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Published 12 Jul 2018
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One look was all it took for fifteen-year-old June Withers to fall in love with Jake Daniels. One moment was all it took for the river’s current to take everything from them.
June would have done anything for Jake. The two were inseparable. He was going to run away to be with her. Then, his abusive father destroyed their happiness.
Years later, June sits down to write a review for the band Silent Tides and is floored when she comes face to face with Lucas the keyboardist. Lucas looks so familiar; the resemblance to Jake is uncanny.
June falls fast and hard for Lucas, but she continuously questions her feelings for him, unsure if they are because he reminds her of Jake or because of who he is.
Just when June thinks she’s found happiness with Lucas, she loses him too. Their new love is torn apart, clouded in a veil of deceit and lies, shattering June.
Six years pass and June feels like she finally has found peace in her life. Once again, it’s ripped wide open when she comes face to face with a love from her past.
Now it’s June who has a secret.

"Current" Reviews

- Clackamas, OR
Wed, 20 Jan 2016

I have read everyone of Abby McCarthy book she has written to this date and I can say this is a whole other level for her. Its heart tugging and whole new sexy for her. In Current we meet June, a strong girl next door who heart has been trampled but she keeps looking for that light in her life. One summer June meets Jake the boy next door who is has a troubled soul and a broken home.
But comes the end of summer just like every summer romance lives are changed and with the current there changed in different directions.
Can I say Abby just knows how to make your heart hurt for her characters. In the past she has written some heart wrenching scenes but in Current you have some cringe worthy moments with Jake and his father.
We meet June again after "Jake". She still searching for that lost boy that disappeared from her life and in walks in the bad boy sexy mysterious musician Lucas. But is that what attracts June to Lucas or the canny resemblance to her first love. We get the question could it be "Jake" or isn't it. Which as a reader pulls you right in.
"But like a magnetic pull my feet aimlessly take me center stage. No one moving around me matters because my eyes are fixed on the man singing. HIs eyes are so familiar. It can't be him can it?"-June
Okay I stop here you get to this part of the story and think you know what's next but you have no idea!! I MEAN NO IDEA!!! What happens next in June story I will refer to the title Current. Just like the river current there are twist and turns. It hot, cold, rocks that will scrapes your heart, sticks that will bruise you emotions but just when it looks like the current comes to a calm think again!!!
Abby has bruised my heart again but I love her for it because with June, Jake and Lucas we get her new normal. A regular story with elements from what traditionally we love about are leading men. The bad boy with a broken past musician. We get a boy who loves a girl to so much he move mountains and kill anyone for. Then we get a man who will stop at nothing to see her happy but then lives with a million regrets. Who wont love that combination?
Current is for the reader who loves a classic love story with all the elements you have come to love with the girl next door loving the troubled boy to loving that bad boy with a million regrets.
"I love the boy I fell in love with and I just fell in love with the man he became, even if I didn't know for sure, I knew. Deep down, I know. I was so confused by his lie, I couldn't see it."- June
FYI (Spoiler): After chapter five fare warning that you might want to hold you kindle tight because just like me you will want to throw it with the huge plot twist Abby throws at you.
" You're the piece that's always been missing. You're my current; the only thing that's kept me moving these years."- Jake

- Chesterland, OH
Thu, 29 Oct 2015

- Cleveland, OH
Fri, 30 Oct 2015

4.5 Stars!
I always am excited to read a book that takes place near me. I'm not sure if it's like that for everyone, but for me, it's a bit nostalgic. Some of the events, and places are so familiar that I could have been a character in this book. I'm proud to say the author, and I are from the same area, so I can attest that she hit the nail on the head, and not with just the scenery, but with the story as well. This was a quick read for me since I couldn't put it down. Current includes some of my favorite things first love, second chance romance, mystery, and suspense. It had some very interesting plot twists. I also have to say the writing was flawless. It flowed like the perfect song that I would love to sing along with.
We meet June who is a college student, and a music writer for a newspaper. When one night while she's covering a band, she meets Lucas, who reminds her so much of someone else who she cared for deeply, well more than deeply actually, but he's familiar, and in a way she's confused because she doesn't trust herself. Is she attracted to him because he reminds her of the past. A time she's never quite been able to get over. She battles with her feelings, because she likes the way, she feels when they are together. I felt conflicted for her. I didn't share her feelings for her first love. I didn't know him, but Lucas was sweet, and sincere. He made her feel special, and He had some very enchanting qualities. The events that unraveled throughout the book weren't smooth, and a little bumpy. They were also nail biting and pace the floor interesting. I'm not sure I can put it into words without spoiling it, so I'll leave it at that.
June was a strong, and unique character. She had a good head on her shoulders, and everything she did was carefully thought out, so she could make the best decision for everyone involved. The book span's years, but there was never a time where I said to myself why did she do or say that.The hero in this story seems to be her other half, and there were instances where I thought this guy was intense, but there's a reason behind his actions, and I was happy to see everything pan out.
This was a phenomenal book, between the writing, and the story it was close to perfect. I liked to have seen a little more background on a few of the characters that piqued my interest. Current is a standalone, but I'd love to see more from the supporting cast. I would recommend this book to any romance junkie, or anyone who enjoys getting lost in a book. It is quite a journey from beginning to end.

