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That Pesky Rat

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Published 01 Jan 2002
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Format Hardcover
Publisher unknow
ISBN 1841212768

This is the funny, touching tale of how a pesky street rat finds home, sweet home!

"That Pesky Rat" Reviews

- The United States
Mon, 09 Apr 2012

This is the story of a rat who longs to be a pet and have a real name, instead of “That Pesky Rat.” He has many friends who are pets and although each one points out the pitfalls of being a pet (weekly baths, embarrassing sweaters), the rat is still determined to be a pet. At the pet store he puts up an ad in the window. The rat’s dreams are fulfilled when old (and very blind) Mr. Fortesque adopts him as a pet and gives him a name. So what if Mr. Fortesque thinks he’s a cat and names him Tiddles?
The illustrations are done in Child’s signature collage style, with lots of bold colors and prints. The text is humorous and written from the rat’s perspective. The words zig and zag all over the pages, adding another exciting element to the book.
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Kenson and kirra
- The United States
Tue, 24 Oct 2017

this book was a good story, but the text was hard to read. personally i like text that goes in straight lines the way its supposed to, not scattered all over the page. personally, i wish he would have found a home with a little boy who actually wanted a rat, but i'm glad he found a good home.

- The United States
Sat, 05 Nov 2016

Aww.... Don't let your tears get jerked until the end, though, as some of the text is obscured by the pictures and you don't want to miss any of it!
(Not part of any of her series; a stand-alone story. But it could be paired with her Who Wants to Be a Poodle I Don't.)

Wed, 09 May 2012

This is a touching story about a rat in search for a home. All the rat wants is to be a pet. He speaks to many other animals who have owners and finds it difficult to find someone to choose him. Eventaully he is choosen and the rat is no longer refered to as a pesky rat and for the first has a name. He helps his new owner in whatever way he can. Illustrations are modern and eye catching in Lauren Child's story of searching for belonging.

- Oxford, K2, The United Kingdom
Wed, 03 Jan 2018

Really enjoyed it.Wonderful illustrations and clever use of collage,colour and word arrangements to create a lovely book.It has a moral that you don't need to compare yourself with others and believe the grass is greener there. The rat comes to realise he wants the simple things ,he wants a sense of belonging and a name of his own .Hell wear a jumper if he has to if it means he can be someone's pet with a name ! Clever use of ordinary teabags and crisp packet in a dustbin to create a rat bed..more like it please .Good resource for Art ,English and DT lessons .

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