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Off Course (Off, #4)

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Published 01 Jan 1970
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Renner Caldwell has her life perfectly mapped out. She has the ideal relationship, the perfect job, and all is right in her world. When a shameful turn of events happens, she boards the first plane bound for Ireland to lick her wounds and get her head back on straight.
Cillian O'Braidagh is the sexy front man to the Irish rock band, Over The Edge. His rising fame and sultry voice make him every woman's fantasy come true. Not to mention his single-minded determination. To put it simply: what Cillian wants, Cillian always gets. And he wants Renner, because there's just something about the flame-haired beauty he has to possess.
If their relationship was just about sex and rock n' roll, it would be easy for them to get lost in their desires. Only their relationship is anything but a hook-up. Will lies, deceit, and hidden tragedy get in the way, making the path to true love uncertain? Or will the girl whose been knocked off course find her footing with the man who is teaching her it's okay to lose control?
Note from Sawyer Bennett: This book is part of the Off Series but it can be heard as a standalone book. Nothing in the prior or subsequent books will diminish your understanding of this novel. This is a New Adult, Contemporary Romance.

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- San Antonio, TX
Sat, 29 Jun 2013

"You're all grown up now, Renner. I'm bettin' you could handle me now."
Five years ago when visiting Ireland, a starry-eyed Renner and young lead singer Cillian shared one evening and a scorching kiss, but he moved on and she returned home. Now Renner has run back to Dublin to work in her Uncle's pub and hide away from her failed relationship and career. She just needs a fresh start to figure out what to do with her life. And Cillian is back is back in Dublin too. He is now a nationally known Irish rock star with his band Over The Edge...and surprisingly he still has his eye on Renner.
Renner is usually the good girl who follows the rules. The few times she has not, it has ended badly for her. She's pretty, smart, sassy, and is trying her best to not be interested in Cillian. He does not fit with her ideal idea of safe and stable. But her past choices have left her insecure and unsure of her own judgment.
Cillian is too powerful....too carnal..and if I don't buck up against his brand of magic, I'm going to be lost.
Cillain is flirty, cocky, sexy, and controlling. Once he sets his mind on something, he goes for it full force. He pushes, he challenges, he almost stalks, but that Irish brogue, charm, and devastating charisma finally begins to wear her down. She finally realizes that sometimes safe and structured are not always best and it's fun to take a little walk on the wild side. And Cillian is deeper than she realizes. His past shapes his present in almost everything he does. But Renner is good for him and he is in turn is good for her. They have hot chemistry and enjoy being together. They are an unlikely pair: The man who lives the rock star life and needs control, and the rule follower who does not like being told what to do. On the surface, they do not seem to fit, but in reality they could be just what the other needs.
Every time he speaks to me, every sentiment that comes from his's like I find myself submersing into the warm depths of his soul. He is so different than what I had actually expected he'd be, and it seems I'm constantly marveling over the connection that is growing.
"It's hard for me to describe what Cillian's words do to me. They touch something that lives in a dark place, deep inside of me. They awaken something in my body that I didn't know was sleeping."

But it is not easy and Cillian is forced to deal with issues that creep in from his past and affect his present. He has a band member that is willing to do anything she has to in order to sabotage Renner and Cillian's new found relationship. I really really disliked Maeve to the point I wanted to snatch her by the hair or smack her. And she is not the only issue, they have plenty of things that cause confusion, insecurities, and fear. And there were times I wanted to shake Cillian and Renner too. But for the most part, I really loved them both. They both showed personal growth and were strong in their convictions.
But are they strong enough to hold it together or they destined to break apart?
I enjoyed the fact that this book takes place in Ireland as it made it an interesting and fun back drop. I loved the music theme and rock star component. The side characters like her cousin Cady, friend Teagan, his band member Sean, and her brother Flynn added humor and fun. I would love to see more with these characters in the future. I really enjoy this series and feel like each book is a stand alone in it's own right and has a completely different vibe than the previous ones. This one is no exception. But it is also enjoyable to see glimpses of the past characters or hear about them. It is a hard decision for me, but I think this one just moved ahead as my fave book in this series. Something about that Irish rock star just melted my heart(Sorry Nix and Linc, but you have been replaced).
Thanks to Sawyer Bennett for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Will be posted at Reviews by Tammy and Kim.

