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4.39132 votes • 8 reviews
Published 01 Jan 1970
Format Hardcover
Publisher Popular Prakashan
ISBN 8171853323

This is a biography of Lokamanya Tilak, an eminent leader in Maharashtra.His entire life is described in a very beautiful language.

"Durdamya" Reviews

- Thane, 16, India
Sat, 10 Oct 2015

A really well composed novel on Lokmanya Tilak. I will recommend everyone to read it. It will change the perspective of your life. I just suggest to add Pictures related to Lokmanya Tilak and his lifestyle in it. It will be then 5 star complete novel. But in spite of this, I really experienced that era of Hindustan and its journey towards freedom through the eyes of Lokmanya.

- Pune, 07, India
Wed, 01 Apr 2015

A book which is not only inspiring but worth keeping in your collection for a reference.

- Pune, 16, India
Thu, 15 Jan 2015

One of best biographises I have ever read. It pictures the life of a devoted nationalist who fought his entire life for freedom of his country. Lokamanya Tilak first planted seeds of purna-swaraj(complete freedom) into the hearts and mids of people during the times when every fighter was devoted to getting whatever grants they could from the british.

Thu, 28 Feb 2013

Excellent book on Balgandhar Tilak. Nicely portrays nice life, work and his relationships with his contemporaries such M.G Ranade, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Agarkar, Gandhi, Jinnah etc. Must read for any one interested in Indian history, who can read and understand Marathi.

- Thane, 16, India
Fri, 02 Oct 2015

very nice book

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