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Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices, #3)

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Published 04 Dec 2018
Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices, #3).pdf
Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Margaret K. McElderry Books

Dark secrets and forbidden love threaten the very survival of the Shadowhunters in Cassandra Clare’s Queen of Air and Darkness, the final novel in the #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling The Dark Artifices trilogy.
What if damnation is the price of true love?
Innocent blood has been spilled on the steps of the Council Hall, the sacred stronghold of the Shadowhunters. In the wake of the tragic death of Livia Blackthorn, the Clave teeters on the brink of civil war. One fragment of the Blackthorn family flees to Los Angeles, seeking to discover the source of the blight that is destroying the race of warlocks.
Meanwhile, Julian and Emma take desperate measures to put their forbidden love aside and undertake a perilous mission to Faerie to retrieve the Black Volume of the Dead. What they find in the Courts is a secret that may tear the Shadow World asunder and open a dark path into a future they could never have imagined. Caught in a race against time, Emma and Julian must save the world of Shadowhunters before the deadly power of the parabatai curse destroys them and everyone they love.

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Beatrice in Bookland
- Italy
Wed, 16 Mar 2016

1) Lady midnight ★★★★★
2) Lord of shadows ★★★★★
Things that need to happen in Queen of air and darkness:
- Zara and the Cohort dying.
- Julian finally taking a nap.
- "Hot faerie threesome". Emma ships the trio and so do I ohmygod.
- Zara and the Cohort dying.
- Kieran findind some happiness (hopefully thanks to the aforementioned hot faerie threesome)
- Helen returning to the Los Angeles institute.
- Emma and Julian finally getting together without endangering the entire world and the parabatai bonds, because they deserve it.
- Zara and the Cohort dying
- Zara and the Cohort dying
- Zara and the Cohort dying

Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥
Sun, 12 Nov 2017

This is one of the most beautiful covers I just pre-ordered it!!!!

- Las Vegas, NV
Sat, 16 Jun 2018

*the heaviest of breathing*
LIVE UPDATES - filled with spoilers on IG:
➽ Lady Midnight
➽ Lord of Shadows
1.) City of Bones ★★★
2.) City of Ashes ★★
3.) City of Glass ★★★
1.) Clockwork Angel ★★★
4.) City of Fallen Angels ★
2.) Clockwork Prince ★★★★
5.) City of Lost Souls ★★★★
3.) Clockwork Princess ★★★★★
6.) City of Heavenly Fire ★★★★★
*.) The Bane Chronicles ★★★
*.) Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy ★★★
1.) Lady Midnight ★★★★★
2.) Lord of Shadows ★★★★
*.) Ghosts of the Shadow Market 8/10
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Mon, 08 Aug 2016

15 Shadowhunter Chronicles books later...and I'm finally going to a Cassandra Clare book signing, where I'll meet one of my favourite authors in person! December 6th CANNOT come soon enough!!! :D
Also, I am not emotionally prepared for this trilogy to come to a close...*cue the tears*

- The United States
Sun, 28 Oct 2018

me when Zara Dearborn finally dies a very painful death

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