Amanda (Hootie)
- The United States
Fri, 26 Jul 2013

What started out as general interest in a story after reading an excerpt for the first book on a friend's blog has turned into a full blown love affair. The Off series has become one of my all time favorites and with every book the stories get better and better.
Cillian and Renner are one of my favorite couples in the series now after reading Off Course. She met him when she was 17 during a trip to visit family in Dublin and the two shared some heated moments after one of his shows, before Cillian realized she wasn't ready for him. I think I was instantly drawn to him once he was described as "Black Irish". Olive skinned and dark eyed, Cillian is unlike the majority of Irish blokes. Five years later Renner shows back up at a local pub with a broken heart and a secret all her own. She wasn't expecting to ever see Cillian again and doesn't think he would remember her from all those years ago but he proves her wrong. She isn't looking for a relationship but Cillian won't let her go so easily and pursues her.
I usually don't start off talking about the guy in the story but I can't hold in my affection for Cillian any longer! I have always loved Irish guys with thick accents and this "Black Irish" hunk of man meat took the cake...and my panties! I don't consider myself much of a slut physically but for Cillian I would probably do him in the middle of a Catholic mass if he asked me to. Not only was he blazing hot but he was surprisingly sweet and affectionate especially with Renner. Being the front man for his band Over The Edge you would have thought he would be a prickly asshole but he had one of the biggest hearts that he proved over and over again. He cared for Renner and the affection he displays combined with his overall lust for her was a potent combination. He's got some issues that end up nearly ruining the amazing thing he develops with Renner in the form of his band mate and former fling Maeve. Over the years of their friendship Maeve has developed an obsessive attachment to Cillian and does everything she can to get him back even play on his emotions. After losing his parents violently he's developed a hero complex and feels like he needs to do whatever he can to help Maeve with her issues. He helps her in whatever way he can and never realizes she is playing a sick game to win him back until it's almost too late.
Renner has her own set of issues that have left her with no job and a black mark on her reputation. Her broken heart is revealed little by little and it was hard for me to watch her be so hurt. I fell in love with her in Off The Record when she visited her cousin Lincoln and was mistaken as one of his many conquests by his now girlfriend Ever. She returns to Dublin and starts working at her uncles pub after losing her job at Delta as a flight attendant so she can heal her broken heart. She isn't looking to make any serious attachments after coming off a failed relationship with her ex Cormac who plays a hand in her jobless state. I was incredibly pissed off when it's finally revealed what actually happened to Renner and losing her job with Delta. It was the ultimate betrayal in my eyes especially from someone who claimed to love her so when Cillian shows back up and not only remembers her but pursues her I was thrilled. What starts out as just a sexy fling quickly moves into more between them and the romance they develop was beautiful. After going through such a rough time with her ex, seeing Cillian win her affection and make her feel beautiful was such a sweet thing to witness. Throughout the story Cillian refers to her as his "Cailin Alainn" and when I finally got to the Revelation of what that means I wanted to die it was so sweet.
The passion between these two characters is incredibly steamy and I honestly think Cillian gave Linc a run for his money as hottest guy in the series. The sex scenes between Cillian and Renner were hot to say the least. With every book the scenes seem to get hotter and more steamy but for some reason Off Course seemed the hottest to me. I think for me what made it super hot was experiencing the sexy from Cillian's POV. I love reading a hot love scene from the guy's perspective, it just seems so much more potent to me. I loved that Renner made him work for a little bit and didn't just give in to his sexy demands even though a lesser woman (hangs head in shame) would have jumped at the chance to ride him like a Budweiser Clydesdale.
Besides the heat and the fun and flirty banter between Cillian and Renner, the main thing I loved about this book was their commitment to make their relationship work. Despite the rocky patches they went through I never doubted things wouldn't work out for them. even when his psycho band mate Maeve became a problem for them. Cillian proved his worth by going to any means necessary to win Renner's heart and any guy who willingly jumps in front of a firing squad (Renner's brother and cousins) just to prove himself is total win in my book. Off Course proved another strong addition to this amazing series that I can't get enough of. I am already beyond excited about the next book that will feature Renner's brother Flynn. PINCH ME! I say it with every review of these books, you have to read them! This entire series is fantastic and addicting!

- San Francisco, CA
Mon, 05 Aug 2013

Oh, Cillian! You can devastate me anytime!! Sawyer Bennett does it again - delivering another sexy, alpha male with heart. I love her heroes - they are strong, confident, but always caring, and Cillian exemplifies these traits. But it's not all about the hero, is it? no, way. Renner is awesome and gives it right back to him! A sexy, heartfelt romance...

- Australia
Fri, 19 Jul 2013

5 Years ago, on Summer vacation in Ireland, Renner Caldwell crosses paths with Cillian O'Braidagh.
The night before she heads back to the States, Renner meets Cillian, lead singer of Over the Edge. After a steamy kiss that ends up going no where, Renner leaves for home with a constant reminder of the sexy Rocker.
5 Years later we see Renner is back in Ireland. Hiding out after losing her job and boyfriend to a scandal. With no clue what she wants out of life, she heads to Ireland to have a break and see where life is taking her.
What she doesn't count on is running into the Sexy lead singer from 5 yrs ago.
Renner knew that Cillian had made it big. She has often fantasied what could of been. But also knows thats Cillian is not what she is looking for.
Renner, is responsible. She arrives to work early, pays her bills 5 days before they are due, and she never, ever would get involved with a musician. That would be way to risky!
Cillian, O’Braidagh is the front man of, Over The Edge an up and coming Irish Rock band.
One Night 5 yrs ago, Cillian, met a young fiery red head that set his world of fire. Over the years he too also had often wondered about her. When he finds out she is back in town, he sets out to have his Cailín álainn.
But Renner isn't about to make it easy on him. She wants nothing to do with Cillian. She knows exactly his type.
There is nothing more fun then a love/hate relationship with some underlying sexual tension.
Renner and Cillian do it well. Though they both can feel the connection, Renner refuses to give into him. Instead their banter is what keeps things heated between them.

