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The Crossing (The Iron Relic #1)

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Published 19 Dec 2014
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Format Paperback
Publisher On The Boards Publishing
ISBN 0986300616

On his deathbed, billionaire philanthropist Henry Calhoun entrusts a silver crucifix pendant to his dearly beloved great grandson, Adam, and entreats him to keep his possession of it a secret. For, he says, in the small chamber at the back of it rests the broken tip from one of the Holy Nails that pierced Christ’s flesh. The legacy soon becomes a nightmare bequest as mystery, murder and miracles ensue, with shadowy figures and thugs for hire crossing paths with Vatican emissaries and forbidden archaeological excavations. As his family implodes, Doctor Adam Calhoun fights not only for his own life, but that of those he loves.​In this fast-paced psychological thriller, betrayal and jealousy turn allies into enemies as the true power of the pendant, and the iron relic it protects, portends a second coming.

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- Lower Hutt, G2, New Zealand
Thu, 12 Feb 2015

This is a paranormal religious thriller. Adam Calhoun is an oncologist with a reasonably normal life when he goes to visit his dying great grandfather, who is aged 119. His great grandfather gives him a necklace that is a crucifix, and allegedly contains a fragment of one of the nails from the true cross. Adam takes it, and later, when a young girl is dying with terminal cancer wants a rosary, he gives her the necklace instead. Next morning the girl is cured. Not only is this a miracle, but everyone finds out about it, and a host of undesirables want the necklace. Adam is burgled, mugged, but somehow the necklace is always somewhere else. He is pursued, and his situation rapidly becomes more and more confused.
The book is well-written and the pages turn. There are plenty of very well-written descriptions for those who like descriptions, and the plot has a number of twists and turns. This may be unfair, but in terms of accuracy I could not help smiling at the reference to Pontius Pilot, and there seemed to be four nails. I was under the impression the Roman crucifixion used three standard military nails. Leaving these trivia aside, the plot unfolds at a nice pace, and the reader's attention is held. The actions scenes are sometimes a little clunky and difficult to believe, but my biggest criticism is for the ending; there isn't one, at least in the usual sense, and worse, about three pages before it stops, a completely new scene and new character is introduced with a kidnapping. Sorry, but while I am happy to have a series, in my view each book should have something resembling an ending, even if it is clear that something else should follow. This is a rather short book as it is, and I see no reason why the story could not have continued until a realistic ending could be reached. That loses a star, and is lucky not to lose two.

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Wed, 22 Jul 2015

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Thu, 05 Mar 2015

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