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2.91171 votes • 40 reviews
Published 14 Apr 2015
Format Hardcover
Publisher Soho Teen
ISBN 1616953470

When Tanya Barrett takes an internship at MapOut, she expects emotional landmines. Her father cofounded the digital mapping company, and he died for it—on a cartographic expedition he didn’t even need to take. Her father’s business partner and his son, Connor, welcome her to the job with open arms. And being with Connor, an old childhood friend, turns out to be the only thing that makes Tanya feel normal again.
Soon she’s spending every moment she can with Connor. But when they sneak into her father’s old office late one night, they stumble across a deadly secret. The next day Connor disappears.
Tanya isn’t just bereft; she’s terrified. It’s clear that people at MapOut are willing to kill for what she and Connor discovered. Alone again—and on the run—Tanya must rely on her wits to find out what happened to him and stay a step ahead of MapOut. But in the world they envision, no one stays lost for long.

"Mapmaker" Reviews

Michele Benchouk
- The United States
Tue, 07 Jul 2015

Once this book finally got to the crux of things we were so far into it that there wasn't time to wrap it up. I like books that come in a series, PROVIDED that each has it's own complete story to tell. This was an incomplete effort and felt like I only read half or a third of a full book. I'm not sure that I will even read the next one because I don't know that I'll get a resolution even then. I like the maps and technology, but wasn't quite sure that a 16 year old could get away with what Tanya did. Overall, this book could have been much better -- seems like the author broke up the story into pieces for no reason at all other than money or to make a deadline. Sorry to be harsh -- just so frustrated!

- Suwanee, GA
Mon, 07 Dec 2015

While this book attempts suspense, conspiracy theories, and romance, it actually turns out to be a well executed improbable snooze fest for the most part. Even the reversals, surprises, and what's meant to be exciting spy action comes across as flat, bland, and stretching credulity.
I'm not sure that readers much care about map making, though apps that keep tabs on their friends might do a bit better. The best thing about this book was its brevity. Main character Tanya and her life, her dilemma, and her jeopardy all fail to thrill.

Mon, 05 Jun 2017

Hated the way it ended, will give higher rating if there is a next book

- Columbia, MO
Mon, 31 Jul 2017

This book was so disappointing! The pacing was terrible (too slow for the first 2/3 and way too fast for the last 1/3). The authors tried to cram too much in to too short of a book.

- Stamford, CT
Fri, 24 Feb 2017


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