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Books: A Living History

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Published 11 Oct 2011
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Format Hardcover
Publisher J. Paul Getty Museum
ISBN 160606083X

From the first scribbling on papyrus to the emergence of the e-book, this wide-ranging overview of the history of the book provides a fascinating look at one of the most efficient, versatile, and enduring technologies ever developed. The author traces the evolution of the book from the rarefied world of the hand-copied and illuminated volume in ancient and medieval times, through the revolutionary impact of Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press, to the rise of a publishing culture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the subsequent impact of new technologies on this culture.  
Many of the great individual titles of the past two millennia are discussed as well as the range of book types and formats that have emerged in the last few hundred years, from serial and dime novels to paperbacks, children’s books, and Japanese manga. The volume ends with a discussion of the digital revolution in book production and distribution and the ramifications for book lovers, who can’t help but wonder whether the book will thrive—or even survive—in a form they recognize. 

"Books: A Living History" Reviews

Mon, 16 Jan 2012

Excellent review of the history of the book. It included a great cross-cultural review. I was fascinated by the review of the Mayan texts as well as the insight that the location of the printhouses during the age of enlightenment coincided with the development of science and technology. One forgets that knowlege once could be more easily controlled and that ideas travelled only as fast as a book could be carried. I can now look at my 3100 plus book collection (spanning from the mid 1700s on) from a new perspective.

- Cohoes, NY
Thu, 28 Apr 2016

A comprehensive look at books, but it's dryness was its downfall. Maybe I'm spoiled by YA nonfiction that tends to be informational and entertaining, this was just informational and not so much true entertainment.
It contains a lot of interesting in material on a variety of subjects including history but also manga, romance, paperbacks, but feels a bit dated.

- Oak Ridge, TN
Sun, 18 Sep 2011

An excellent introduction to the history of books, lavishly illustrated and handsomely designed.

- Valenciennes , France
Tue, 12 Sep 2017

Really interesting to discover the history of the book, to see how it evolved and what it involves. I learnt many things; this book is kind of an introduction, and raises some questions about history, but also about today's books, and our way to handle the situation. I think I could find books about each little chapter for more explanation, so if you already know the history of the book, maybe it will be boring for you! I didn't know everything, and it was a good résumé.
There were some mistakes in my edition - I felt that it was translated, too bad! But it was still a good way to learn some things.

- Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
Tue, 11 Jul 2017

I wanted to know more about the history of the books and this book gave me that. It explains all the bigger millstones in the development of the book from the beginnings to the e-book. There are some great quality pictures to accompany that explanations which is making this book more interesting and informative for me. I would recommend this book.

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