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Foreign Faction - Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?

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Published 14 Jun 2012
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Ventus Publishing
ISBN 0984763201

Over 15 years have elapsed since JonBenét's body was found in the basement of her Boulder, Colorado home. Diametrically opposing theories of her kidnap and murder were publicly espoused by Boulder Detective Steve Thomas and retired Colorado Springs investigator Lou Smit in 2000 after a grand jury failed to announce an indictment, or release an official report regarding their year-long inquiry into the matter. This was the last time that any authoritative law enforcement voice stepped forward to explore the innermost details of this unsolved murder investigation.
Foreign Faction blows the cover off the lone-intruder / sexual predator theory, and reveals startling new evidence that heretofore has only been seen by a select few. Kolar's work offers an entirely new perspective for the events leading up to JonBenet's murder on Christmas Day 1996, and it will ultimately redifine the public perception of one of the most unusual murder investigations this country has ever witnessed.

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- Enniskillen, The United Kingdom
Tue, 03 Mar 2015

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!
Reading through the book, I took a few notes along the way, so here is most of the evidence which Kolar presents as indicating an "inside job." Please don't read any further if you have not read the book:
1. Patsy Ramsey said that she took time to do her makeup (which the arriving officer observed), but proceeded to wear the same dress she had been wearing the previous evening at a party.
2. Patsy cried during the morning, and one of the times that Officer French looked at her when she had her hands over her eyes, he could see her looking directly at him, as if to gauge his reaction.
3. Patsy asked a policeman if he could take his gun off, which was weird if a foreign faction had just kidnapped their daughter and was threatening their family.
4. Police told John Ramsey to search the house from top to bottom. John immediately went to basement, where he found the body.
5. After the body was discovered, John was heard talking on the phone making arrangements to fly to Atlanta that afternoon or evening. He was told that he could not go out of town as he was need by police, as his daughter had just been discovered murdered in his home.
6. According to the FBI, only about 6% of child murders are committed by strangers. To date the FBI says this is the only case where a ransom note was found where the child was already dead inside the home.
7. Patsy initially told police that she had discovered the ransom note first, and then checked to find her daughter missing. Later she said that she had checked and saw her daughter missing and than found the note.
8. The ransom note pad was located in the Ramsey kitchen with only Patsy's fingerprints. A practice ransom note was found on the same pad.
9. Cobwebs over basement windows indicated that there was no intruder.
10. Ramsey's flashlight found on kitchen table without fingerprints. Family dispute it was theirs, but acknowledge owning a very similar model, which was unaccounted for. Experts could not rule out the flashlight as being responsible for the head injury on Jonbenet.
11. Tape placed on mouth of JB was placed after she was killed (indicating staged scene.)
12. Patsy had brought her to the doctors office 33 times in last 3 years, several for vaginities thought to be relate to Jonbenet's ongoing bed wetting problem.
13. Parents retained a lawyer and investigator hours after killing and refused to meet with police for formal interview for four months. Police submitted 16 written questions to their lawyer, and it took weeks for them to answer (eg. what was she wearing when she went to bed, what did she last eat?)
14. The identical Nylon cord to that used for strangling was found in a Hardware store frequented by Ramsey's. Patsy had purchased an item there on December 2, 1996 (3 weeks before) for the same exact price that the shop sold Nylon cord.
15. One neighbor saw kitchen lights on (dimmed) at midnight. (Ramsey's say they went to sleep at 10:30 pm.)
16. Another neighbor heard a child scream between 12 pm and 2 am.
17. Another neighbor said one of the lights which was typically on every night in the ground floor room was out between 2:30 - 3:00 am.
18. No fingerprints were found on the ransom note, not even those of the parents, although at different times they acknowledged touching it.
19. The pad upon which the ransom note was written was found to have only the fingerprints of Patsy Ramsey
20. The pen which was used to write the note was found in the Ramsey house (near the pad used to write the ransom note) neatly replaced by the ransom note writer.
21. The authorities said that there was indications that Patsy was altering her handwriting after the murder.
22. Five national handwriting experts were able to eliminate all suspects but one, Patsy Ramsey.
23. CSI observed that Jonbenet's sheets smelled of urine on the morning of the murder, and a bag of pullup nappies was hanging halfway out a closet.
24. Patsy Ramsey was wearing the same exact clothes on the morning of the murder, as she was wearing at the party the night before. Friends said she never wore the same clothes twice, and was always impeccably dressed.
