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Serving Pleasure (Pleasure Series, #2)

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Published 16 Jun 2015
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Hungry for a touch…
Rana Malik is over being her family’s resident black sheep. She’s on a mission: ditch the casual hook-ups, revamp her bad-girl image, and fall in love with a proper Mr. Right even her conservative mama can’t find fault with. Not on the menu? The beautiful, brooding Mr. Right Now who lives next door, and all the ways he whets her appetite.
Starving for love…
Artist Micah Hale had it all–women, success, friends and family–until his world changed in a single act of senseless violence. Now struggling to conceal his scars and get his life and career back on track, he knows he has nothing to offer a woman except his body. He’s not looking for love…but he can’t control his craving for the sexy bombshell voyeur he’s caught looking at him.
Just one bite.>
Their attraction boils over, and their defenses are stripped off along with their clothes. They promise they’ll walk away if it gets too hot. But it’s hard to do the right thing…when being wrong feels so good.

"Serving Pleasure (Pleasure Series, #2)" Reviews

Lillian ☁ Cloud 9 Books ☁
- The United States
Fri, 09 Oct 2015

**** 4.5 'CUT A B**** FOR CHOCOLATE' Stars ****
Can be read as a standalone
"I wanted you to pose for me because you're you. You have this... intriguing mix of good and naughty. Silly and sexy.”
This was so hot! Phew!!! Not only was it steamy, but it was also funny and cute.
Rana is the only person without a college education in her family. Her mother keeps telling her to find a rich man as soon as possible because her looks aren't going to stay forever.
So, to keep her mama happy, she changes her lifestyle to find Mr. Right. She parties less and drinks less. No more 'Old Rana.' This is 'New Rana.'
The story begins with Rana spying on her new gorgeous neighbor. She has a view into his studio where he paints. From her observation, the handsome artist just never seemed to be satisfied with his work.
Micah gets angry when he realizes that his neighbor is constantly spying on him. He was going to confront his neighbor until he got a good look at her. He was mesmerized by her body and soul, and he fell under her spell.
Micah eventually asks her to be a model for him, and she agrees to do it as long as neither of them fell in love. Even though this is something 'Old Rana' would do, it was just something temporary to 'tide her over until she found someone right.'
I instantly fell in love with Rana's wittiness, attitude, and humor. She forever changed my views on muffins.
"Now she craved him frightfully, the way a person on a carb-free diet might crave a huge muffin. She needed that muffin. She wanted to make love to that muffin. She wanted to engage in acts of questionable legality with that muffin.”
"Your buttocks are worth two diplomas, at least.”
I just loved everything about the story. This is book 2 in the Pleasure Series, but it can be read as a standalone.

- The United States
Mon, 08 Jun 2015

Serving Pleasure is a very strong romance – I’ve been so impressed with Alisha Rai’s stories recently. I hope she writes more and more.
Micah Hale was a successful artist in London, but after a vicious attack where he almost died, he lost his energy and passion. He moves to the US for a fresh start, but becomes a hermit. Rarely leaving his house or socializing, he has tried to get his painting back on track. We’ll come back to Micah in a minute.
Rana’s family owns a restaurant and she takes turns working in it with her sisters. Rana has dated a lot and has decided, with a push from her controlling mother, to really focus on dating lawyers and doctors and to not sleep around anymore. Pressure from her family is one area Rana has a hard time with. Rana’s one guilty pleasure in life is to sneak peeks at her hottie neighbor through his window. She doesn’t know his name or much about him, except he rarely leaves his house and he paints at all hours of the night. She becomes very obsessed with spying on him. Although he is a stranger to her, she starts to make up his personality in her head. She calls him her “muffin” because she is trying to stay away from hottie guys who her parents would frown upon, and muffins are her guilty pleasure.
One night she catches him sans clothing and pleasuring himself.
But he was naked. Fully, delightfully naked.
He held a towel in his hand and used it to finish blotting his wide chest before he tossed it into the bathroom.
Even knowing he leaves wet towels on the floor doesn’t diminish his sex appeal.

Feeling extremely guilty that she watched his – she tells herself she will no longer ogle him through his window. But when she sees him leaving in his car, she follows him and ends up at his art show. Unknown to Rana, Micah knows she has been watching him, and put on the pleasuring show for her enjoyment. When he sees her at his art show, he makes a move to take her back to his place. Let the sexy times begin!
While this book has really great sexual tension and very, very hot sex scenes, it also features a really strong and sexy heroine. I love Rana. She is confident and independent, yet lets her mother’s disappointment seep into her blood and she lets her sisters boss her around. When it comes to family, she is vulnerable. When she is with Micah though, she is not ashamed of anything. He worships her body and she lets him.
He walked toward her until his chest was a few inches from hers. She wanted to breathe harder so her nipples could brush against him.
Damn. She’d had sex with this man? Go her.

