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Dust (Silo, #3)

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Published 17 Aug 2013
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Format Paperback
Publisher CreateSpace (Broad Reach Publishing)
ISBN 1490904387

In a time when secrets and lies were the foundations of life, someone has discovered the truth. And they are going to tell.
Jules knows what her predecessors created. She knows they are the reason life has to be lived in this way.
And she won't stand for it.
But Jules no longer has supporters. And there is far more to fear than the toxic world beyond her walls.
A poison is growing from within Silo 18.
One that cannot be stopped.
Unless Silo 1 step in.

"Dust (Silo, #3)" Reviews

M. Ihsan
- Izmir, 35, Turkey
Sun, 02 Apr 2017

Ve bir serinin daha sonuna geldik. Silo'yla başlayan, Vardiya ile devam eden çetrefilli macera bu ciltle birlikte bir nihayete eriyor. Toz'da sadece Juliette ve Solo'ya yeniden kavuşmakla kalmıyor, Silo Bir'de tehlikeli ve gizli kapaklı bir mücadele veren "Troy" ile kız kardeşinin akıbetini de öğreniyoruz. Hugh Howey cevaplanmadık soru, açıklanmamış bir gizem bırakmamış gerçekten de. Akıllarda kalan tüm soru işaretlerini giderdiği gibi serüvenin sonunu da güzel bir şekilde bağlamayı başarmış. Peki ne kadar tatmin edici? İşte orası tamamen size ve beklentilerinize kalmış.
Şahsen çok başarılı bulduğum yerleri de oldu, keşke olmasaymış dediğim yerleri de. Daha fazla açıklanmadığı için eksiklik hissettiğim ve düzgün bir sonuca vardığı için tatmin edici bulduğum kısımları da oldu. Juliette her zamanki gibi inatçılığıyla güçlü bir kadın karakter olarak gönülleri fethediyor. Troy bu kitapta daha aklı başında hareket ediyor. Darcy adlı yeni karakter hiç beklemediğiniz yerden vuruyor. Ve arada oldukça trajik şeyler de oluyor tabii... Ne de olsa bu bir Hugh Howey kitabı.
Silo'yla tanışmam 2013'te Kayıp Rıhtım'ın "Biz Bunu İstiyoruz" projesi kapsamında örnek bir bölümünü çevirmemle başlamıştı. Yayınevlerine bu kitabı dilimize çevirmeleri için hunharca baskı yapmaya hazırlanıyorduk. Ne ilginçtir ki tam da o sıralarda MonokL'un eserin yayın haklarını aldığını öğrendik. Proje yayınlanmadı diye üzülürken kendimi bir anda önce editör, sonra da çevirmen koltuğunda buldum. Üçüncü kitap Toz'da yine editör oldum. Elimden geldiğince akıcı ve temiz bir çeviri sunmaya çalıştım sizlere Rasim'le birlikte. Umarım bu son adımdan sizler de keyif alır ve tıpkı benim gibi "İyi ki okumuşum," dersiniz.

- Monticello, MN
Tue, 06 Aug 2013

Going in to Dust, I was hoping that it would continue at the same very high level of great story telling as the first two installments of the Wool trilogy and I have to say that it did. It was a very different book than I thought it would be and went in a direction that I never would have guessed, and for those reasons it really kept me riveted. I expected a dark mood to the book but it was even darker and depressing than I anticipated - there were very few happy moments, and the characters we grow to know and love were stressed, pressured, questioned, and in danger from all sides right from the beginning it seemed. There were twists and turns, and moments in which I was downright shocked. The plot moved along quickly, a little bit more so that in Shift. The stories of Silos 1,17, and 18 were tied together and all the mysteries therein were explained. After all the personal tragedy and sacrifice which we agonized over for 450 pages, I thought the ending was satisfying, and done just right. I can't recommend the Wool trilogy highly enough.

Thu, 19 Sep 2013

Also on Booklikes (in the same length and format): http://headspinningfromvagueness.book...
I love twists in my fiction. But sometimes a twist isn't the most important thing to have in a story. When the twist is all that a story revolves around, that it doesn't survive without the twist, that twist becomes nothing more than a pivoting gimmick. The reason I point this out right now is because I want to indicate that while the ending to this Wool trilogy is predictable, it is still entertaining and meaningful.
It might be that I'm fresh off catching some fire with the second Hunger Games movie (which was incredibly good) but this conclusion reminded me of a more mature Hunger Games. Not in any of the plot details or the characters, but more the tempo and tone - things which I loved while reading the Hunger Games books.
While I found this book more about filling in the gaps and wrapping everything up, to someone else there may be a few revelations. The real quality of the book therefore, came not from what happened with the plot, but more about the deeper meanings. In this book there is the opportunity for individuals to be free from the constraints of their social rules and laws, but many just want to remain with what they know, not what makes them free. Which leads one to consider the long known idea that it is not physical chains or cages that truly bind but the cages of the mind and heart!
I may appear to be a little cryptic on this novel, but I doubt I can say anything without truly spoiling the reading experience. Take it from me, if you were a fan of the other two books you won't be so utterly disappointed in this novel, but you may not enjoy it so much as the previous works. You may find yourself thinking that it was a rather obvious ending. But sometimes it's not about how obvious the ending is as much as how it was told...

- The United States
Thu, 15 Jun 2017

I loved 'Wool.'
With 'Shift,' some cracks started appearing in the silo of my enthusiasm, but I carried on happily.
With 'Dust' - well, I felt that Howey was coasting on his momentum; using up the supplies that the previous stories had squirreled away in the storeroom.
It's not terrible... but neither does it feel necessary. Moreover, I felt really disappointed with a major part of the resolution of the story. One of the things I really, really liked about Wool was that **MAJOR SPOILER** [spoilers removed] As I said, disappointing.
In addition, a GREAT number of the details and plot points in Dust feel retrofitted; even more so than in Shift. It wasn't all planned out in advance; Howey clearly never intended to go so far with this world. He wrote himself into a situation, and then kept coming up with more character intentions and technical details; trying to fit them into the already-published canon. Some bits work better than other bits... but it's obvious. And some of the critical details that the plot hinges on really make very little sense.
It's still quick-moving and entertaining... it just starts to crumble a bit if you stop too long to question the whys and wherefores. It would've been wiser to just not explain many of these things, and leave them as eternal mysteries, rather than come up with kludges.
I can't help wishing, having finished it, that Howey had let this story stop at the end of 'Wool' - alone, it would've stood as a classic.

- Santa Monica, CA
Wed, 28 Aug 2013

Just finished this the other night ...
Really liked most of the Silo Series, it felt a lot like LOST to me at times, something else I really dug. The overalls, the revelations within revelations, the unfolding mystery of it all -- even the flashbacks to the origin of the Silos.
But also like LOST, there was no great finale. I figured we would get some new puzzle piece that would snick neatly into place and turn the entire series into a mosaic much larger than they sum of its parts. Instead, it turns out we much knew everything already.
Pretty much, people finally leave the Silo's. That's the plot of DUST. We have no idea what happens to the other Silo's once Silo 1 goes down. We don't know what is up with the rest of the world. I half expected them to run into survivors who had escaped the nanopocalypse in some clever way ... but no. Just woods. Meh.
No surprises, just a predictable ending with lots of 'action'. The Silo Series as ended by Michael Bay.
I guess I'm just disappointed because the series had such promise and started off so strong and kept it going all the way until this book. It was not horrible -- it just didn't deliver the knockout punch the rest of the series promised. We got LOST-ed, once again.

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