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Any Means Necessary (Fated Hearts, #7)

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Published 20 Sep 2016
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Aimee Nicole Walker

Mitchell Heston…
I wasn’t proud of the man I’d become – selfish, spoiled, and cynical. Mark Bradley’s reappearance in my life made me want to be a better man. It had been more than two decades since we’d last seen each other and neither of us resembled the kids we used to be. Our lives went in completely different directions and I never thought I’d see him again, let alone hire him as the head of my security team.
The attraction and chemistry between us was immediate and intense, but Mark had built walls around him that I wasn’t able to penetrate. It wasn’t in my nature to accept that I would never have the person I wanted most in life, so I pushed. Mistrust and missteps nearly ruined us before we even had a chance to begin. Then there was the little problem of someone wanting me dead.
Mark “Deacon” Bradley…
Accepting a job working for Mitchell Heston was probably one of the biggest mistakes I’d ever made, but then why did it feel so right? We had nothing in common except a past that neither of us could change. What did I have to offer someone of Mitch’s caliber? He was a wealthy playboy and I was a battle hardened soldier with demons that threatened to ruin any chance of happiness for me. That didn’t stop me from wanting him, regardless of the consequences.
None of my doubts mattered once Mitch’s life was in danger. My sole focus became keeping him safe so that we could explore the feelings that were growing between us. To do that, I would sacrifice anything and protect him by any means necessary.
Any Means Necessary is book 7 in the Fated Hearts series and can be read alone or as part of the series. This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults 18 and older.

"Any Means Necessary (Fated Hearts, #7)" Reviews

- West Haven, CT
Sat, 24 Sep 2016

Any Means Necessary is book 7 in Aimee Nicole Walker’s the Fated Hearts Series. Each book I have loved some more than others. I’ve reveled in the connections, characters, plot, and emotion. It’s a treat when the characters of the current book interact with characters of books past. Not always is it every one of them. In this one we actually only get a glimpse of two characters from the past; Xavier and Ben. That means, yes, Deacon is getting his story.
Mark “Deacon” Bradley, remember him from Xavier’s book (Rhythm of Us book 2) yeah I know it feels like forever ago. Deacon poked at our brains and Aimee has written his story. When we saw him he was mysterious, protective, a little scary lol. Well, he’s still all those things but it takes a boy from his past who is now the man of his dreams to fix all his broken, to unravel all his mystery.
Mitchell Heston… Yeah he sounds familiar too, huh? Well not only is he the other MC in this book but Deacon and Mitch go way back. Back to a time where Deacon was Mark. And that is exactly what Mitchell calls him. As little of a thing as it sounds it’s really huge. Deacon is an ex-marine and Deacon was his name, his crew even still call him that. Sometimes men and women in the military lose themselves; which in a way was something I think Deacon was trying to do for a long time. Mitch calling him Mark reminds him of who he really is.
Mitch and Mark met in Foster care. Mark was so damaged and Mitch was so lost. Now fast forward, they haven’t changed they just hide it a lot better.
I loved the romance. I always do in these books by Aimee. She weaves and balances it all perfectly. From the beginning with Mitch and Mark’s cat and mouse game of angering each other and jealousy. To a somewhat calm, a little bit of yo-yo playing, and then of course the suspense of trying to keep everyone alive from a mad loon!
Through the action and adventure. Through the suspense and near misses, there’s a love story. Mark uncovering his dark past, Mitch making amends with a lot and allowing himself to be who he really is.
Sometimes when a series has ran for a while it starts to stagnate. But not in this case. Each book in the Fates Hearts series is wonderful, fresh and new. We get to visit with old favorites and make new ones.
This is a thriving series I hope to read many more. I always look forward to what Aimee will do next!

- St. John's, NL, Canada
Wed, 21 Sep 2016

Fantastic & emotional read with some suspense.I loved Mark & Mitch a lot, I wanted to kick Mitch's butt a time or two though but I still love him;) Mark, I loved him from the start & my heart hurt for him a few times. I cried many times reading this book & had a heart up in my throat moment along with a "No, I knew it" moment & also, at one point 91% in I think, I slapped my Ereader down because I didn't want to read on & my eyes were full of tears :( Once I calmed, I read on, it was so good & the ending just warmed my heart... Sigh! A Must Read!

- The United States
Fri, 23 Sep 2016

Well this one was just whatever to me. I mean it's a perfectly fine storyline but I had trouble connecting emotionally to it. The burning and yearning was talked about but we couldn't see or feel it. The story suffers from trying to cover too much ground without actually covering it with the reader.
The story centers around two foster kids who fell in love when they were in the same house. They both went their seperate ways 20 years go by and then they are reunited when Mitch a successful business man being targeted hires Mark to be his bodyguard. Once hired they spend a year hating and loving each other secretly, but there lies the problem for me again, we don't see that year at all.
I think I would have felt way more connected to them had I experienced that burn that they just talk about in past tense.
The pros though is that the book has action, the sexy times are good, and there is relatively low angst and once they get together they stay together of course with troubles especially since someone is trying to kill Mitch. It was completely adequate but there have been better books in this series.

Mon, 26 Sep 2016

My least favourite of this series unfortunately. I just didn't get the connection I did with the other couples. They had such a sweet history together as kids but I didn't feel it continue into adulthood.
So many moments where the miscommunication was just frustrating. Had to roll my eyes and keep going.
Love this author so I will continue to read her work, this one just wasn't for me.

- The United States
Sat, 08 Oct 2016

Meh... I finally finished it so that's good I guess. Just couldn't get into it