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Veil of the Corrupter (Ardentia, #2)

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Published 01 Jan 1970
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King Myole is dead. His Light now awaits the heir who will make Ardentia whole once more. The Pinnacle approaches.
The Narcean half-breed Jahna Mornglow must farewell the west and the life she has known to reveal the secrets of The Empyrean Key. Having to supervise unruly Lilac and prudent Silko was enough of an added chore, but now the companions are joined by Arn, the Maddroff thief whose charm and guile both frustrate and entice her.
In Castle Dubraycon, sinister shadows shift with dark purpose as Selizardra grooms the reluctant Princess Mydra for the coveted throne. The Vessels, led by the elementalist Menon, sense the malice seeping through Kalavar and stand ready to be unleashed upon Ardentia's foes; while the Seer Friziel can only observe as the threads of his deceptions begin to unravel.
Ardentia is vulnerable, with hidden enemies just as dangerous as the Rew'tuur horde that test the defences of the barricade. But soon the veil will be lifted.
Old gods will awaken; dark powers will rise; and the arrival of a mysterious warrior will tip the scales, but in whose favour?

"Veil of the Corrupter (Ardentia, #2)" Reviews

Tanja (Tanychy)
- Banja Luka, 02, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sun, 01 Mar 2015

Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?
When I got a chance to read The Empyrean Key few months ago I had no idea that I would be so curious about it and honestly I couldn't wait for the sequel to come out. Now I guess I'm again in the same position as I need to know what happens next.
Best thing is that Veil of the Corrupter continues where The Empyrean Key ended, we're back in Ardentia and we continue to follow Jahna and her friends. While they are on their quest some things change in this book. Beside Silko and Liliac who I though were great side characters here we get to meet a couple more. Therefore I believe that Sky was a great addition to the story and I enjoyed having new dimension added to it. Other thing that made me happy is that we still continued to follow both plotlines, Jahna's quest and happenings in the court, which gave a full perspective to the story. Not to mention that I still ship Jahna and Arn a lot and I love how innocent and slow-building their romance is. Hopefully I'll get to see more of it soon.
But sadly I cannot say that this story is flawless, some of them I knew would occur, like predictability which is something I encounter in almost every MG book (even though I'm not sure we can classify this one as solely MG book). The other problem for me was that some of parts of this sequel were rather slow and somehow they killed the mood a bit. Their adventure is what captivated me from the start and it continued to do so, but it had its ups and downs in this book.
What I said for the first book in this series can be said for this one too, I'm sure that younger readers will enjoy this one much more as it's all young mind could ask for. But we can say that my young mind enjoyed this too and that I cannot wait to see how this series continue to develop.
Rating: 3.5 stars.

