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Darkest Longing

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Published 03 Apr 2015
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John has been to his daughter's best friend Lily everything a godchild could ask for: a protector, a friend, a better father as her own could ever be. His godchild and his daughter have been friends since they were born.
The alleged car accident four years ago that put Beth's mother in a week-long coma, did not only kill Lily's mother's and Will's wife's life, but took from John his best friend, and first love.
Now, when he looks at Lily, he forces himself to see his godchild, Will's daughter, Beth's best friend and not his second chance for true love and true fulfillment. Because it was Lily's mother, Sarah, who really understood every part of him including his DARKEST LONGING.
**Warning: This book is recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to explicit sexual content.

"Darkest Longing" Reviews

EroticaAfterDark (Lilith)
- Germany
Fri, 30 Jan 2015

Honestly, if you like me, do me a favor and give this book as chance - as soon as it comes out. Because this lovely Lady writes it FOR ME. The older man/ younger woman plus tormented soul giving in to his need for being dominant is a total kink of mine.
I already have read scraps. God, I love it.
First of all: As you can see above I am totally biased. I was part of the story line development as in: I got the first glimpse of everything. So, I will try to stick to being informative further on.
Now, the review: 4.5 sparkling stars
If you've read The Beast And Me you are already aware of D.S. Wrights unique writing style. Darkest Longing is no different when it comes to your full emotional experience. But if you are looking for the suspense and mind-games or abuse and non-con topics you won't find them here. If The Beast And Me was too much for you, you will enjoy Darkest Longing to the fullest. If it was your absolute thing, Darkest Longing might be the right bedtime reading.
Concerning the story there is but few I can say without spoiling it for you. Darkest Longing narrates from two POVs in third person: Lily and John, who are battling the undeniable attraction to another. Lily, who doesn't know whether or not John sees nothing more but her mother - his former lover - in her, and John, who is torn about the fact that Lily is his goddaughter, practically family and his own daughter's best friend.
Glimpses of the past of both of their lives but also Lily's mother show how dark this story is going to get. Secrets are revealed and emotions unfold and the darkness takes form mischievous deeds and disturbing characters.
As to the adult content: it's definitely there. A bit more graphic maybe. However, D.S. Wrights manages to combine graphic description and emotional dive-in in a way that I completely forgot that I was reading and not making things up in my own head.
So, why am I not entirely happy with this one? Especially, when I was the one asking for it? The answer is easy: I miss the tiny special ingredient The Beast And Me had, the suspense, the riddling, the mystery. I promise I'll never ask for a story from my head again. Use your own magic recipe!
I'm definitely looking forward for circuit heart and all the awesome stories that may come in the future.

- Andover, F2, The United Kingdom
Sat, 09 May 2015

4.25 Crowns
Lily and Beth are best friends who have known each other their whole lives and are now looking forward to going away to college together. Not only are they life long friends that live on the same street, but Beth's father John is Lily's God-Father and their parents are best friends... or were. That is until Lily lost her mother in a car accident also involving Beth's mother Lydia, who survived. Since that time her father has spent most of his time in the bottom of a bottle. This has only driven Lily even closer to Beth and towards the man that she has no right dreaming about.
John is nearing 40 and is a successful architect. It's just a shame that his professional success doesn't cross over into his personal life. His marriage to Lydia has reached breaking point, with her spending more time away than at home. His relationship with his oldest friend Will is now none existence, thanks to the death of Will's wife, his best friend and sometime lover Sarah. But the worst thing of all is the feelings he's started having for someone so untouchable, that it's now taking over every waking and sub-conscience thought he has.
This is the story of how a loving, caring and innocent relationship suddenly crosses the line. How it evolves into a magnetic, physical and undeniable connection. A story of how 2 people heal and complete one another; no matter their age or origin of their initial relationship. It is taboo, it is hot and it is very enjoyable.
I loved the innocence of Lily and I loved the genuine hesitance and goodness in John. It was a real push and pull and although the story for the majority takes place over a very short space of time, it is packed full of drama, emotion and a good dose of angst. If you are worried it will feel icky, don't. It is pitched perfectly in my opinion and I think she has set the tone just right. Lots of truths, lies and secrets will come out as the story is laid bare, making the book a real page turner. My only negative would be that it needed maybe an additional proofread to polish it to perfection, but it certainly didn't detract from what was an original take on the very popular genre of taboo relationships; which seems to be the new black in the world of creative writing.
My first D.S. Wrights read and one that I throughly enjoyed. If you like your taboo love stories, with a heavy dose of drama, angst and plenty of steam then I highly recommend it .

- The United States
Thu, 26 Mar 2015

I can't resist a forbidden romance storyline and, given how much I enjoyed the author's previous works, I was quite interested to see where this one was going to go.
Poor Lily! I couldn't help but feel for her, especially how she was trapped in this terrible situation with her creepily abusive father (most of the abuse is "off-camera," happening before the story begins). I couldn't help but cheer at the final scene between them, though (won't go into details so to avoid spoilers ;) ) and was glad the way it all worked out.
I also enjoyed John and Lily's romance and the way they dealt with their burgeoning feelings. I definitely wanted them to get a HEA! ;)
I really do enjoy this author's voice, which has a very unique and interesting cadence to it. The descriptions are always unusual without being overdone or flowery and really connect to the emotions.
I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from this author in the future!
I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎
- The United States
Sat, 28 Mar 2015

This book was given to me by the author for an honest review and I have to say as I started I was thinking that this was a bit Taboo for me. An older man/family friend with a younger female (18 years old). Lily had a secret no one knew about, her love for John and what's been going on at home. Lily has known John all her life and knew the truth about what really happened.
John also has his a secret too. He also has feelings for Lily and hides it because he believes it's wrong.
Will they ever let the age and familiarity let them move forward? Is this more than just sexual attraction?

- Mumbai, India
Sat, 23 May 2015

I think Darkest Longing is one of the best reads of 2015.
Its intensifying, telling us a forbidden story between an eighteen year old Lily and her Godfather - John. They seem to have this attraction, a pull towards each other, but none of them acknowledge it because it is against the rules of society.
Lily's mother dies in an accident, and her father is no more a father, rather a drunk man. So John is the closest thing to a family she has. As the story proceed, you can actually see these two struggling against their attraction. But one night, Lily couldn't take it anymore, and just does something she shouldn't have.
D.S.Wrights has done a very good job in executing the story. Its a taboo topic, but it is my personal recommendation - please read this book. Its hot, steamy, downright sexy. The author takes her sweet time, putting us in this sweet misery, leaving us wanting for more. The way the scenes in the book are written - my my, how I wish there were more chapters to the story.
When our main character John gets a taste of what Lily is like, his senses almost fly out of the window. All he can think about is Lily, all he wants is Lily.
When secrets start to pop out of the bag one by one, it gives John one more reason to be close to Lily. He wants to protect her and he wants to f*ck her. Darkest Longing is a read that I cherish and I tip my hat to D.S.Wrights for writing this story. It is absolutely fantastic!
After reading the entire book, I was amazed at how I had come to love the story. This is a book that everyone should read. I literally have no more words because this book gives you all kinds of feels. Its sweet torture. And then waves of pleasure overtake you.
**Disclaimer - Images used for making teasers do not belong to me**

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