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Quinn's Woman (Hometown Heartbreakers, #11)

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Published 1 Aug 2003
Quinn's Woman (Hometown Heartbreakers, #11).pdf
Format Paperback
Publisher Silhouette
ISBN 0373245572

Self-defense instructor D.J. Monroe would do anything to be the best. Even if it meant asking super-sexy military expert Quinn Reynolds to demonstrate some of his finest moves...on and off the mat! Normally, D.J. didn't date, didn't trust, didn't let anyone in. But when she found herself falling for Quinn, could she let go of her past and embrace a future with him?

"Quinn's Woman (Hometown Heartbreakers, #11)" Reviews

- Falkenstein/Harz, Germany
Thu, 29 Dec 2016

Mit seinem farbenfrohen und frischen Cover sprang mir dieses Buch direkt ins Auge. Dann habe ich den Klappentext gelesen und meine Neugier war geweckt. Ich habe auch gesehen, dass es der 11 Teil der Hometown Heartbreakers Reihe ist und da hatte ich schon ein wenig Bedenken. Aber jetzt kann ich sagen, dass man die vorherigen Teile nicht gelesen haben muss, denn dieser Roman ist in sich abgeschlossen. Wenn man die vorherigen gelesen hat kann man allerdings sicher die Namen besser auseinander halten, weil jeder Roman sich einer Person widmet, hier war es Quinn. Die Anzahl der Personen und alle ihre Namen sowie die dazugehörige Familie auseinander zu halten war für mich bei mancher Szene schon etwas zu viel. So ohne Vorkenntnisse fühlte ich mich da doch leicht überfordert. Ich konzentrierte mich also bei der Handlung mehr auf D. J. und Quinn, na gut ihre Freundin und seinen Bruder konnte ich mir dann auch noch merken. Ansonsten war der Familien- und Personenkreis doch recht groß und für mich etwas undurchschaubar. Aber diese Szenen hielten sich in Grenzen und fielen dadurch nicht so sehr ins Gewicht. Nun aber zu den beiden Hauptcharakteren. D. J. ist eine starke und selbstständige Persönlichkeit. Sie hat klar ihre Vorstellungen von ihrem Leben und ihrer Zukunft. Sie lässt Nähe gar nicht zu und wirkt ziemlich emotionslos, sicher sie hat ihre Gründe, aber das man sich so sehr verschließen kann war für mich unglaublich. Ich fand sie als Person schon sympathisch, aber in diesem Roman ist eindeutig Quinn mein Lieblingscharakter. Er war mir direkt sympathisch, denn er kommt mit viel Humor daher und bei dem ein oder anderen Satz von ihm musste ich schon laut loslachen. Aber auch er schleppt so einiges mit sich herum und ist daher ein Einzelgänger. Er ist der Inbegriff eines taffen, selbstsicheren, klugen und muskulösen Mannes. Aber im Verlauf des Romans lernt man auch die weichen Seiten von ihm kennen und die haben mir sehr gut gefallen. Ich habe zeitweise nicht gewusst, ob ich mit D. J. soviel Geduld gehabt hätte.
Insgesamt hat mir der Roman wirklich gut gefallen und bis auf die vielen Nebencharaktere habe ich an diesem Buch auch nichts zu meckern. Ich habe mitgelitten, mitgefiebert, mitgelacht und ich bin sicher, dass ich noch das ein oder andere Buch dieser Autorin lesen werde.

- Dominican Republic
Wed, 22 May 2013

I read this book only because the name of the hero - Quinn - was in the title, which I needed for a challenge. In general the book wasn't bad but I didn't see the need of parading most of the heroes of the previous books in the series with their women. And how many times did we need to hear the strange business of the hero's parentage? They discussed it 3 times - almost word for word. I got it the first time! The book would have been way better if there hadn't been so much nonsense.
This is the story of D.J., who has serious problems with men. A childhood trauma makes her think that most of them are maniacs in training that will jump out of the hedges to beat women. That she works rescuing and training abused women and children haven't help with that. Although her behavior was extreme at times, you can understand where she was coming from, specially because the hero was a Special Forces kind of dude who could kill people in his sleep.
Quinn himself has some issues with his job and is wondering whether he can live a normal life. This reminded me of another book by Susan Mallery I recently read and really liked - Surrender in Silk - but this wasn't as well handled here. If only there hadn't been all those unnecessary parades of past heroes and their HEA, this could have been really good.