Claudia {SparrowHawk}
Sun, 19 Oct 2014

// J.L Tomlinson may not know this, but there is an elegance of old-fashioned storytelling, and a strength in all major areas of her writing style that I love so very much; starting with her exceptional believable characters, intriguing world-setting, unpredictable plot twists, and unthinkable imaginative creatures. Also, rarely does Tomlinson miss an emotional stroke in her storytelling. Another reason I find her writing so compelling is, because Tomlinson genuinely loves her characters. It's as if they truly exist in her world, so naturally, they exist for the reader too. She's just a solid writer, and I'm always sad when I finish reading her books {sigh}
// Veil of the Corrupter at its core, is driven by basic human emotion: sacrifice, determination, envy, greed, passion, loyalty and facing fate. There is plenty of well-paced action, some sincere points of moral conviction, and witty humor too, and this only begins to touch the surface of why this series/book keeps you reading
// Never before have I laughed so abruptly all while reading a book, that I force the driver parked next to me to pry into my car, or wake my baby up in the middle of the night, or pique my husband's interest so much that he picks up book one (woot!) yeeaah, we are certified Ardentia fans in this household now :coffee:
// I admit that coming into Veil of the Corrupter, my expectations were set pretty high, and much more specific in terms of what I was expecting in light of my gushy review of book one The Empyrean Key. To put it plainly, I wanted Veil of the Corrupter to live up to book one, and boy did it ever!
+ J.L Tomlinson has struck me with awe once again. Her work does something that only the rarest of books have managed, (at least for me), she tells a story that portrays the nature of emotions with amazing characters that are so incredibly tangible, and is this not what sets apart the impeccably skilled writers, from the naturally gifted? J.L Tomlinson is naturally gifted, and I find it extremely awesome that she shares this gift with all of us so that we can indulge in it
+ I’m a sucker for tales of companions that share in their sufferings together, and I suspect the reason I love this so much is because it makes you discover the power, determination and courage friends truly hold for each other. Mark my words, Veil of the Corrupter has more than a good dose of these central themes: overcoming difficult circumstances, the urgency to trust others and yourself, the importance of self-discipline and the belief that anyone can overcome and alter difficult plights by holding on to a solid hope
+ But more importantly, we see each character unfold and mature through their hardships, we see how they struggle to face the task before them ― which often times, forced them to question their own morals (even the ruthless villains!)
+ Each chapter introduces a new interesting opposition and/or character(s) {Shout out to Sky!}, that you’ll have to reread the narrative in order to absorb and appreciate everything about it. The prose, the towns, the fanciful creatures, the battle scenes, View Spoiler », and characters are all so rich and well thought-out ― which serves to give the Ardentia series a unique feel
+ There is a lot of authentic banter and fun in this narrative, and boy did it have me laughing! Whether it be a witty remark from Silko, or Lilac badgering Arns, or Arns’ feeble attempts at a shabby pick-up line, or even just coincidental irony! It all blended so flawlessly, and you almost can’t help but to love each character because of the natural flow of their personalities
+ Even the most serious moments are well written, and the character words have a deeper meaning. Two of my favorite quotes are:
“A crown means nothing. I’ll still be me. You though. . .” she said softly as she pinched red dust from his ear lobe. “You don’t need decorations to be astounding.”
Gah! So precious and stirring! Also. . .
“When you know the fates of men, when you have seen the fire within their hearts that burns with greed and lust and pride, you do what you can so the world does not burn to ash along with them.”
+ Another great aspect ― which was greatly highlighted in Veil of the Corrupter, are the antagonists. These are not shallow heartless characters friends, they are each motivated by something darker: greed, power, justness, and this further served to increase the interest and desire to uncover more about them
- I should mention that while the world of Ardentia is fully realized, I did on occasion feel lost in a muddle of town/village names; thus, I echo the suggestion again, that a map would make this series all the more pleasing
- This quibble somewhat ties in with the former: Ardentia has its own cultural traditions and beliefs, which is somewhat difficult to follow, (i.e. the names of the deities and their roles); however these cultural traditions and beliefs do model a deeper meaning, and it rarely overshadows the important aspects of the prose; in fact, it generally adds to the story’s quality, and again, you would have to reread the narrative in order to fully appreciate it
Personal Rating:
Plot | 9/10
Characters | 10/10
Setting/Mood | 9/10
Moral Value | 7/10
Cover Art | 10/10
Overall | 9/10
Originally posted @ Sparrow's Reading Corner

Mon, 19 Sep 2016

Book: Veil of the Corrupter
Author: J.L Tomlinson
Rating: 4 Out of 5 Stars
I would like to thank the author, J.L. Tomlinson, for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
It has been well over a year since I read the first book in the Ardentia series and I was really afraid that I would not remember what happened in it. I was pleased and kind of relieved at how easy it was to get back into the series. While there wasn't a lot of recapping, there was enough details mixed in that made it really easy for this world to come back to me.
Veil of the Corrupter picks right up where The Empyrean Key left off. Jahna and her friends are on an epic journey-the kind that has become common ground in fantasy. Things are actually changing. The main players from The Empyrean Key are still here, but we get to meet some new faces. I love it whenever new characters are added. I always think that they add so much to the story and add, well, more character. Sky was my favourite addition. There is just a whole other dimension to him and I think he will be a great player in the next book.
I loved the plotlines. Not only do we still get to see Jahna's journey, but we also get to still experience life at court. Now, in the first book, I wasn't overly fond of the court life, but in this book, I found it to be rather enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, I do like quests, but I do also like to see a bit of normal life. Plus, you can't have a high fantasy story without having a bit of court life-I just don't know if it would work.
I loved the suffering that brings the characters together-that sounds bad, but it really does make them all untied. It makes them all seem so much more mature and it gives us a deeper understanding of their character. Plus, the bad guys...Hello! Love how they were all given their turn in the spotlight!
Now, while I did enjoy the book, there were some flaws-hence, the four star rating over a five star rating. There were some slow parts that I felt really didn't need to be there. I found myself skimming over them. It just really did kill the mood. However, the epic parts really made up for it. I also think the world does need to building up. There were so parts that I will admit that I was completely lost in. The towns and villages just really did not stand out. Maybe a map at the front of the book would add to it. I know that most fantasy books do give us one. It doesn't have to be detailed, but it would at least give us a visual as to where things are and just really give us a feel for the layout of the land.
Overall, not a bad read! I do think that our younger fantasy fans will greatly enjoy this one!

Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm)
- Essex, H9, The United Kingdom
Fri, 21 Nov 2014

Thanks to J L Tomlinson for giving me this book to review
King Myole is dead and his light awaits his heir but there is a dark power in Ardentia that is desperate to get their hands on it. In castle Dubraycon, Princess Mydra is upset about her father’s death and is unsure if she is ready for the throne but people want to use her for their own ends. Jahna has left the life she has always known to search for the remaining pieces of the Empyrean Key. However, at the same time she has to supervise her childhood friends Lilac and Silko as well as the charming thief Arn. With time running out and old gods awakening will Jahna be able to assemble the key on time.
Veil of the Corrupter is the enjoyable fantasy sequel to The Empyrean Key. It is very fast paced, is full of adventure and is like a big scavenger hunt.
I liked Jahna in this book as she is a brave and strong character who is pushy and never gives up. However, I got annoyed at the other main characters, with Silko, I just wanted him to man up and stop being so fragile, and Lilac came across as a bully. There was nothing particularly wrong with Arn and Sky, they just seemed a bit cliché.
However, I did enjoy the story and I am looking forward to the next book. I would recommend Veil of the Corrupter to fans of the first book The Empyrean Key.
This and my other reviews can be found at Amethyst Bookwyrm

- Twentynine Palms, CA
Tue, 10 Mar 2015

Veil of the Corrupter is the sequel to The Empyrean Key. This story starts off where its predecessor leaves off. The king is dead, darkness is descending upon the lands of Ardentia, and Jahna Mornglow must somehow keep her two best friends minds on the mission that must be accomplished if they are to save the lands. This is no simple task as the friends, a cowering bookworm and the other, a warrior at heart are constantly quarreling between the two of them. As we learned in The Empyrean Key, Jadha is given a task to complete by a mysterious person who visited her village. Feeling she has no other choice, Jadna and her friends leave the relative safety of their home to take on the task.
Meanwhile at the kings castle, Mydra is trying to deal with her fathers untimely death. Unsure if she is ready to take on the duties of the throne herself, she struggles with self doubt and the dark powers that are attempting to control her for their own purposes. Not knowing who to trust is a constant struggle for her.
Jahna, Silko and Lilac continue to amuse us with their constant bickering and playful quarrels, however always level headed Jahna, does at times have to tighten the reins on her two companions and put them back on task. The addition of the thief Arn, brings a refreshing hint of a possible budding romance and then there is the mysterious Sky, who without a doubt saved the foursome from what was sure to be the death of them all. Sky wont talk about where he came from, only that he has dreamt of Jahna and felt it his duty to find and protect her.
Veil of the Corrupter is a well written fantasy story in the new world of Ardentia. The author has done an excellent job using description to show the reader the world she has created in her mind. Notice i have said she SHOWS the reader, and not tells us. The author has an uncanny ability of making us feel as though we are sitting in a dimly lit room in the world of Ardentia and teaching us the history of our homeland, creatively bringing the heros of our past into our homes. Although this is not a perfect story, it does have enough to keep the readers mind constantly wanting to know more. Are we learning our history or are we learning about the fall on an ancient civilization from eons past? Will Jahna and friends finish their task? Is Sky the person he tells of or does he have some dark hidden agenda we haven't learned of yet? Can he truly be trusted or for that matter , can the thief Arn be trusted? Will the budding romance evolve into full blown true love? These questions and many more are still to be hopefully learned in the next class as the teacher has called it a day and sent everyone to bed.
I stated earlier that this novel is not perfect, and in my opinion no story is ever perfect. This being said, I felt at times the story could have used more development. By this I mean the various travels between villages seemed to take hours instead of days. Maybe if there had been maps included showing the lands and distances we would have a better understanding of the distances. Surely a long trip into the wild lands would have included more dangers.
In closing, i would like to thank the author for the opportunity to read and critique Veil of the Corrupter. I would also beg her to get the next sequel finished so I am able to learn what happens next! I will be anxiously waiting for the next chapter in this amazing tale and the continued adventures of Jahna and friends as well as Mydra and her continued struggles in the castle.

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