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The Ex (The Boss, #4)

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Published 22 Nov 2014
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Magazine editor-in-chief, bride-to-be, and soon-to-be-step-grandmother at twenty-six, Sophie Scaife is looking forward to married life with her fiancé and Dom, wickedly sadistic billionaire Neil Elwood. As they enter unexplored sensual territory, Neil leads Sophie to the very edge between pain and pleasure—and she discovers a surprising new side to her sexuality.
While Sophie balances her hectic work routine with her devotion to her unconventional family, Neil has to adjust to life as a retired mogul. With their big day drawing nearer, they have to forge through pre-wedding jitters, personal crises, and an unexpected houseguest to get to their kinky ever after.
But a decades old trauma still haunts Neil. When the private details draw public interest, Sophie learns that the scars of his past are greater than he let on—and he’ll need all of her love to heal them…

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Mon, 16 Feb 2015

Desperately unsexy. While Neil grows more intriguing as more of his issues and backstory comes to light, Sophie heads the other way and becomes more preoccupied with vapid, materialistic concerns and PC sensitivities. Unfortunately, the book follows the less interesting partner (owing to the fact that she is the main character), and the former is relegated to the sidelines. The author seems to have run out of ideas and is turning to Tumblr for information about human relationships and sexuality (LGBT good, Straight is bad, characters need to take every colour of the rainbow, and god forbid people use dictionary-approved pronouns).

Wed, 10 Dec 2014

Rarely is there a series that can hold my interest through 4+ books.
Either it hits a point of me being annoyed that the characters can't get their ish together 3 books later, or there is no longer any real meat to the story, just reading like:
"sex, passing of time, big obstacle, sex, more time passes, sex, misunderstanding, sex."
Not so with The Boss series. Four books later, this is still one of my absolute favorite stories.
Not because it’s hotter than hot (which it is) and not because it’s unique (which it is) but because it is written with such a terrifically intimate sincerity.
Look, I’m no authority on the BDSM community. I am not -nor have I ever been- in a D/s relationship. But to me, Neil and Sophie have such an honest mutual vulnerability and respect that really appeals to me. Exploring and pushing boundaries together with an indelible thick-and-thin love. A gorgeous, deliciously erotic, responsible portrayal of life and love within dominance and submission, that doesn’t strip itself of substance, or give me the this-doesn’t-feel-quite-right heebie-jeebs.
Abigail Barnette not only engages and entertains me with her writing, but she impresses me tremendously. I can not wait to read what 2015 has in store for Neil and Sophie.

- Vermillion, SD
Wed, 21 Jan 2015

Enjoyed the first one and liked the characters enough to keep going for the next couple, but she's starting to lose me. I just couldn't get excited about this story.

- Berlin, Germany
Tue, 14 Jun 2016

Why Read: Sex. Can I just be bold enough and say that I'm reading this for sex scenes? After explaining myself for the three other books, I think it's reasonable to get straight to the point. Finding well-written erotic romance novels are hard enough, but finding well-written sex scenes is even more of a challenge. No Shame Ever.
Review: After the last book lulled us readers into a bit of rut with Sophie and Neil, they are back and more riled up than ever. Ta-da! Our favorite pair is finally engaged and after the tease of the third book, the wedding is finally on the way. As a reader, I was ready for the wedding jitters, the dramatics of potentially leaving one another at the alter... I was not ready for rape to come into the picture. I didn't realize that a small plot line that came up twice or so in the previous books would come to blow up in the way that it does in the fourth book in the series.
It is surprises like this that come completely out of the blue which truly make these books so special. I say I read them for the sex, and that's not completely wrong. Where I sometimes deviate from that line comes in these moments. Barnette doesn't hesitate to address issues like a dominant who rapes a submissive, when BDSM goes horribly wrong. She alternates between these very serious issues while leading the reader on a terrible journey of persistent wedding horrors with a side stop in Friendship-Death-ville. In a way, it's like getting sucker punching multiple times - each in a different muscle group so that you never quite recover.
Reading so far into a series makes the character development all the more satisfying, and this book is probably one of the best examples of that I've read in the recent year. From the first book, you watch Sophie grow from uncertain and pushed-around office girl to confident magazine editor and growing socialite. That doesn't mean she isn't immature in other areas, and you, as the reader, can watch her grow through them. Her sexuality is one of those issues. As Neil and her explore different depths in more ways than one, Sophie has to deal with reclassifying herself and learning that perhaps there is more to her sexuality than meets the eye. As per her usual self, she doesn't take it "exceedingly" well. Neil's own issues with his past rape dominate other parts of the book, and it's only with all of the restraint that I don't email Abigail Barnette and demand transcripts of Neil Elwood's therapy sessions.
The scenes that you're all thinking of? Oh they are there, don't you worry. Our favorite BDSM couple goes deeper (get it?) than before, and definitely explore uncharted territories that were not on the original ship manifesto. Somehow it doesn't seem to matter what places Barnette takes them, because it is too hot to even care. Bring out the fans, readers - you will need them in this book.
Per usual, The Ex is trying to knock you out by mixing that heavy-laden mixture of real-life issues and overly sensual and well-written sex. Spoiler alert? They will suceed.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
- Sweden, Sweden
Sat, 05 Apr 2014

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