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Reckless (Thoughtless, #3)

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Published 05 Mar 2013
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Gallery Books

Can love survive when life gets Reckless?
When the band hits it big, Kiera and Kellan must ask themselves: Can their love for each other survive the constant pressures of superstardom? The friendships they've formed, the new family they've found, and the history they've forged will all play a part in helping them navigate the turbulent waters of the band's exploding popularity. A greedy executive hell-bent on success, a declining pop star looking for an edge, and a media circus that twists lies into truths are just some of the obstacles the lovers will have to overcome if they are going to remain together. Fame comes with a price-but will it cost Kiera and Kellan everything?

"Reckless (Thoughtless, #3)" Reviews

Alexis *Reality Bites*
Mon, 16 Apr 2012

SPOILER FREE REVIEW -mature content reader discretion is advised.
5 STARS out of 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
SIDENOTE: Do not read if you have not read books 1&2
Whether you loved it or felt it came up short there is one thing you cannot deny. The magnetic panty melting sexiness that is Kellan Kyle.
My Casting
I don't even know where to begin. I'll just talk about what I loved!
One of the most highly anticipated books of 2013 had it's highs and lows for the characters we have grown to love.. And I enjoyed every second of it. Maybe it's just me but I love how relationships are captured in this book.
Kiera and Kellan
These two ripped out my heart, lungs, liver and all other vital organs throughout this whole series.
In Thoughtless
I loved him and hated her
In Effortless
I loved him and slowly started to like her
In Reckless
I loved him and I totally have a girl crush on her *shrugs* What can I say, she grew on me!
Yeah, she made some bad judgement calls but overall my girl held it DOWN for her man. And that put a smile on my face. She went to bat for her relationship when all arrows pointed to failuresville.(Yeah, I made that word up.)*shrugs*
 '. . . my heart was anchored to Kellan. Being apart from him stretched my soul in opposite directions. It was painful. No, it was torture. He was everything to me, and I didn’t want to miss a moment of his journey just because parts of it were unpleasant.'
I take it alllll back.. I considered Kiera weak for some of the things that happened in Thoughtless but in Reckless she proved that she is no weakling. She had to bare some things I don't think I would have endured. Which goes to show you really should never judge a person.

“I don’t want to hurt you. And I don’t see how any of this won’t hurt you.”

Pulling back from him, I said,
“And I don’t want you to give up on your dream because of me.” ~Kellan and Kiera
Kiera and Kellan are a team whatever they face they always faced it together head on and I think that is the ONLY reason they have survived.
I love and appreciated how S.C. Stephens highlighted all the characters and of course there is always one who stands out. Griffin.
'Griffin had impregnated my sister. He really was family now. Lord help me.' ~Kiera
Griffin and Anna
In all his male egotistical driven macho raunchy glory Griffin stole the show. We really get a glimpse at the man behind the over the top raunchy comments. While I still question Griffin's capability to be a father(because honestly should this guy be allowed to teach another human being anything???) Exactly. I no longer question his love for Anna. He admitted out of his own potty mouth...
“You’re in love with me?”
Every head shifted to the open hotel room door that Anna was leaning against. The energy in the air shifted again as Griffin locked eyes with her. Matt and Evan released him as he whispered,
Other relationships are briefly shown with the other two band mates. But the relationship that really really did a number on me was the one between Kellan, Kiera and Denny. The mutual love and respect tugged at my heartstrings.
And I won't dwell on it since I don't want to spoil it, however I will say that I LOVE ME SOME DENNY!!!!
Now as I previously mentioned I enjoyed these characters but there were a few rotten apples in the bunch. Sienna and Nick. In fact I have a special message for Sienna check it out
It's not cool to mess with peoples lives the way she did.. Under any circumstances. PERIOD. That BITCH can eat dirt.
Scenes and/or lines that made laugh out love
“Did you just fuck him into submission?” He held his knuckles up to me. “Nice.” ~Griffin to Kiera
“No, let’s make this interesting. If I win, we have sex backstage tonight. If you win, we have sex backstage tonight.” ~Kellan to Kiera
“Oh my God  .  .  . I married Ron Jeremy.” ~Kiera to Kellan
“Griff? This is starting to really fucking hurt.” Griffin ran his hands back through his hair.
“Okay, no problem. We’ll get you to a hospital, and they’ll knock you out.”
My Thoughts
This book was full of "OH SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK? OH HELL NO!" moments. It was tender, emotional and sexy. Anything involving Kellan is sexy! I LOVED IT!
My Ratings
Characters- Lovable, hug-able fuck-able
Writing Style- GOOD
Plot/Storyline- GOOD
Steam Factor- High/Very Steamy
Overall- I LOVED IT!!!

