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Wayfarer: AV494

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Published 08 Mar 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Curiosity Quills Press

Kerys Loring hopes an expedition to a distant alien ruin will make her career―assuming she lives long enough to still have one.
Her last team made a significant find, but her bosses took all the recognition and grant money. When Avasar Biotechnology appeals to her unique combination of experience and desperation, she jumps at the chance, even if it means leaving her little brother behind for a three-year trip.
At least she’ll be thousands of light-years away from her abusive ex.
Within minutes of arrival, her excitement shatters at the sight of her ex already there. Clinging to the hope his position with botanical sciences will keep him away from her team, she forces herself to continue.
On her first day in the ruins, she makes a profound discovery… but something goes terribly wrong.
Her domineering ex soon becomes the least of her problems as an unstoppable alien threat plunges Wayfarer Outpost into chaos. Trapped in an isolated facility with death stalking every corridor, Kerys finds herself up against an even more insidious threat than ancient aliens: the truth.

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- Shelbina, MO
Tue, 13 Mar 2018

Wayfarer: AV494 by Matthew S. Cox is an awesome book I requested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary.
As all of Matthew S. Cox's books are, this was awesome! It has a distant planet with an artifact that proved life. There is corporate greed, suspense, great sci-fi, a female lead, never boring, and I couldn't tear myself away from it! A real page turner! Very creepy and exciting! I loved it! So many twists and turns, I guessed wrong so many times. Another winner by one of my favorite writers!

Please Pass the Books
Tue, 10 Apr 2018

Wayfarer: AV494 by Matthew S. Cox is the story of Kerys Loring, hurtled thousands of light years from earth, far from her young brother Jaden and all the troubles of her past (or so she thinks), in search of biological life - aliens - in remote corners of the universe. After awaking in the cryogenic pod she'd been asleep in for nearly three years, she's met by a team of military doctors, scientists, researchers, and Avasar Biotech crew who are all there with the same goal in mind: to evaluate and assess suspected signs of nonhuman civilization. Kerys's job is to study material remains left behind, but much like the life she left back on earth, it soon becomes apparent once back on the Wayfarer Outpost that the next six months are going to be a living hell, as everyone around her succumbs to an inexplicable mix of violence and insanity that's unleashed itself within the confined space.
Wayfarer: AV494 by Matthew S. Cox is an absolute whirlwind of intrigue, heart-thumping scares, and adventure. With writing that makes you feel as if you're right there, Cox creates an environment that takes readers straight into the middle of nowhere. The descriptions of sights, sounds, and smells are vivid, with the world-building of a location even as as restrictive as the Wayfarer Outpost being fleshed-out in near perfect dimension. I think what I enjoyed the most, aside from its unique and gripping story line, was the natural, believable narrative. For a sci-fi horror story, the dialogue feels authentic. I found Wayfarer to be an exhilarating read, blowing my expectations far into deep space.
Review written by Please Pass the Books for Readers' Favorite.

- Milwaukee, WI
Fri, 06 Apr 2018

Kerys wanted to leave everything behind. Her career wasn’t going well and she was just getting over a bad relationship with a man named Will. What better way to get a new start then to take a three-year trip to Wayfarer Outpost which is situated on another planet. Kerys new job is to spend 6 months exploring ancient alien relics. The problem is that Will is a botanist and is already on the planet working.
While Will is outside working, Kerys goes along with an expedition into the alien ruins and discovers something deadly. Now everyone is trapped in the Wayfarer Outpost with an alien threat and no chance for escape.
Wayfarer AV494 by Matthew S. Cox is a Science Fiction novel with elements of horror. What drew me to this book was the idea of a woman trying to escape her crazy ex-boyfriend and then getting trapped with him in a life or death situation. The idea of being at the mercy of an alien threat in space has been done many times in books and movies but I figured the relationship would add an original spin to the story. Much to my surprise I thought the connection between the two characters was the worst part of the book.
My problem with Kerys was that she came across as whiny and incompetent. She complains constantly, she’s responsible for a crew mate getting injured early in the book and she is always saying how much she misses her brother when it was her choice to leave him. Will on the other hand came across as so crazy in this story that I wondered how he would have gotten chosen to do this job in the first place. Another problem I had with the story was how we get hints to some problems that Will is creating and even though Kerys has evidence of this she never tells anyone which made me think that this character isn’t to bright. Despite how I felt about these two characters there was still plenty to like about this book.
I loved all the supporting characters in this story and I loved how the science behind Wayfarer Outpost is explained. I also enjoyed how the alien ruins were described and hearing the characters discus what they thought this alien civilization was like when it had living creatures. The first part of the story is fascinating with the scientific explanations while the second half is good because the book turns into a horror novel in space.
With the exception of hoping that Will and Kerys would die right away, I really enjoyed this book. A lot of depth goes into explaining how everything works and hearing about the science made you feel like this could all happen in the future. Then we have the second half which becomes a gore fest where anything goes. Whether you love science fiction or horror you will find something to love about Wayfarer AV494.

