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Owl Babies

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Published 03 Jun 2002
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This is the story of three baby owls who wake up one night in their hole in the tree to find that their mother has gone, so they sit on the branch and wait, wondering when she will return. At last she does, and they all bounce up and down with joy, welcoming her home.

"Owl Babies" Reviews

- Romford, F6, The United Kingdom
Tue, 06 Sep 2011

This is a great book which could support teachers to settle young children into school or nursery. It is about 3 siblings discovering their owl mother has disappeared and are left in a scary forest. The siblings provide each other with comfort and support. The baby owl repeats the well known phrase, 'I want my mummy', which can relate to settling in periods, where children who are left in a nursery/school for the first time they may also repeat this phrase. Fortunately the owl mother does come back, therefore this book could provide children with the reassurance that their mother will come back to pick them up from school/nursery.

- The United Kingdom
Wed, 25 Jul 2012

A wonderful story about three baby owls who wake up to find that their mother is not in the nest. Baby owl Bill keeps say "I want my mummy", but the other two are more philosophical about her absence, saying that she is probably out hunting and will come back. They step out of the nest into the big dark wood to wait for her, and baby owl Sarah suggests they share a branch together, which is more cosy. Quite soon, mama owl flies back - reassuring them that although she goes away, of course she will always come back.
This is a lovely story, illustrated with charming and intricate penwork, contrasting with silhouettes of the night. The little fluffy white owls are absolutely adorable.
I collect children's picture books, and to my frustration they are pretty well all in a jumble. Interestingly, on my travels round the library to find "Owl Babies" I was fascinated to see that they have the same chaos as me! None of the large picture books are in alphabetical or subject order, rather they are just stuffed into boxes in the middle of the floor. It's not easy to find a specific book when you are faced with piles of hundreds of books all squashed together. (I had a secret groan....) I would LOVE it if the publishers could come up with a system of colours on the spines of these books - pertaining to some sort of system of subjects, so they could at least roughly be organised. Okay, so the categorizations would be very random, but at least it would give me and the library a starting point for some sort of organisational sanity.

- Cork, 04, Ireland
Thu, 31 Oct 2013

Owl Babies:
This book is skilfully written which brings different emotions, such as anxiety to the surface. The author does this in such a way that even very young children can relate to these emotions.
The story itself centers on three baby owls that wake up to find out that their mom has gone. They sit and wait for her to come back, all the time they are becoming more and more anxious.
This book highlights the importance of the maternal role for young children. Also it highlights feelings of unease and apprehension particularly when the mother owl is gone and we the readers are unsure when she is coming back. If one was to focus on this aspect of the story, then it a great resource to avail of when discussing the topic of mothers and how important mothers are. This could be particularly useful around Mother’s Day.
The story of owl babies also illustrates how the siblings support each other and the importance of these relationships. The illustrations in the book are simple but effective. I think the contrasting colours of the black background and the white owl babies emphasizes their nervousness and makes the reader/listener more attuned with the story.

- Port Talbot, Y5, The United Kingdom
Sun, 30 Aug 2015

Owl babies is a story about 3 baby owls, Sarah, Percy and Bill. The three baby owl live with their mother in the hole of a tree. One day Sarah, Percy and Bill wake up and their mother is gone. She is nowhere to be seen. The owl babies start wondering where their mother has gone. The babies miss their mother very much, especially Bill. There is a memorable sentence said by Bill in the book ‘Where is my mummy?’ young children can relate to Bill’s anxiousness. Mother owl finally appears at the end of the story and she says to them they should know that she will always come back. This is a lovely story and can be used to help in transition when young children start nursery or school. The illustration in the book are very nice and Bills memorable sentence can encourage young children in joining in when reading the book to a child or group of children. This can be used in the early years foundation stage as the book of the week especially in the first week when children feel the separation from their parents and to ease their separation.
My favourite character was Sarah as the eldest she made her siblings feel safe. ‘I think we should all sit on my branch.’ Sarah said. The owl babies sat on one branch so they will not be scared and feel safe. This book is suitable for 3-7 year of age. The book has sad moments, and happy moments that we can all relate to. It encourage us to think and this book can help children to think what they would do in Sarah, Percy and Bills situation. This book can be used for curriculum support especially PHSE (personal, social and health education).

Tue, 02 Apr 2013

Anyone who knows me knows I adore owls, so I was delighted when this book arrived on my desk.
The three baby owls with their lemon fluffy chick feathers and confused looks are as are cute as they can be. Once there were three baby owls: Sarah and Percy and Bill, the story begins. The three owls live in the hollow of a tree with mother owl. The illustration of mother owl leaning over her chicks is gorgeous.
But then disaster strikes. One night the owl babies wake up and mother owl is gone. The three owls have differing responses to this event.
The expression on the faces of the baby owls conveys so much and fits in exactly with the simple text as the baby owls wait and wait. Though they try to be brave, they get more anxious as the night goes on and with each noise in the dark wood. In time mother owl come back to much rejoicing.
This is a gentle reassuring tale with illustrations that are divine. Surely a book to treasure for 2-6 year olds and one children and adults will enjoy poring over the detailed and exquisite illustrations.
This is my youngest granddaughter's favourite book when she visits. Apparently no-one can do the voices of Sarah, Percy and Bill like Nanna can.

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