25. John had just received a $118,000 bonus, the same exact amount demanded by the kidnappers.
26. When investigators returned to the home a couple months later, 4 hidden cameras had been installed that were actively recording the CSI Team, although the recording was not automatic, but someone had manually turned it on. No one has admitted to turning it on that morning approximately one hour before police arrived.
27. Ramsey's declined to take polygraphs administered by either Boulder Police or the FBI.
28. When calling 911, Patsy said that she had only read the first couple of lines which said her daughter had been taken, but when asked if she knew who took her daughter, she replied to the 911 operator with the group name at the end of the letter.
29. Ramsey's never asked their son if he knew of JonBenet's whereabouts or if he had heard anything during the night.
30. JB's wrists were tied so loosely, that they served no purpose, as they easily came off, with the examiner able to put a finger through the extra room.
31. JB was strangle from behind, which often indicates someone who does not want to look into the face and eyes of the victim.
32. JB's body was carefully wrapped with her favorite night dress.
33. When body was found, family friend ran up stairs and shouted for an ambulance. All through the commotion, Patsy never went to see what was happening.
34. Hours after JB was discovered, Patsy blurted out to police "I didnt' kill my baby" even though no one at that point has suggested that she was even suspected.
35. Pineapple was discovered in JB's digestion track, and autopsy results say she ate pineapple shortly before being killed. Patsy stated that she never fed pineapple to JB, but a bowl of pineapple pieces was found in kitchen with her fingerprints and those of her son on it.
36. When their son Burke was being taken to a friends house after police were called, the police asked to speak to Burke, but John Ramsey interceded and said "he was asleep and doesn't know anything" despite being adamant that he had never questioned Burke about what he knew.
37. Burke was questioned by police later in the afternoon, and they noted that he appeared to have little interest in where his sister was gone, but only that he was hungry and looking forward to an upcoming vacation.
38. Burke was also questioned by social services, and they noted that he had little emotional connection with his own family.
39. When asked to draw his family, he did not include JB, despite most children including siblings who passed away for years afterwards in similar pictures.
40. When Burke was being interviewed two weeks after murder, Patsy remarked "I would have nothing left to live for if I lost Burke."
41. Grandparents had purchased books for Ramsey's which included "The Hurried Child, Growing up too fast", "Children at Risk" and "Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong."
42. CSI reported finding Burke's pajama bottoms in JB's bedroom that contained fecal material, and that a box of chocolate in her room also had feces smeared on it.
43. Burke met with a psychologist for years after JB murder, despite the family saying they never discussed the details with him. Family refused to allow police access to family medical files, including Burke's.
44. Curious fact that simple words in the ransom note such as "business" were misspelled, while "attaché" was written with the correct accent mark (eg. Jonbenet's name also had an accent mark.)
45. The ransom note was one of the longest every seen by the FBI at three pages in length. The kidnapping appeared to have three motives, which the FBI found strange, as most kidnappings have one (eg. sexual, monetary or revenge.)
46. Fibers from Patsy's red sweater were found in the garrote used to kill Jonbenet, and also in the nylon rope used to tie her hands.
47. Patsy insisted that Jonbenet's door was shut when she checked on her the morning of the "kidnapping", but that would mean the kidnapper deliberately went to the trouble of shutting it, after either luring JB out or carrying her body.
48. Numerous family friends insisted that the 6000 square feet house was like a maze, and it would have been nearly impossible to even find the door for the basement (where JB was found), especially in the dark, never mind navigating the small rooms of the basement.
49. The Ramsey's (after rejecting an FBI polygraph) finally took their own polygraph tests (arranged by their lawyers), but the first one or two were "inconclusive", so they took it again. This test included questions they were given weeks ahead of time, and no requirement for a drug test.
50. The ransom note idea that a "foreign faction" composed of various individuals opposed to the United States government kidnapped Jonbenet for $118,000, when John Ramsey was worth approximately $5 million is very strange.
51. The ransom note warned the Ramsey's not to contact so much as a stray dog, or their daughter would die. Nevertheless, the Ramsey's contacted not only the police, but a half dozen of their friends and church minister who all came to the house.
52. The ransom note said the kidnappers would call the house between 8 am and 10 am, and yet when the deadline passed, the Ramey's never uttered a word, or expressed any anxiety..
I'm sure there were many other points, but these were a few that I recorded along the way. Very sad story...