Wed, 11 Apr 2018

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This book was... insane. I haven't been that 'on the edge of my seat' in quite a while. If you like foreign planet/space thrillers, then this one's for you.
In Wayfarer, Kerys Loring jumps headfirst for the opportunity to explore an alien ruin on a foreign planet. Once there, however, she is shocked to discover that her ex is also stationed on the planet, an issue that takes the backseat when an extreme unknown alien threat takes over and plunges the base in chaos.
Wayfarer was a little slow at the outset and I wasn't sure if it was going to pick up enough to keep me fully interested. I'm here to tell you not to worry about that because boy, does it pick up! I loved the basic premise of simply exploring a new planet for potential alien life and that is what initially hooked me. And then, for lack of a better phrase, the shit hit the fan and things went crazy. I had no idea what was going to happen in this book and I don't want to tell you anything about it other than to say things get dark... and stay dark.
One thing that I didn't love about being caught so unawares was how blindsided I was to the immense violence and gore that occurred throughout the events of this book. I don't usually have a problem with violence and gore (I mean, I love grimdark books), but this was just so unexpected for me and done in such a real and relevant way that it really shocked me and sort of threw me for a loop. If you're okay with some violence then you'll be fine, but if you're really sensitive to violence then you might want to consider that before picking this one up.
I'm not sure how much else I can really say about the plot without giving away anything important, so I'm going to jump into talking about some of the characters and the writing. Our main character is Kerys, a young woman who is beyond thrilled to have an opportunity to be a part of history and explore this new planet and newly discovered alien activity. Kerys is, overall, a very bright and interesting character, but I found it hard to connect with her at times. This doesn't really pose as a huge issue for me because I don't always need to connect with a character, but I just felt like some of her actions were a bit odd at times. For being as bright as she was said to be, I found her lack of common sense and lack of inquisitiveness about questionable things a bit annoying. There were certain things that I was surprised she didn't question more and that she brushed off too quickly and I found myself wanting to yell at Kerys on more than one occasion for different things she did or didn't do. Despite this, I was still very much captivated by her strength and determination; she has learned not to sit back and let things happen to her, but instead sticks up for herself and tries to be a stronger person everyday.
There was a decent variety of supporting characters in this book as well, though I never really felt like I got to know any of them very well so I don't really have all that much to say about them. One of the other prominent characters in this book is Kerys' ex-boyfriend, Will, someone she was horrified to find already on the base at the planet due to a previous abusive relationship and not-so-great break-up back on earth. I'll be honest an say that I did have my misgivings that this ex-boyfriend aspect would overtake the book in a negative way, but it actually didn't and instead ended up taking a very interesting turn. I felt the other characters were oddly interested in their past relationship (no one usually cares that much), but it didn't bother me too much. I wish I had known the other characters a bit more so I could separate who was who more easily, but they still added some great personality to the story.
The writing itself was pretty well done an captured the horror and suspense of the situation on the base. The only issues I had were with the dialogue itself, which just sometimes felt a bit stilted and awkward. Some of the responses and conversations people would have just felt a little bit off and pulled me slightly out of the action of story a little as well.
Overall, occasional issues with the writing and pacing aside, I definitely enjoyed reading this crazy and unpredictable book and have settled on four stars, rounded up from 3.75. If you like thrillers and space and a gripping story, then definitely pick up Wayfarer.

- Dublin, 07, Ireland
Tue, 20 Mar 2018

Phew, an intense, dramatic page turner from start to finish, this tale of obsession on a distant planet takes a turn for the dark and gory and is only the better for it. When Kerys makes the tough decision to leave her family and the earth behind to go on an archaeological expedition on a distant plant, she never dreamed that she would bump into her creepy and stalker ex boyfriend. Determined to make the best of an awkward situation she throws herself into her work and makes some startling and dangerous discoveries. When she starts to notice people on the outpost are starting to behave out of character and become increasingly aggressive and paranoid, she begins to fear for her life, and it soon appears she may well be right.
At first I worried that this would turn out to be a romantic melodrama set in space, but it really became a lot more, action packed and tense as we follow Kerys in her encounters with her fellow crew. and there are plenty of twists and turns to keep the pages turning. Kerys is a well developed and interesting character, I thought it was particularly good that despite only getting brief descriptions of her previous life with Will, she clearly is demonstrating many characteristics of a victim of abuse, but is still clearly a strong ,smart and determined woman. The pacing throughout is excellent, and there is a real sense of claustrophobia as well as a creeping tension as the book races to its dramatic conclusion.