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Black In White (Quentin Black Mystery, #1)

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Published 08 Sep 2015
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher White Sun Press

ACE for ASIN: B01554ZHH6
"My name is Black. Quentin Black."
Gifted with an uncanny sense about people, psychologist Miri Fox works as an off and on profiler for the police. So when they think they've finally nailed the "Wedding Killer," she agrees to check him out, using her gift to discover the truth.
But the suspect, Quentin Black, isn't anything like Miri expects. He claims to be hunting the killer too and the longer Miri talks to him, the more determined she becomes to uncover his secrets.
When he confronts her about the nature of her peculiar "insight," Miri gets pulled into Black's bizarre world and embroiled in a game of cat and mouse with a deadly killer--who still might be Black himself. Worse, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Black, a complication she doesn't need with a best friend who's a homicide cop and a boyfriend in intelligence.
Can Miriam see a way out or is her future covered in Black?
Standalone novel. No cliffhanger.
*Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young readers.*
BLACK IN WHITE is book 1 in the Quentin Black Mystery series - a series set in the Quentin Black World. It is also a spinoff from the Bridge & Sword (Allie's War) series, and takes place in the wider history/world of the seers.
Next in the Quentin Black Mystery series: Black As Night, Black On Black, Black Is Back.
THE QUENTIN BLACK WORLD encompasses a number of dark, gritty paranormal mystery arcs with science fiction elements, starring brilliant and mysterious Quentin Black and forensic psychologist Miriam Fox. For fans of realistic paranormal mysteries with romantic elements, the series spans continents and dimensions as Black solves crimes, takes on other races and tries to keep his and Miri's true identities secret to keep them both alive.
Black In White (Quentin Black Mystery #1)
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"Black In White (Quentin Black Mystery, #1)" Reviews

Aviar Savijon
- The United States
Sat, 05 Mar 2016

Black & White
This is a brilliantly written mystery. The level of character twists, emotion and feelings expressed during the hunt for what is perceived as a serial killed amazed me and hopefully you. As this is one of the best books that I have read this year. Don't miss it

- Toronto, ON, Canada
Sun, 20 May 2018

I am honestly not sure how to review this book. It definitely had some intriguing aspects and the story was suspenseful and exciting. But it was also a bit "out there" in terms of parts of the plot and had me shaking my head. I settled on three stars because I did enjoy it overall.
I was hot and cold about Miri. At times she came across and smart, strong and capable. At other points she was needy and insecure, and while her back story partly explains that (and I won't give more details to avoid spoilers) it made her less sympathetic for me because I gravitate to strong female characters. Still she had her moments.
Black was more interesting to me. He starts out as 100% in control of everything and everyone around him - including the cops - but when he meets Miri his veneer cracks which made him a bit more human for me. I like Black.
I can't really say much about the actual plot without giving spoilers, but let's just say that this story line isn't my particular favourite flavor of paranormal/sci-fi. Again, it had its moments, but there were also parts that had me shaking my head.
The "romance" aspect of this book was just weird and didn't work for me at all. When a sex scene in a book makes you wince it's off the rails.
Finally, the description of this book says "no cliff-hanger" bit in fact it DOES end with the reader left hanging if you ask me and that always irks me.
If I hadn't already bought the second book in a deal for my reader I doubt I would read the next book. But since I already have I probably will to see if I like this world more in the next chapter or if I am done for good here.

- The United States
Sun, 03 Jan 2016

I bought this book after reading the summary on New Adult Addiction (blog). I really enjoyed it. I like the ongoing mystery of Quentin Black and the way J.C. Andrijeski spun the tale, revealing a little bit here and there. I definitely enjoy a story that is "shown" as opposed to "told" to you.
And I bought the next in the series immediately because Miriam and Quentin are fascinating to me. I want to know more about their backgrounds: more about where he comes from, more about her parents and late sister and herself, I want to see them fall for one another, I want to see them work together, I want to see this bit by bit. Given their professions, I can see this series going on and on much like Nora Roberts as JD Robb's "In Death" series. Endless cases, endless pursuits, all while the relationships and friendships are constantly changing, growing, bonding, etc.
For the first read of 2016, I am definitely NOT disappointed. MUST READ ON.

- Durham, The United Kingdom
Mon, 30 Oct 2017

This book was just OK, it isn't particularly original as there are now a few mystical detective series and to be honest this one was no different.
The main character is Quentin Blake, a mystical detective with an ability to sense of people. He gets dragged into a mystery story. I didn't feel all that connected to the main character.
There are some secondary characters but none I found particularly noteworthy.
I am slightly annoyed with myself as I have just now learned this is a spin-off and had I known I might have been more gripped by the setting or the other characters. I will probably read the original series before rereading this book and then continuing with the rest of the series.
The storyline didn't grip me at all but it did hold a lot of potential and I didn't feel that it lived up to it.
2 stars but subject to change after I read the original series.

Thu, 02 Jun 2016

Black In White is a sci fi mystery set in San Francisco that is pretty contemporary with the expectation that our main characters are from a different Earth dimension. Even though the series is call the Quentin Black Mystery the story is mostly told through Miriam’s point of view, someone that is half of this Earth and probably half of another.
The mystery part of the story was fairly good with Miriam and Quentin both trying to solve a serial killer case that Miriam’s SFPD detective friend really wants to pin on Quentin. There are some romantic elements of the story that I think could probably use some work. Quentin can read minds but he really seems clueless on how to court Miriam. The almost sex scene was a bit rough around the writing edges.
Over all this was entertaining and with a decent pace, and not a bad start to a new series.

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