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Baby's Got Blue Eyes (DI Ted Darling, #1)

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Published 13 Feb 2015
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Format Kindle Edition
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Someone is dumping bodies on DI Ted Darling's patch and he's not happy. Ted's a good solid copper, in an old-fashioned way, with an excellent clear-up rate. He also happens to be gay and has his own unique way of dealing with any prejudice that brings him.
But this killer seems to be running effortless rings round him and every promising lead just takes him up another blind alley.
Then it starts to get personal ...

"Baby's Got Blue Eyes (DI Ted Darling, #1)" Reviews

- St Lo, 50570, France
Mon, 20 Jul 2015

Great mystery with clearly drawn likeable characters.
DI Ted Darling is not your run of the mill detective. He has murders to solve on his patch in Stockport and he's not happy. Throw in the odd conflicting character and you have a mystery that will grip you and keep your kindle pages turning until it's satisfying conclusion.

- Adelaide, 05, Australia
Sat, 04 Apr 2015

LM Kier’s first foray into the crime genre has not disappointed. She creates a believable protagonist in Ted Darling, but does so whilst managing to avoid formulaic clichés, not only with the character of Ted Darling but also with the crime fiction genre. “Baby’s got Blue Eyes”, had it all for me; humour, suspense, believable and relatable characters, surprises (no spoilers in this review!), well-presented and topical sub-plots, excellent attention to detail in the investigative processes and, kept me guessing until the end just WHO the murderer was (I had a couple of theories). And, who the next victim was (I became very worried that one of my favorites was going to be next!). Krier has created a work that avoids the “typical” whilst at the same time, building a world with characters I want to meet up with again. Oh yes, and how much did I LOVE the martial arts kick, door closing trick! That was priceless! (Ted Darling is a martial arts expert with Krav Maga, his favorite form – having had a bit to do with martial arts over the years it was apparent, Krier knew her stuff). This “new kid on the block” of crime writing is a must read. Read this book, you won’t be disappointed. I always love it when I find a “new” author  Looking forward to the next installment.

- Liverpool, H8, The United Kingdom
Sat, 04 Apr 2015

I enjoyed reading this crime cracker. At last, a normal copper who isn't constantly in trouble with his superiors. DI Ted Darling lives with his very understanding and talented partner Trev. There are grisly murders in the locality. The storyline, the DI's likeability and approach to solving the crimes had me gripped from the start and left me wanting to return to reading the book if I had to put it down.
I've been a fan of crime fiction from an early age and have read a fair bit of it, so I think I can recognise good crime writing when I see it and this book definitely ticks all the boxes for me.
Very few crime fiction novels hold my interest these days because I'm a little tired of reading books that appear to follow the newer trend in crime fiction with go it alone heavy drinking detectives who somehow manage to hunt down the killer single-handedly, while barely holding onto their jobs. DI Darling follows procedure, works with his team of detectives and has earned their respect and that of his superiors. This doesn't make him boring by any means because there is a real warmth and depth to his character.
The book reminded me of some of the old classic crime writing. I'm looking forward to reading more in the series. DI Ted Darling has restored my faith that good crime fiction can still be written. Hallelujah!

Thu, 23 Mar 2017

I'd call this a decent enough holiday read. Not bad characters or storyline and I enjoyed reading it. I'd read another when the mood takes me. Some dialogue is a bit mundane and some characteristics of folk are a bit unbelievable but not bad for holiday stuff. 3.5/5

marjorie hall-venmore
- The United Kingdom
Sat, 05 Aug 2017

Well what a book I can't believe I have not come across this author before now, considering this is my type of book, I stated it last night well early hours of this morning it's 11.30am and just finished it. Yes I stayed awake all night to finish this book when I say I could not put this book down that's literally the truth, I kept telling myself one more chapter them I will get some sleep until eventually I had read the book, I just loved DI Darling and his lifestyle the author certainly knows how to bring a character to life it's a fast paced book with lots of twist and turns yet I never once considered the perpetrator to be who it was that certainly was the best kept secret of the novel, however I do wish the 4 victim was not who it turned out to be, it's a book where you get to know the characters and want them all to succeed they all have there own specialist area. I would definitely recommend this book most certainly you will not be disappointed believe me you elected not. I can't praise this book enough. It's a must read enjoy.

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