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- Staten Island, NY
Mon, 11 Jun 2012

“I love you. I would do it all over again if I needed to. I’d go back to the beginning for you.”~ Kellan
Reckless read like one enormous epilogue to me and I thought that it was ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!
Does this book have an excess amount of angst or drama? No, but it gives KK lovers their happily ever after and I’ve been on book hangover ever since!
S.C. Stephens engrossing writing completely captured me from the first book of the series to the last line of Reckless. A reader can’t help falling in love with Kellan Kyle. There is no way of getting around it nor would a reader look for one...just see my name above.
I didn’t agree with how Kiera handled her situation in Thoughtless. I loved how she grew through the sequel Effortless and by the time I finished Reckless, I was so pleased how she grew from a girl into the woman that I knew she could be.
”I’d always hoped that the man I married would love me beyond reason but Kellan…loved me beyond anything.”~ Kiera
P.S. I’m anxiously awaiting the release of Irresistible! Can I get an advanced reading copy of her future books?
Reckless brought great success for the D-Bags. Kiera was supportive of Kellan and the boys throughout this book. Some tried to break them up or capitalize on Kellan but the couple stuck together and they only got stronger. NO ONE could stand between them or break them up and believe me Siera Sexton and Joey tried.
Kellan Kyle is the best book male character of all time PERIOD! He’s sex on a stick (Cowboy Kellan...HOT) he will sing you to sleep, he will write you love notes and he will love you so fiercely and completely that everything else in the word pales in comparison.
“Us against the world? That sounds like wonderful odds.” ~Kellan
All of the characters, Denny, Abby, Griffin, Anna, Evan, Matt, Jenny and Rachel grow throughout this series. It happens before our eyes I really feel like they are my friends too.
Time heals all wounds and thankfully, the love triangle of Thoughtless has moved past the betrayal and hurt to a good place.
”We all laughed, and I marveled at how far we’d all come. We were so different from the people we were when we’d all started living together—stronger, more confident, more secure in ourselves. And yet, we were still exactly the same. We cared about each other. We supported each other. We looked out for each other. And now that the sting of betrayal and guilt was only a dull ache in the background, the three of us were what I’d always hoped we would be—the best of friends.”~ Kiera
To all those romance fans this series had it all! Looking back at the journey, I’m so happy how the story played out, but I’m sad that it’s ended. Thankfully, a reread will do the trick.
”Passion, friendship, love, loyalty, trust...if you found the right really could have it all.” ~ Kiera
I truly believe that somewhere out there in Seattle, sitting at their table at Pete’s Bar, the gang is getting together to reminisce over a beer. Save a seat for me!!

Farah *Professor Dean's Beauty*
- Pretoria, South Africa
Thu, 08 Nov 2012

My Kellan...
With Keira...
Words cannot describe how much I LOVE this series... I've waited for months for this book, and it was more than I ever expected, I was dying to find out what happened but I never wanted it to end!. S.C. Stephans did us ALL proud and I will forever be grateful to her for bringing Kellen Kyle into my life...
My Heart is Broken that this is over... But then I think...
In the first two books we joined Keira and Kellan in their incredible Journey finding love and success...
We lived through them...
Laughed with them
Had fun with them..
Felt their pain..
Felt their weakness
Felt their passion..
And last shared their happiness..