Dawn Nicole
- Massapequa Park, NY
Fri, 30 Oct 2015

Abby McCarthy hit Current out of the park!! I freaking loved it from start to finish. She sucked me right in and kept me guessing... I could not put it down. Current takes us on a mysterious, thought provoking and tumultuous ride with just a bit of darkness! Expect the unexpected! This ride focuses on an unfathomable love story with a very original plot. It's witty and clever with shocking twists and turns. Making this anything but your typical love story. June and Jake are strong, memorable characters that will sneak into your heart and have you begging for their HEA. I'm dying to get into more details about the plot and characters, but I can not without giving anything away... Just know Current will tug at your heart and mess with your mind, leaving you speechless!
I have read and loved all of Abby's books. But Current is the book that puts her on a whole new level. She dug deep and it paid off!! She should be so proud. She just gets better and better.

KAT ♕ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ♕
- New Zealand
Sun, 13 Dec 2015

༺**Complimentary Copy**༺ Provided by the author
"Abby McCarthy" in exchange for an honest review..Thank you!!
TITLE: Current
AUTHOR: Abby McCarthy
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: 11th February, 2016
The reason why I requested this is that synopsis, it grabs you straight away, BUT what I thought reading that was not what I thought was going to happen, which had me down the wrong path right from the beginning, and that's where all my confusion came into play..
The beginning of the book sets you up, without giving any plot twists or turns away pay attention to the very first chapter of the book..
June is always searching for that lost childhood friend and thinks she finds him in Lucas, so many things race through your mind, lines become blurry, is Lucas, Jake?? Is he a long lost son?? Did Jake suffer amnesia?? Is that why June can see so many similarities between the two boys GAH!! My brain is not equipped to unravel mysteries..
I lost someone once and my biggest dream would be that I'd find then again, and that maybe I'd live happily ever after.
Jake suffered abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father both physically and psychologically from a very young age, he always felt like he was unwanted, unloved, the only time we see a glimpse of true happiness is his time he spent with his childhood friend June..The two were inseparable..
One look was all it took for fifteen year old June Withers to fall in love with Jake Daniels.
My brain is like scrambled eggs racing through the pages to see if the mystery unravels itself as I move along into the chapters..GAH!!
One day, I'm going to be inside of you so deep you'll never get me out.
There are just too many coincidences building up where Jake and Lucas are concerned, too many adding up to be ignored..
"I love it here." Lucas says
The current from the river is so strong wanting to get out and be
free from the narrow banks, but the lake fights back. It's bigger than
the river, stronger. When the water is turbulent like this, it's as if
the two sides got to war.

"But do you know what I love the most?"
I love that the current is strong enough to let the the river break
free even though it's up against something vast."

Shit a brick!! PLOT TWIST I never saw that heading towards me!!
How could you not see me?
After all this time
I wear a mask
And you make me bleed.
I'd do anything to turn back time
I'd wage wars and calm an ocean
I'd break tides and change the moon
I'd do anything if you were mine
I'd do anything to turn back time.

Current is so cleverly done, the anticipation, the intrigue has you guessing throughout. Jake is like one of those pop up in the box thingys one minute he's there the next he's gone like a magic trick..I kind of wanted to cement him to one place..
I guess for me it kind of felt too rushed (But this is just my opinion and your opinion may be different to mine) as you reach that half way mark because it jumps, 6 months had gone, then it jumped to 6 years past so I kind of missed the in betweens of the story, then it picked up again, so I kind of felt like I as in a state of whip lash, BUT it still held my attention throughout..

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