Micah is very intense and serious. Rarely smiles or laughs, it has been very hard for him to move past the trauma of his attack. He scoffs at the idea of a therapist and would rather live alone and closed off to the world. Rana is a tornado of energy that storms into his life and he starts to crave her. She reawakens his sexual desires. She makes him food. She models for him and allows Micah to remember how fun life can be.
And this book is damn sexy. I’ll prove it in one sentence:
“Make me suck it,” she whispered.
Highly recommend this book.
Grade: B+

- Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tue, 07 Aug 2018

→ rana is one of my new favourite characters!!
→ Indian-American heroine with sisters😍
→ biracial Hawaiian/black hero with PTSD (affects his eating)
→ voyeurism
→ sexy af but also emotional af (i actually cried... a lot)

Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
- Texas City, TX
Thu, 09 Jul 2015

Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
4.5 Stars
About 5 1/2 years ago one of the first ménage books I read was Glutton for Pleasure by author Alisha Rai and I fell in love with the characters of that book including the heroine's two sisters. I remember writing to Ms. Rai and asking her if she ever planned on writing their stories and she said yes but that it would be awhile. Now years later, she has written Serving Pleasure and I have to say it was worth the wait. I never reviewed Glutton for Pleasure so I'm including a short review at the end of this review on it; it is still a favorite of mine for a number of reasons but I have to say that over the years Ms. Rai has honed her craft and it really shows in this story. The road to happily ever after was hard fought in this story as two people who have been damaged; one physically which has affected him mentally and one emotionally, find comfort, desire, pleasure, and yes even love together as they work their way through the issues that have shaped their lives.
Having a wide variety of friend from many different cultures and backgrounds I applaud this author for her mutlicultural/mutli-race books. It's not often we find that in romance and I very much enjoy reading about couples who struggle to be the independent people they've become while also trying to please their parents or grandparents by not disregarding their culture. It's a hard line to walk and I think for women, especially in some cultures, it is even harder which is why I loved Rana Malik so much. Rana has always tried to live her own life on her own terms but a year ago she decided she wanted something more out of life; she wanted love, possibly marriage and most of all she wanted her mother to look at her with pride not shame. So for the past year Rana has dated what she knows are "suitable" men by her mother's standard which is why it's been that long since she's had sex but she also finds herself drawn to her sexy new neighbor who she sees clearly through her bedroom window at night.
Micah Hale wanted to be mad at the woman who watches him from her window but he just can't seem to stop himself from giving her a show. He knows he's probably gone too far but when she shows up at his art show he knows it is time to make a move; he just hopes he doesn't scare her off with the scars from the attack that changed his life forever.
From the moment they meet the heat between these two boils over on the page but it is also evident that they are each mesmerized by each other and that goes deeper than sexual attraction. While Rana claimed she only wanted sex from this man she was clearly taken with his art and wondered about his anger but understood that although he'd obviously gone through something horrific he didn't want to talk about it and I admire her greatly for giving him time and not pushing. In Rana, Micah found a woman who didn't judge him, one that wanted him for him not for his fame and one that made him enjoy life again.
The fact that Micah enjoyed every little thing about Rana; her bluntness, her sassiness, her sexuality, her thoughtfulness, her bright mind, and her ability to size up a situation quickly made it clear she was more to him than a play thing or even a model.
While they insisted they didn't want permanence, they did enjoy the time they spent together and I'll warn you now that their sexy times were H-O-T, like scorching. They are both very sensual and sexy people and they enjoy each other thoroughly over and over and over again. However, it was those in between times; the times where he was sketching her, the times they laid together talking that they connected on a much deeper level despite all their talk of a short term arrangement.
So many good things came out of this story but the biggest one was Rana and her sisters Leena and Devi forging a bond and making some big decisions about their relationship as they move forward with their lives. In the first book and throughout a good part of this one they were disconnected so I loved seeing this happen for them all.
With both Rana and Micah's issues, this was not a pretty or easy romance but it was quite beautiful to watch them both come to terms with their own lives in order to accept what they wanted from each other. Complex, emotional, and so very sexy Serving Pleasure was worth the wait and an excellent addition to this series.

 ᴍɪᴄs ✖amante de los spoilers✖
- Buenos Aires, 01, Argentina
Sun, 24 Jul 2016

Para ser un libro erótico estuvo muy bueno, además del sexo tiene una historia pero me hubiera gustado que la autora profundizara más en eso, sobre todo en Micah porque sus problemas psicológicos son dejados de lado y al final la autora da unos manotazos de ahogado tratando de solucionar todo en las ultimas páginas.

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