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Dust (Silo, #3)

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Published 17 Aug 2013
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Format Paperback
Publisher CreateSpace (Broad Reach Publishing)
ISBN 1490904387

In a time when secrets and lies were the foundations of life, someone has discovered the truth. And they are going to tell.
Jules knows what her predecessors created. She knows they are the reason life has to be lived in this way.
And she won't stand for it.
But Jules no longer has supporters. And there is far more to fear than the toxic world beyond her walls.
A poison is growing from within Silo 18.
One that cannot be stopped.
Unless Silo 1 step in.

"Dust (Silo, #3)" Reviews

- Salt Lake City, UT
Tue, 03 Sep 2013

I loved the book and the entire series, but ... please write Book/Serial #4, Hugh.
The ending leaves me emotionally satisfied but intellectually dissatisfied.
In this final book, we see the end of, basically, 3 Silos (1, 17 and 18). 18 is terminated, leaving at best 125-200 survivors who make their way to the disabled Silo 17? And most, but not all, of these "walk out" to the blue skies and green grass outside the kill zone of the Silo Project. Yay! I mean, yay? So - of let's say 8,000 originally in both Silos, only 200 survive?
Meanwhile, Silo 1 is destroyed by a bunker buster in its reactor room, with but a single survivor who joins the others. Out of another 4,000 (many women and children in cold storage, who were doomed anyway due to the Pact), 1 survives.
Meanwhile, is there NO danger of a massive radioactive leak? Where did the nano-gas originate - if it was Silo 1, was it successfully contained (at least for now)? Um, didn't Silo 1 supply power to a LOT of other Silos (without their knowledge in some cases). Did every IT level in every Silo just go dark? There was no discussion of "going back" for any of the other Silo residents.
A big part of the evil Pact was that only one Silo would survive, 4,000 out of say 200,000. So that plan had to be stopped (and as many Silos freed as possible). And yet, the story ends WITH only 200 known survivors and the rest in ... dark Silos? With a possibly radioactive Silo at their center?
Finally - the "Plan" had, I believe, 200 years to go, if I remember rightly (to "really" cleanse the world). Why? And are our survivors in danger by being outside 200 years early? If the nano-gas is doing some sort of "work" in the real world - why was it only at work in a bubble around the Silo project? This confused me.
Emotionally - great book. A great world.

- Santa Monica, CA
Wed, 28 Aug 2013

Just finished this the other night ...
Really liked most of the Silo Series, it felt a lot like LOST to me at times, something else I really dug. The overalls, the revelations within revelations, the unfolding mystery of it all -- even the flashbacks to the origin of the Silos.
But also like LOST, there was no great finale. I figured we would get some new puzzle piece that would snick neatly into place and turn the entire series into a mosaic much larger than they sum of its parts. Instead, it turns out we much knew everything already.
Pretty much, people finally leave the Silo's. That's the plot of DUST. We have no idea what happens to the other Silo's once Silo 1 goes down. We don't know what is up with the rest of the world. I half expected them to run into survivors who had escaped the nanopocalypse in some clever way ... but no. Just woods. Meh.
No surprises, just a predictable ending with lots of 'action'. The Silo Series as ended by Michael Bay.
I guess I'm just disappointed because the series had such promise and started off so strong and kept it going all the way until this book. It was not horrible -- it just didn't deliver the knockout punch the rest of the series promised. We got LOST-ed, once again.

