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The Chicago Manual of Style

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Published 01 Aug 2003
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Format Hardcover
Publisher The University of Chicago Press
ISBN 0226104036

The 15th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style has been superseded by the 17th edition.
In the 1890s, a proofreader at the University of Chicago Press prepared a single sheet of typographic fundamentals intended as a guide for the University community. That sheet grew into a pamphlet, and the pamphlet grew into a book—the first edition of the Manual of Style, published in 1906. Now in its fifteenth edition, The Chicago Manual of Style—the essential reference for authors, editors, proofreaders, indexers, copywriters, designers, and publishers in any field—is more comprehensive and easier to use than ever before.
Those who work with words know how dramatically publishing has changed in the past decade, with technology now informing and influencing every stage of the writing and publishing process. In creating the fifteenth edition of the Manual, Chicago's renowned editorial staff drew on direct experience of these changes, as well as on the recommendations of the Manual's first advisory board, composed of a distinguished group of scholars, authors, and professionals from a wide range of publishing and business environments.
Every aspect of coverage has been examined and brought up to date—from publishing formats to editorial style and method, from documentation of electronic sources to book design and production, and everything in between. In addition to books, the Manual now also treats journals and electronic publications. All chapters are written for the electronic age, with advice on how to prepare and edit manuscripts online, handle copyright and permissions issues raised by technology, use new methods of preparing mathematical copy, and cite electronic and online sources.
A new chapter covers American English grammar and usage, outlining the grammatical structure of English, showing how to put words and phrases together to achieve clarity, and identifying common errors. The two chapters on documentation have been reorganized and updated: the first now describes the two main systems preferred by Chicago, and the second discusses specific elements and subject matter, with examples of both systems. Coverage of design and manufacturing has been streamlined to reflect what writers and editors need to know about current procedures. And, to make it easier to search for information, each numbered paragraph throughout the Manual is now introduced by a descriptive heading.
Clear, concise, and replete with commonsense advice, The Chicago Manual of Style, fifteenth edition, offers the wisdom of a hundred years of editorial practice while including a wealth of new topics and updated perspectives. For anyone who works with words, whether on a page or computer screen, this continues to be the one reference book you simply must have.
What's new in the Fifteenth Edition:
* Updated material throughout to reflect current style, technology, and professional practice
* Scope expanded to include journals and electronic publications
* Comprehensive new chapter on American English grammar and usage by Bryan A. Garner (author of A Dictionary of Modern American Usage)
* Updated and rewritten chapter on preparing mathematical copy
* Reorganized and updated chapters on documentation, including guidance on citing electronic sources
* Streamlined coverage of current design and production processes, with a glossary of key terms
* Descriptive headings on all numbered paragraphs for ease of reference
* New diagrams of the editing and production processes for both books and journals, keyed to chapter discussions
* New, expanded Web site with special tools and features for Manual users at

"The Chicago Manual of Style" Reviews

- Midvale, UT
Tue, 15 Apr 2008

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of MLA, AP, or even (dare I say it) Franklin Covey, the Chicago Manual of Style will never let real-world writers and editors* down. Sure, at first you'll stagger through its appendix and feel overwhelmed by the layout, but rest assured, with time, you'll come to rely on it like your trusty blankey that has always been there for you through all these years.
*By real-world writers and editors, I mean that elitist class of people who poo poo on people who write for fun.

- The United States
Fri, 24 Feb 2012

Memo to Goodreads admin people: the 15th edition is old hat. Nowadays it is the 16th edition that is authoritative. The once-proud 15th edition has had its pedestal tugged out from under it. Only losers refer to the old-fashioned, outmoded, antiquated 15th edition anymore, or even hold on to their copy. Screw the 15th edition.
Please create a listing for the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. I'd like to post a review complaining that I see few differences between it and the 15th edition (which in turn had few differences from the 14th)*.
*My review would also do some navel-gazing about the tension between the strong idea of scholarly authority, which pervades the manual's rhetoric, and the stance of the University of Chicago economics department--the publications of which are sometimes mentioned therein as stylistic examples--which teaches resolute nihilism regarding such authority. We're all probably better off that I'm not able to expand on this thought in a longer review.

Serena W.
- Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan
Wed, 20 Sep 2017

Review for 17th edition:
This is--by far--a better edition than the last. In addition to making some much needed revisions, gender identity pronouns and updated practices have been added. Overall, the style is smoother and more user friendly than the last edition, which was overly dry most of the time and made for a difficult once through read. As this is my primary textbook and resource for the copyediting program I'm currently enrolled in (not to mention the field once I graduate) I find reading the whole textbook through before class begins is a valuable tool--one made easier thanks to the writing in this edition.
Mad love to whoever included the many Monty Python references. I spotted at least four. And each one made me giggle. Thank you.

- Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tue, 02 Nov 2010

This is the book that should be in every drawer in every hotel room. I'll get right on the phone with the Gideons.

- Winfield, IL
Sun, 20 Mar 2016

Can you read a style guide?
Yes. The middle parts of them are essentially books on grammar.
This is the best of them.

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