~"My Cailín álainn has some claws. I'm going to enjoy them when they're sunk into my back while I'm riding you."~ Cillian
~"You're are conceited, egotistical, jackass and the only place my claws will be sunk will be in your balls if you try to touch me again."~ Ren

Renner is constantly fighting it. This Man has the ability to break her. After experiencing the massive blow up back home, she can't move past her trust issues.
~"What are you really afraid of, Ren?" ~ Cillian
"I'm afraid of getting lost." ~ Renner

Cillian will do anything to get what he wants.
Slowly he wears her down, and then we get to meet bossy and controlling Alpha Cillian… WOW he was sexy hot!
~"Put your fucking legs around me, Renner, or I'll do it for you." ~ Cillian

For both Ren and Cillian, they felt that the sexual tension between them, was just that, sexual desire. Nothing else. But once they get a fill of each other, they can't seem to get enough.
~ "This is going to be fast," he warns. "I'm going to get you off with my hand, because I'm dying to see you come. Right here. Right now. Just for me. Then I'm going home with you tonight, and I'm going to fuck you so hard, you're going to be sore tomorrow. And every time you take a step tomorrow, every time you feel that little sting of pain, you're going to remember that it was me between your legs all night. Are we clear?" ~ Cillian

There sex was hot! but it becomes so much more. Their feelings grow and soon what was meant to be a hook up, turns into this amazing relationship.
~ "In all my life," he whispers. "I'll never forget the way you look right now. You devastate my senses." ~ Cillian

I liked Renner, she isn't one to beat around the bush. She says it like it is and I loved that about her. I felt her frustration with Cillian. But she was still not afraid to let him know where she stood.
Cillian is controlling and bossy and holds a dark past to himself. Ultimately, it effects his relationship with Ren. When his friend and band mate, Maeve comes between Ren and Cillian, things become strained.
I just wanted to do this every time Maeve was around…
Cillian, becomes blinded by her actions due to his guilt that he holds over himself. And it's the only thing between the two that is not right.
Though at times he is so blinded you just want to slap him upside of the head, you could understand his denial.
~ "I didn't tell you because I don't take orders. And that display? That was so you never forget that your body responds to me, no matter what demands come out of that fuckable mouth of yours." ~ Cillian

Their road is rocky, and Cillian does make some dumb ass decisions. But eventually they get their HEA.
But not before grovelling to the Caldwell boys. PMSL
The scene in the bar with Nix and Flynn….
~ “Man…that was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Practically made me cry. In fact, you might want to run to the bathroom right now and check…but I think you might have just grown a vagina.”~ Nix

The Epilogue left me craving Flynn. I can't wait for his story and I can't wait to hear where everyone is at in their life. I will be sad it will be over.. But seriously looking forward to what Sawyer comes up with next.
As always Sawyer knocked it out of the park.
This series is freaking awesome and I don't want it to end!
I'm so in love with everyone of them so far. They all offer something different that leaves me walking away with wanting more.
If you have not read this series you are missing out!
Get to it now!
Amazing!!! Sexy and oh so good….
★ 4.5 Sexy Irish Alpha Stars ★
Buy it
Read it
Love it
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- Phoenix, AZ
Fri, 09 Aug 2013

Renner has been introduced to us in a past book, but with Off Course her character is brought to light. She is a straight shooter that seems to do everything by the book. She wants a perfect life with a business style man, but her ideas of perfect go out the window when she is hurt and lied to by the man she loves.
Cillian is rocker BABE!!! He has a fast paced life that suites his needs. He is successful and enjoys music with is band mates. He is also a blast from Renner's past, but there night of introductions is short lived.
After five years both their lives change and somehow...somewhere they are brought back together.
The tension that they once shared is electric, but the drama they have in their lives now can push them farther away!!!
Good stuff Sawyer!!!
"I'm hoping its spilled beer and not some bodily fluid."
"Gentle Irish brogue words coated in silky butter"
"Don't you know who I am, darling? I don't offer a walk home to many ladies.
"I'm bettin' you could handle me now."
"I'm just after a long hot shag with you"
"I'm waiting for you to f*cking demand it of me....I want you to f*cking demand that I kiss you."
"You want me do you?"
"How about I cook you breakfast...
You cook?
How about I take you out for breakfast...."
"I definitely should have cut the mother f*cker"
"No thinking...just feeling"
"In all my life...I'll never forget the way you look right now."
"Bad choice asshole!!!!!"
"I'd give up everything I have just to be with you"

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