"Tangling my hands through his hair, I gazed at him until I thought my heart might burst. He unwaveringly met my eyes. “I love you too, Kiera. Just you. You’re my always.”"
This book is the ultimate test on the love of Keira and Kellan and picks up from Effortless..
The D-Bags are on their tour and Keira is joining Kellan soon in LA to go touring with him..
When she finally gets there, Kellan proposes to her in a room filled with Rose petals..
Once on tour they are introduced to extremely famous Sienna Sexton- she is beautiful and sexy and also a singer.
Kellan and his band are given an offer to do a collaboration with her.
Sienna basically puts Kellans name out there with their song and speculation that Kellan and Sienna are a couple. His greedy executive pushes him to do all the things his not happy with.
They have to make a music video together.. A sexy video...
Kellan Kyle - My boyfriend the Rock Star!! : D
Keira has grown soooo much from Thoughtless/Effortless.. She is not whiney or irritating or doubting herself. She never holds Kellan back in his career. Always encouraging him to do things even if its not comfortable for her..
Kellan is a star and he was always meant to shine...
Stirring false rumors Sienna causes a frenzy with their 'relationship' then a sex video emerges and people claim it's Sienna with Kellan.
Throughout all of this Keira stands by him.. In their secret 'bubble' they can be alone...
I Lovvvve all the details in this book, it was the first time in a long time I didn't think the story was rushed. The love and passion between these two is amazing!
Kellan throws a surprise bachelorette party for Keira. I love how he always does the sweetest things..
"Our lives are crazy. When moments to remember happen, you have to pause a second to appreciate them. Otherwise none of this”—he indicted the bus—“is worth it. And getting married to you is definitely a moment to remember.”"
Again their love is tested.. Paparazzi see Kellan and Keira together.. This throws the media into another crazy frenzy. Fans think his cheating on Sienna.
They make a vow to each other...
"Whatever happens from here on out, I want you to know that I don’t regret anything. Being with you, loving you, experiencing this with you . . . it’s all been worth it, and we’ll get through this together.” I smiled. “We’re a team. It’s us against the world.”"
They come clean to the world.. On national radio.. People ridicule Keira as she is 'the other woman'- Kellan wants the truth out there... The truth will set them free... Unfortunately tragedy happens and the press/fans and photographers hound Kellan and Keira.
Keira is pushed to the street where a truck is going to hit her but Kellan runs and pulls her away but gets badly hurt in the process.
In hospital family and friends come... Kellan sees his fans praying for him.
[spoilers removed]
"You’ll never know how incredible you are to me, how desperately I love you. I would do it all over again if I needed to. I’d go back to the beginning for you."
"Passion, friendship, love, loyalty, trust . . . if you found the right person . . . you really could have it all."
[spoilers removed]
Kellan Kyle is one of those characters who will stay in your heart forever... Atleast I know he will always be in mine... <3 <3

- Maribor, Slovenia
Tue, 08 May 2012

More Kellan? More Kellan? WE. GET. MORE. KELLAN?! *swoon*
My body is so ready it's not even funny.

- Prague, Czech Republic
Sat, 21 Jul 2012

My Kellan and Kiera:

"My soul. My better half. My reason for being. Nothing in my life would ever fill me with as much joy and peace as Kellan did."

I really like S.C Stephens and her other books so it hurts me to write this review but I have to be honest. This story just did not touch me and overall it did not work very well for me.
After all drama that happened between Kellan and Keira in previous books, I was hoping to get more mature characters this time. And in some extent, I got what I wanted in Kiera who tried to be bigger person, seeing things more maturely and making wise decisions this time. But what surprised me was Kellan. He was his sweet self but truly naive and the way he behaved sometimes in this book really pissed me off.
My another issue with this book was Danny's role in Kellan's and Kiera's lives which was quite unrealistic and over the top. At least, there was Griffin who stole every single scene he was in. He may behave like Neantherthal from time to time but he is one of the most funniest and likeable characters ever written and I wish there was more of him in this book!
Moreover, I am probably in minority but I think this series should have ended with book 2. I loved the way things ended in Effortless and probably some epilogue would be enough to finish Kellan's and Kiera's story. This book seemed forced, prolonged and I was really struggling with holding my attention quite often.
True Kellan fans will probably love this book, I did not. It was only OK for me.

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