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Soldier Mine (Thresl Chronicles, #1)

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Published 11 Mar 2013
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Format ebook
Publisher Total-E-Bound
ISBN 1781842434

Book one in The Thresl Chronicles Series
When Kreslan is attacked, little does he know the shapeshifting beast who saves him will completely change his life.

When Kreslan Piers is attacked in the cargo hold, he is rescued by a rare shape-shifting beast who transforms into the reincarnated leader of an entire planet. Will Kreslan be willing to give up his dream of being an ordinary soldier to partner with an extraordinary creature?
Vohne has been named by his human half, and the longer they’re together the more he’s remembering the details of their previous lives—lives he shared with Kreslan before watching him die. When they reach the Thresl home planet, Vohne has to break the news to his skittish mate that they not only does he belong to Vohne, but he is fated to be his other half for the rest of eternity.
Reader Advisory: This book was previously released at another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release by Total-E-Bound.

"Soldier Mine (Thresl Chronicles, #1)" Reviews

- The United States
Wed, 21 Aug 2013

I want a Thresl!

- Split, 15, Croatia
Tue, 18 Oct 2011

First half or so is a solid 4, but later on things get rushed and jumbled with most of the magic turning into something predictable. Still, it is a very good story, one of the best by this author.

- Phoenix, AZ
Wed, 02 Jul 2014

First, I really did enjoy the unique world that Kell built, how Thresls can only shift into their final forms from their feline one when they meet their mate, and how the forms that Thresls do take are a mirror of their mate's spirit. The premise for the book was just so unusual, at least for me, and I do love destined mates stories, so this definitely pushed one of my buttons.
Umm...this story also tumbled into the sappy and saccharine territory, like toothache-inducing sappiness. There were terms of endearment aplenty: "my love," "my treasure," "heart of mine," and so many more.
It was also somewhat silly with the very OTT villains...
and issues that were raised and solved with rapid-fire speed that would make any soap opera fanatic squeal with glee.
So, to recap:
✓ Set in interesting universe
✓ Sappy
✓Silly moments abound
And guess what? I enjoyed every minute. It just worked for me. Sure, it made me roll my eyes a few times, but I never felt like stopping. Will I continue on to the next book?

- Athens, Greece
Mon, 04 Mar 2013

4.5 Hearts
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews
Whoa! Damn, what a fascinating book, what an idea and an incredible world has Ms. Kell created here. I abso-freaking-lutely loved this book.
Kreslan is a low ranking soldier who is having quite some difficulties in his current task as the spoiled, brat son of an Admiral keeps pushing his limits and abusing him every chance he got. It is like that Kreslan finds himself in another difficult position, when said brat along with two other friends of his tries to beat Kreslan to pulp, and all that would have happened but for a strange creature called a Thresl.
Thresls are cat like creatures; they bond with humans of their choice and when that happens they change form forever assimilating a more human-friendly one, creating a pair to be truly feared. Due to the rarity of their bonds they are highly wanted and at a great price, mostly for very rich people/politicians. When one of these creatures saves Kreslan from certain death, it quickly becomes obvious that his troubles have just begun. His military career is now over and Kreslan has to wrap his mind over the fact that he’ll never become a captain in a ship and have a normal life, a husband and well, whatever he has ever dreamed before is now over. He is now the mate of a Thresl who appears to be bigger and stronger than the others of his kind.
What Kreslan never imagined though is that the Thresl he is now bonded with is the very King of the all Thresls and he therefore he is the King-Mate. A very powerful position to be and an even more dangerous one, as many are willing not only to capture the King for their own agendas, but many want his death so they can take his place.
I can’t say how much in love I am with this book. I loved the Thresls as a species and more so Vohne, their king and Kreslan’s mate. The idea behind was that the species are in animalistic form until they bond with a human and shift to a human-like one, gain speech and can from there on evolve. The Thresl half not only shifts to his human’s needs but he also enhances and strengthens him. So we literally witness in this book how Vohne changes from a feral creature to a man that slowly loses that extreme violence and Kreslan on the other hand becomes stronger, more possessive and a bit more violent. The gradual transformation is perfectly balanced to the needs of the plot as things go more and more dangerous for this epic couple.
The background story is also very intriguing. The incarnations both Kreslan and Vohne have suffered over the millennia and the conspiracy behind the last hundred years that the King couldn’t reincarnate and claim his throne was fantastic. Personally I would’ve liked a bit more length in this book if only to allow some emotions to flow through. As it was, the entire story pace was bit too fast, too furious and left questions unanswered. It also left a serious hole in our pair’s relationship as they went from strangers to full blown mates killing for each other in the blink of an eye, and I being I, wanted a bit more quality time for Vohne and Kreslan.
However Soldier Mine, being the first book in the series, was extremely hooking and the need to get all the rest of the books and inhale ‘em in one go is quite strong. So going on an recommending this book to you after all the above seem a bit unnecessary yet, if you love sci-fi and cat-like creatures, intelligent shifters and great action plot, there you go, this book has it all. Enjoy!

Sun, 11 Aug 2013

** This text refers to the 2013 revised edition. **

To my science fiction fans who enjoy a little man love in their space adventures.

This dedication really says it all. The main interest lies in the story; the romance is only secondary at best. We do not even get particularly lurid sex scenes. I like that.
Something else I liked is how this book kept surprising me. For example, I did not see the explanation of how exactly a Thresl picks his shape coming. And even less the [spoilers removed].
Kres and Vohne are both great, each in his own way. Very idealized, of course, but sometimes that’s simply perfect. As predicted by Vohne, they both change a little over the course of the story as well. Nothing too intricate, of course, yet still enjoyable to watch.
The intense attachment and relationship does not feel instantaneous on Kres’ side, but the moment he gives in to the physical, the rest comes crashing in really fast. Pretty much between scenes. It’s not the smoothest in terms of either romance or storytelling.
Some things don’t really make sense and a few paragraphs seem out of place or contradictory to the previous (possibly a result of editing), but I honestly can’t bring myself to care because this is still a fun ride. I guess I just have a thing for those deadly and snarky supposed weaker parts of this author’s pairings.
That’s why I am ending this on two quotations that nicely illustrate Kres.
Kres scuffed his boot on the ground then afterwards felt guilty. Some worker would probably stay up all night obsessing about that smudge on the surface of his shiny boots. Maybe he’d hide them when he got back to the room.

Kres was sick of people trying to kill him. Damn it, he’d come here to have a peaceful life with his lover, and he was going to have peace if he had to stab every one of the fuckers.

One final word. My rating is fairly high, but that’s just because I take the “really liked it” literally. If you’re not a fan of this author’s sometimes rushed style or prefer heavy erotica or angst-laden emotions, you probably won’t enjoy this book.

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