy portrait of Howard Hughes, who for years stopped at no machination in an unsuccessful attempt to bed and marry her. A shy woman who used drink to feel comfortable socially, Gardner seems very likable, down-home, spontaneous and sadly derogatory toward her intelligence, acting abilities--and even her beauty. Of the seven included "eulogies" from friends and colleagues, Stephen Birmingham's best captures the joy and tragedy of Gardner's life.

"Ava: My Story" Reviews

Fri, 21 Oct 2011

the book is wonderfully written it feels like you're having a conversation with Ava. I only wish there were more photos!

- Absecon, NJ
Mon, 05 Dec 2011

I know we have our "divas" now, but back the hollywood days they were called "leading ladies," and they were spectacular. I enjoyed reading every word of Ava Gardner's life story, and there's dozens more to read. What lives and lifestyles!

Wed, 05 Mar 2014

From the first line, I was hooked! Ava was born about 40 miles NE of my birthplace, Ft Bragg, NC. Haven't read as entertaining an autobiography as Ava's. She illuminated her world. I felt I was there right beside her. Funny, tragic, imperfect, blessed with "good looks and health" most of her life.

Jan C
- Brevard, NC
Sun, 11 Jan 2009

Very enjoyable. She was a live wire. And the funny thing is, she apparently never believed that she was a star or really evem that she was beautiful. Although I think someone was telling her how beautiful she was (they were always telling her that) and I think she was in her sixties (she died at 67) and she said "I used to be."
And her husbands and boyfriends ... whoa! Mickey Rooney - the liar. Artie Shaw - wanted to make her into something brilliant. Frank Sinatra - they were the love of each other's lives but as husband and wife? Forget about it. They were always at each other's throat and running out in the middle of the night. I think they were too much alike. Howard Hughes - he kept throwing jewels at her and she kept throwing them back with "you're a good friend, but that's all." And he never got it. George C. Scott - she didn't know about abusive men and their lies at that time. I had read in Maureen Stapleton's and Colleen Dewhurst's books about him but they barely touched the surface. Yesterday I was looking in a catalog and there was one for "Rage" directed and starring George C. Scott. I thought how perfect. Who would know better about rage than someone who is enraged.
It was a very funny memoir, supplemented by memories from friends. Apparently her last years were less than happy because of the results of a stroke. Wonder if it had anything to do with all those years of heavy drinking?

- Annandale, VA
Sat, 23 Jul 2011

"Hollywood stars are just not the same anymore, oh the glamour! I liked her writing style, it felt like she was talking directly to me as a confidant. Nice dirt on Howard Hughes. She never really was confident in herself, she never had a chance to be, she was too busy being told, ""just stand there and look beautiful."" Alcohol was a major part of her life, which was sad to read. She and Frank never had a chance, both were too insecure to stay in a relationship. I came away sad from this book because she never really found what she was looking for in her life.

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