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Filthy (Rixton Falls, #3)

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Published 14 Mar 2018
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Book 3 in the Rixton Falls series. Releasing Summer 2016!
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"Filthy (Rixton Falls, #3)" Reviews

Naughty Mom
- The United States
Wed, 28 Dec 2016

Delilah and Zane had some serious sexual tension between them. I really enjoyed their story.
Full review to follow

- London, Canada
Fri, 11 Aug 2017

And then, alas, I came to Filthy. I enjoyed the first two books of this series, Royal and Bachelor so I figured the enjoyment would continue. Not so. I should have caught a clue from the title but I’ve read books with filthy in the title and they were fine.
I think this is the first time I starred a DNF. I don’t really figure it’s fair to grade a book I don’t finish but as you will see if you keep reading, I want this lowest possible grade on the record.
I didn’t care for this one from the start. The hero Zane starts off as a manwhore who’s a big football star. In order to curb his wildness he’s forced to move into a retirement community. One of his neighbours has her niece staying with her. Delilah is a sister of the main characters from the first two books. I’m not exactly sure why she’s staying with her aunt, it’s kind of glossed by but when Zane catches glimpse of her, his manwhore radar ding, ding,ding, dings and he is after her like she’s a bitch in heat even though she’s quite rude to him.
Then for no real reason I could figure out she changes her mind and becomes a bitch in heat. I came across this scene and I’m only paraphrasing it here since, thankfully I no longer have the book. I got it through Kindle Unlimited and thank goodness I did so and didn’t pay a penny for this – well – filth. OK here’s me paraphrasing their first time - their first time mind you and bickering and being nasty to each other
“So, you want to be my filthy little whore do you? He asked. She got on her hands and knees and turned around to look at him.
“Yes, she replied.
After slightly vomiting in my mouth over that scene I couldn’t get the book off my Kindle fast enough.
No, no, no, no, no, no!! If some guy had said something like that to me the first time we had sex, well, after I kneed him in his precious manwhore balls, I’d through his clothes out the window, pour gasoline all over them then set them on fire. I’d pour itching powder all over the weinie he’s so proud of, and, then I’d do something REALLY nasty. Don’t get me wrong, role play can be fun and if that’s what they were doing it would be a different story, but no, this was the FIRST TIME. Though for me – even in play, NO partner would get away with calling me a whore. What a pig he is to treat someone like that. And what does that say about her that it was OK for him to talk to her in those terms, not only let him talk, but then let him walk the walk!! Someone who has no self respect,that’s what it says. Also someone who is simply in heat. For me there is NOTHING these two could do to recover from the revulsion I feel for them both.
I don’t usually get this worked up for a DNF but I just found it so offensive. I read romance, not letters from Penthouse magazine and that’s what reading the start up to his scene was like. Romance is love and feelings and caring and warmth. This was cold and clinical and just nasty.
And sadly, I was so bothered that I don’t care to read anything else by this author. And that makes me sad as I did like the first two books.
Now this may not offend other readers as it did me, and that’s fine. But I think each of us has a line or scene that can’t be crossed and this crossed mine.

- Washington Court House, OH
Mon, 27 Jun 2016

DNF a little over halfway through. Idk how I made it that far honestly. There was zero chemistry between the protagonists and I didn't care for Zane whatsoever. And I don't know... It was rushed and while I normally don't mind the whole back and forth "I love you, no, I hate you" concept, this just wasn't done very well.

- The United States
Fri, 08 Apr 2016

For an honest review I received this ARC. This is the third book in the Rixton Falls Series and I hope not the last! I absolutely loved this book. It was about Delilah one of the Rosewood children sister to Demi and Derek and twin to Daphne. Delilah goes to Florida to help her Aunt ready to sell her home. She meets her Aunts neighbor Zane who is a running back for the Gainesville Cougars. Zane has been told to change is filthy ways and straighten up or be let go from the team. Needless to say the two fall for each other fast after a bad start. Zane also has a crazy stalker after him in the form of the owners daughter. Delilah and Zane can not be seen in public for fear Zane will be let go. She feels like she is his dirty little secret. Zane finally explains to her what is going on but it doesn't help when his stalker makes sure that she is seen in public with Zane. Delilah is heartbroken when she finds out and heads back to Chicago to begin her final semester of grad school. Zane has had enough of Carissa crazy ways and tells her off in front of everyone. Including her father. He is let go from the team anyway. He is picked up by the team in Chicago and goes about getting Delilah back. I love HEA's and this one delivered!

- Paramaribo, 07, Suriname
Wed, 04 May 2016

I need to stop reading her books. I keep getting excited but also disapointed in how the stories progress. Especially this one. The ending was wayyy too abrupt!

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