- Ottawa, ON, Canada
Wed, 17 Sep 2014

It was diamond find that I wasn't looking for and didn't know it existed ! I loved this book from the beginnning to the end. This was an amazing story: Personal struggles of two people' with voids in their lives and haunting issues they were hiding ! They had friends and family encouraging and there for them, but really not know what their issues were. I will come back later to fill in a little more about D.J.and Quinn.... but just read this and enjoying this love story. thanks Susan Mallery for this great book.
I didn't want to give anything away.... Just read the book everyone. !
I just noticed it is an updated book of two stories written by Susan Mallery. I should have paid more attention to that also.

- Naperville, IL
Sat, 20 Oct 2018

This book concludes the Hometown Heartbreakers series. The most significant ties to previous books are to book 8. Otherwise, there isn't much else not fully explained in this volume.
This is the most powerful book in the series. It deals with a distressing topic which is D.J.'s backstory.. The heart of D.J.'s backstory is not revealed until later in the book. [spoilers removed]
As in many, if not most, Romance books, this book operates under that assumption that Romantic Love conquers all. Unfortunately, also like may Romance books, it mixes and confuses Romantic love with Erotic love, or to my way of thinking, with lust and sex.
It is interesting that this books uses explicit sex as more than just something salacious and exploitative. Perhaps the descriptions could have been slightly less explicit, but the things described are important to the plot.
D.J.'s backstory is horrific. Even early in the story, it is clear that her background has resulted in deep wounds and she has erected huge barriers to protect those wounds. As a result her distrust of men is so great that she expresses it as a hatred of marriage. My problem with the story is that wounds this deep cannot be cured by a magic bullet in just a few weeks time. I also have grave doubts about the method that appears to have brought about that healing.
So I have mixed feelings about this story. I give it 5 stars because the story is so powerful and touching, but I am tempted to give it 0 or 1 star because I am so skeptical of means to the result. We all know that these stories cannot be taken as realistic at face value, but usually the HEA is not so closely related to this kind of trauma that is such a tragic topic in our society.
Quinn has his own Daddy issues which have had such a great impact on the course of his life and the resulting solitary lifestyle. A little lust goes a long way toward resolving these as well.
I hated Quinn because of his arrogant and cruel behavior toward D.J. His cruelty toward her continued even after he began to realize something of the nature of her emotional scars. I had doubts early on whether I could tolerate D.J. because of the huge chip she carried which gave her such a hard shell, but her backstory softened my dislike for her.
Mature themes: I have discussed these as related to sex scenes and as related to D.J.'s backstory. The reader also knows that Quinn is an assassin working for the government.

- Cambridge, MA
Fri, 08 Jun 2018

Some interesting ideas but really spoiled by the old-school mindset. The heroine suffered childhood trauma and has reacted by becoming super tough, but the size and expression of the chip on her shoulder just seems... unrealistic. The hero is very much an alpha hero and that doesn't really work with this heroine, I think. The book is very heroine-focused - she needs to learn to let go and fall in love - but the way that's expressed is often very uncomfortable, e.g. she has to dress "sexy" and get her hair and nails done. It's explicitly requested/demanded by the hero, and the overall impression one is left with is that D.J. would like to be a girly girl sometimes but is prevented by Her Trauma and that will be Healed By True Love. There are a billion and one other characters around - clearly this is part of an ongoing series - and all of them have very, very traditional relationships. The heroine's best friend used to run an orphanage but now only does it part-time because after all she has her own babies to take care of now; D.J. spends a lot of time being jealous of this friend and her femininity. It's all very discomfiting, because while D.J. is allowed by the narrative to be tough (and the hero explicitly likes her toughness), her toughness is a direct response to earlier trauma and, similarly, her clothes, her way of life, her everything, is ascribed to this trauma and needs to be "healed." I feel like this might have been exciting fifteen years ago - finally a Harlequin category heroine who is genuinely tough as nails! - but the stereotypes D.J. embodies are really uncomfortable in this day and age. Part of it, I think, is that she's coded aggressively tomboy (tough, aggressive, stern with men but secretly terrified of them, dresses mannishly) but is healed from all that by the love of a good man, which is bonkers and pretty insulting. Yes, she keeps being tough and has all her black belts, but deep down she wants to wear pretty dresses and learn to submit to a man who is strong enough to make her... but none of this is explicitly written in, the way it would be nowadays.

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