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4.0323,814 votes • 1,455 reviews
Published 01 Jan 1981
Format Hardcover
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Company
ISBN 0395304482

Left on their own for an afternoon, two bored and restless children find more excitement than they bargained for in a mysterious and mystical jungle-adventure board game. "Mr. Van Allsburg's illustrations have a beautiful simplicity of de-sign, balance, texture, and a subtle intelligence beyond the call of illustration." -- New York Times Book Review

"Jumanji" Reviews

- New York, NY
Tue, 06 Sep 2016

What an entertaining story! I first read this as a child, then I watched the movie with Robin Williams and fell in love all over again. But it was in my sophomore year at college when I was taking a course on "Reading in the Elementary School," and had to pull together a portfolio of books, that I chose this Caldecott medal winner. It's very creative and helps teach so many different lessons to children. A must treasure for all children with a great imagination or those who need one! Yes.
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Bionic Jean
- The United Kingdom
Sun, 28 Dec 2014

I love the 1995 film of Jumanji. It's a great story with fantastic special effects for the time. It's an exciting fantasy, full of surprises, wonder and magic, with two engaging children Peter and Judy, and many magnificent wild animals, threatening and amusing by turn. What is there not to like? But the 1981 book on which it is based ...
Chris Van Allsburg has written a kind of template for this fabulous adventure. It is a disappointingly brief and shallow read. None of the characters is fully fleshed out, and none of the situations truly engrossing or fully realised. And perhaps the worst part about this picture book is the illustrations. They are just so murky and dull.
Why on earth he chose to use a dirty monochrome is beyond me. Tones of neither sepia, nor grey, but a sort of greenish tinge fill the book. Yes, the author can draw, but it is all shadows. When I first started the book, I thought "A-ha! I know the convention here! As soon as our heroes escape into the magical world, we'll have a burst of brilliant colour!" But no. It just never happened. The book remained dreary throughout. Why?
So yes, we have the bare bones of what emerged in a film as an exciting and imaginative story, about a child's escape from the world into a magical Jungle Adventure board game. We follow Peter's progress and development into a responsible courageous person - except that we don't, really.
A bit of a puzzle then. Someone obviously saw potential here. But I wouldn't recommend this picture book to anyone. Chris Van Allsburg has made other adaptations of his story. Perhaps they are better. They would need to be. The two stars awarded are for the story's initial imaginative conception and possibilities. I feel it's quite a generous rating, all things considered.

- Baltimore, MD
Sun, 11 Mar 2018

This story is filled with imagination, I mean what a great concept. I will say I saw the movie first. I enjoy this story and I wonder why he made the art in black and white. I think making it in hyper color would have really kicked it off and been like Pop, or the original Wizard of Oz where the color makes everything more. The black and white just didn't fit for me. I question that choice.
This book is exciting. The kids were engaged and on edge asking what was going to happen. It was intense. They loved it. This book holds up well. I find it very entertaining.

- Canada
Mon, 25 Jan 2016

2 Cuando el libro NO es mejor que la película STARS
Pop Sugar Reading Challenge 2016 A book from the library.

Hace un par de días estaba sentada en el piso de la biblioteca, en el área infantil buscando libros para mi hija, justo cuando un libro salvaje llamo mi atención.
Como alguien que creció en los 90's la película Jumanji me marco y se convirtió en una de mis favoritas.
Así que cuando vi el libro (del que no tenia idea venia la película) inmediatamente lo puse en mi montón de libros para llevar.
Mucha, demasiada fue mi decepción, al encontrarme un libro con pequeñas partes de la historia de la película.
El libro solo se basa en los 2 hermanos jugando el juego.
Imaginen la película sin ninguna de sus escenas favoritas (como la del cazador, o los murciélagos, el drama con el padre) y sin sus personajes favoritos (No Robin Williams, No policía), eso es este libro.
Y tampoco lo puedo excusar diciendo que es una versión para niños pequeños, porque la verdad tampoco funciona como libro infantil. Las ilustraciones son demasiados sombrías, es una especie de libro de terror-fantasía, que aunque es corto te aburre.
Lo único positivo que me dejo este libro, es que ahora cuando uno de esos odioso lectores que casi no existen por supuesto me diga EL LIBRO SIEMPRE ES MEJOR QUE LA PELICULA, bueno pues ahora ya tengo un ejemplo y argumento sustentable para refutarles esa frase tan desesperante.

- Lemon Grove, CA
Mon, 05 Feb 2018

It was a bit challenging to rate this classic picture book. There's the fabulous, sepia overtone, monochromatic artwork. And then there's the underwhelming text; underwhelming (and seemingly incomplete) text compared to the action-fabulous movie adaption featuring Robin Williams - RIP.
I greatly enjoyed the original movie, and have watched it numerous times. The book . . . not so much.
At first, I was leaning toward a three-star Goodreads rating. It was really hard for me to not compare book to movie. But then, taking all things into consideration - publication date, creativity, unusual noir concept, and fabulous artwork - I changed my mind. And rightly so.
FOUR **** Children's Award Winning, Book-to-Film, Picture Book Classic **** STARS

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