- The United States
Fri, 23 Aug 2013

Giving the finale to the Silo series a three star rating was not easy, as I've rated the previous books much higher. The Wool Omnibus was one of my favorite books of all time. I've recommended it to numerous friends and have a signed copy of it on my bookshelf. This one, however, left me a bit disappointed. This review is mostly spoiler-free, and spoilers will be tagged/hidden.
Let me start with the positives. Howey once again does a great job of immersing you in the underground world of the silo and its inhabitants, making their struggles seem so real and periodically making me feel claustrophobic. It's as tremendously well-written as the previous books when it comes to storytelling. The story continues seamlessly from where SHIFT and WOOL left off and contains many tense moments that glue your eyes to the page. Throughout the whole novel I felt an overwhelming sense of dread, [spoilers removed]
One thing that's bothered me not just about this novel but the series as a whole is the lack of character diversity. The dialogue is well written and realistic, but the words that a character says could just as well be said by any other character. This is even more true in DUST. I never at once felt that any of the characters had any specific qualities or traits attached to them. Even Solo, the most unique character due to his circumstances, acted just like everyone else. I was impressed that Wool had a strong female protagonist, but in Dust another female protagonist is brought in that acts no different than Juliette. Scenes with Shirly felt just like scenes with Courtneee. Lukas, Raph, and Erik all felt like the same person to me. It also seemed redundant to have so many children named in the story when only one of them was fleshed out.
As far as conclusions go, it was okay. I'll keep it vague to avoid spoilers, but there was never really a climax. The most exciting parts of the book were around halfway through, with the last 20% jotting along at a steady pace. Maybe I hyped this book up too much for myself, but I expected it to go out with a bang, and while there kind of was one, it just made me think, "Oh...that wasn't as satisfying as I'd hoped it would be." [spoilers removed]
The book also felt too long. The first third was very slow and a lot of it seemed unnecessary.
Maybe I'm being a little harsh, because it wasn't by all means a bad book. It deserves to be read, and as a whole, the Silo saga is one of the best book series' I've read, and certainly some of the best dystopian fiction out there. I'm excited to read more of Hugh Howey's work.
SPOILERS: Things I'd like cleared up:
[spoilers removed]

M. Ihsan
- Izmir, 35, Turkey
Sun, 02 Apr 2017

Ve bir serinin daha sonuna geldik. Silo'yla başlayan, Vardiya ile devam eden çetrefilli macera bu ciltle birlikte bir nihayete eriyor. Toz'da sadece Juliette ve Solo'ya yeniden kavuşmakla kalmıyor, Silo Bir'de tehlikeli ve gizli kapaklı bir mücadele veren "Troy" ile kız kardeşinin akıbetini de öğreniyoruz. Hugh Howey cevaplanmadık soru, açıklanmamış bir gizem bırakmamış gerçekten de. Akıllarda kalan tüm soru işaretlerini giderdiği gibi serüvenin sonunu da güzel bir şekilde bağlamayı başarmış. Peki ne kadar tatmin edici? İşte orası tamamen size ve beklentilerinize kalmış.
Şahsen çok başarılı bulduğum yerleri de oldu, keşke olmasaymış dediğim yerleri de. Daha fazla açıklanmadığı için eksiklik hissettiğim ve düzgün bir sonuca vardığı için tatmin edici bulduğum kısımları da oldu. Juliette her zamanki gibi inatçılığıyla güçlü bir kadın karakter olarak gönülleri fethediyor. Troy bu kitapta daha aklı başında hareket ediyor. Darcy adlı yeni karakter hiç beklemediğiniz yerden vuruyor. Ve arada oldukça trajik şeyler de oluyor tabii... Ne de olsa bu bir Hugh Howey kitabı.
Silo'yla tanışmam 2013'te Kayıp Rıhtım'ın "Biz Bunu İstiyoruz" projesi kapsamında örnek bir bölümünü çevirmemle başlamıştı. Yayınevlerine bu kitabı dilimize çevirmeleri için hunharca baskı yapmaya hazırlanıyorduk. Ne ilginçtir ki tam da o sıralarda MonokL'un eserin yayın haklarını aldığını öğrendik. Proje yayınlanmadı diye üzülürken kendimi bir anda önce editör, sonra da çevirmen koltuğunda buldum. Üçüncü kitap Toz'da yine editör oldum. Elimden geldiğince akıcı ve temiz bir çeviri sunmaya çalıştım sizlere Rasim'le birlikte. Umarım bu son adımdan sizler de keyif alır ve tıpkı benim gibi "İyi ki okumuşum," dersiniz.

- Memphis, TN
Tue, 16 Jan 2018

A pretty good ending to the no-win situations in book 1 and 2.

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