- Stanford, KY
Fri, 12 Apr 2013

Very good read. Drop the intruder theory and you'll see all signs point to an accidental murder and a cover-up by the Ramsey's. it seems Burke flew under the radar and the DA were timid in the face of high priced attorneys.

Thu, 04 Jul 2013

I find that often, I'm influenced by the latest book I read. I'll read a book by someone who thinks an intruder killed JonBenet. Everything will pretty much make sense, so I'll feel that that's what happened. Then I'll read another book by someone who feels JonBenet's parents were responsible. Hmmmm ... well, that seems to make sense too.
But what if JonBenet wasn't killed by intruder, or by her parents? Hmmmm ... that's the theory James Kolar lays out, and I've gotta say, I think it makes the most sense of any I've read so far (and I've read a lot).
Who is James Kolar, and what gives him the credentials to write such a book? Well, he was the chief investigator for the JonBenet case with the Boulder DA's office for nearly two years. He was fascinated by the case and spent hours poring over the voluminous amounts of evidence. I think his theory is hard to argue with, although some have.
I felt a lot of frustration while reading the book, because it seemed that so much of the case was bungled by unnecessary human error. The police and DA's office didn't work together well. Some authorities didn't want other authorities involved. Most, if not all, of the DA's during and since the Ramsey case originated have seemed to bristle at anything that would involve the Ramsey family in any way. One DA went so far as to write a public letter to the Ramseys, exonerating them and even apologizing to them for any suspicions that might have been cast their way.
I was shocked, too, at how the Ramseys seemed to run a lot of the investigation. If they didn't want to talk to police, they didn't. Really? I can't imagine! I would think that, if police wanted to talk to me, I wouldn't be able to refuse. But the Ramseys hired lawyers very quickly after JonBenet's murder (which strikes me as really odd, as well), and they have pretty much communicated through those attorneys ever since. Reading this book really did make me feel that money can buy protection, "justice," etc. It was maddening, really. I'd like to think that all attorneys and law enforcement people do what's right -- what's best. And yet, this book was full of instances where that was far from reality. I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised; it's probably that way in every profession. As a former teacher, I know of several teachers who I certainly would not say were doing what was best for the kids in their classrooms. Sad, but true.
So that's the major feeling I got from reading Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?. At one point, Kolar presented his theory to the DA serving at the time. She told him she didn't want to pursue his leads because she "didn't want to harm her relationship with the Ramsey family." Seriously? This is so disillusioning to me!
I don't want to tell many more details, because I'd get into "spoilers," and I think you'd enjoy reading this book yourself. When I saw the size of it (500 pages), I thought I'd be reading for weeks. But I finished it in just a few days -- and that during busy summertime with 4-H projects, piano lessons, etc. -- because I found myself picking it up in any spare moment. It was that compelling.
I had to knock off one star because the book needs some serious editing -- basic stuff, like commas and punctuation errors. They are a shame, because they detract from a really excellent book.

- Balmain, 02, Australia
Thu, 07 Feb 2013

Out of all the books on the case that Ive read, If your a believer in the intruder theory, read this, and you won't be anymore.

- The United States
Wed, 15 Aug 2012

A must read if you you want the real facts and evidence in this case. If you really believe an intruder murdered JonBenet, you definitely need to read this. The attorney general who cleared the Ramseys is not telling you about all of the DNA evidence. The author lays out all the evidence and you can decide for yourself what really happened. Too bad the book not available on kindle, I splurged and bought the hard back but it was well worth the money to me.

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