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Breakthrough (Breakthrough, #1)

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Published 06 Mar 2013
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Deep in the Caribbean Sea, a nuclear submarine is forced to suddenly abort its mission under mysterious circumstances. Strange facts begin to emerge that lead naval investigator, John Clay, to a small group of marine biologists who are quietly on the verge of making history.
With the help of a powerful computer system, Alison Shaw and her team are preparing to translate the first two-way conversation with the planet's second smartest species. But the team discovers much more from their dolphins than they ever expected when a secret object is revealed on the ocean floor. One that was never supposed to be found.
Alison was sure she would never trust the military again. However, when an unknown group immediately becomes interested in her work, Alison realizes John Clay may be the only person she can trust. Together they must piece together a dangerous puzzle, and the most frightening piece, is the trembling in Antarctica.
To make matters worse, someone from the inside is trying to stop them. Now time is running out...and our understanding of the world is about to change forever.

"Breakthrough (Breakthrough, #1)" Reviews

- Raleigh, NC
Sat, 08 Apr 2017

How am I just now hearing about Michael C. Grumley? This guy writes old school adventure sci-fi like a boss! Reading Breakthrough made me reminiscent for some of my old favorites like The Swarm, Beast, and Jurassic Park.
Does all the science add up? Pish posh, of course not, but who cares? It works. Does it make for a great story, where you cheer on the heroes, cry for the innocents, and hold your breath when something goes boom? Yes, yes, and YES!
On my TBR short list there are a few novels waiting, including some from some potentially wonderful indie authors, but darn it all, they'll have to wait. I have Book 2 (Leap) and Book 3 (Catalyst) here in front of me, and I...can' It's like an addiction.
I have this overwhelming urge to go watch "The Poseidon Adventure" now. And maybe "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", if I can dig up that ancient series somewhere. I need to revisit my old adventure sci-fi roots. Where can I find old episodes of "Flipper"?

- Shelbina, MO
Wed, 15 Nov 2017

Breakthrough by Michael C. Grumley is a good sci-fi book where you can cheer for the dolphins, talk with the dolphins, meet with aliens, and hate on the corrupt government (esp. the idiot one that kept calling the dolphins fish!). I will certainly follow this series. The book is narrated by Scott Brick and he did a fabulous job! Loved the plot, characters, dolphins, and the aliens!

Sun, 28 Sep 2014

You had me at talking dolphins and submarines. Two of my most favorite things in the world. I probably would have read any dumb story if it just had dolphins, submarines, and a principled Navy officer. But this delivered much more.
The plot is tight. Plausible and intense. The characters are smart and the dialog witty. The pace is great with lots of suspense and action. Also glad Alison and Clay did NOT turn into instant romance.
Minor nitpicks:
I noticed some editing errors: punctuation, spelling, capitalization. I may not have noticed them if I wasn't an editor myself, but it did bug me a little.
I think more explanation was needed for how Dirk survived a nuclear explosion. Sally and Alison too for that matter. They seemed way too close to have survived.
I kind of wanted the traitor, Stevas, to get executed "on camera" not just disappear mysteriously. Call me Dr. Schadenfreude. But like I said, very minor nitpick. Not even a blip on the radar of awesome.
I would read this again and I plan to buy the sequel immediately. Bravo.

- Henderson, NV
Wed, 05 Oct 2016

Seriously one of the worst books I have ever read. I can set aside disbelief as well as anyone, which is what one often has to do especially for science fiction writing, but this was just horrible. The author did absolutely no work at all in getting anything right in nearly all aspects of the story. For example, the bottom of the ocean does not contain "soil", it is "sediment". The head of the USGS will have a PHD, will not be called "Ms." and will not lead an expedition into the field. If you can speak with dolphins as sentient being, then how then do you deal with them being prisoners in a tank? How could they even respect humans that keep them as prisoners? Yet in this not-well-thought-out setting the dolphins are portrayed as happy go lucky individuals who love their jailers. My god, I can go on and on. This could have been a decent book with some research and explanation of the settings and Earth processes but instead it was just horrendous in its errors and complete ignorance. Don't waste your time or money. Sadly I bought the trilogy based on the reviews. I guess this speaks volumes to the vast majority of reader's ignorance on basic Earth Science in particular, but in so so many other aspects this book falls flat.

- Collierville, TN
Fri, 30 Oct 2015

Very enjoyable reading!
Thought provoking science fiction that explores an amazing breakthrough in cross species communication. It turns out that dolphins have an developed language and culture. It boggles the mind to think how we could actually communicate with language to another specie. I think the story does a great job introducing this concept.
But there is more to this story. Another discover is made that leads to dangerous consequences for the entire planet. I'll not say more, but the plot is well developed and carries the suspense well.
The reality of such discoveries as explored in this book would no doubt be shrouded in the politics of powerful men. At the end of the day humanity seems more concerned about the power we have over the planet than it's wellbeing.

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