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The Three Billy Goats Gruff

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Published 01 Jan 1963
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Format Paperback
Publisher Scholastic Book Services
ISBN 059001613X

Scholastic paperback of a well-known Norwegian folk tale, illustrated with woodcuts by Susan Blair.

"The Three Billy Goats Gruff" Reviews

- New Paltz, NY
Fri, 13 Oct 2017

Title & Author: Three Billy Goats Gruff, Illustrated by Susan Blair
1. Awards the book has received: none
2. Appropriate Grade Level(s): K-2nd
3. Summary: Three billy goats, all named Gruff, individually go over a bridge to a hillside where they want to get fat. Under the bridge, lives a troll, who tells the first two billy goats he’s going to gobble them up. But, they get away. By the third billy goat, who is big and strong, the troll gets beat up. The three billy goats meet over the bridge, on the hillside, where they eat until they are fat.
4. Review: This book was interesting. I’m not 100% sure I would read it to my class. But, I do think the class would be interested in the artwork, because it is very different from modern children’s books.
5. 2-3 in class uses:
-Students turn and talk about what they think will happen when the third billy goat crosses over the bridge.
-Students count the billy goats. On a worksheet, they cut and paste onto the numbers “1,” “2,” and “3”. Then the students speak or write what happened to each billy goat in the story.

- New Paltz, NY
Mon, 16 Oct 2017

“The Three Billy Goats Gruff” by Susan Blair; published by Scholastic; New York; copyright 1963
1. Awards the book has received: This book has not won any awards.
2. Appropriate grade level(s): This book is appropriate for preschool through third grade.
3. Summary: Three billy goats venture on to find some grass on top of the hill for them to eat. But, in order for them to get to the other side they need to get past the big bad troll that awaits them at the bridge. So, one by one the goats walk across the bridge and when they come face to face with the troll they joke around and tell the troll that he can eat the next goat who comes along. But, when the third biggest goat comes along, the troll definitely doesn't get his way! The billy goats finally overcome the big bad troll and get across the bridge safely.
Review: I have heard several versions of this story growing up but have never read the actual book. It has a very interesting story line that will for sure grasp children's attention because it's something they may have never read about. It provides humor in a super simplistic way. The visual attraction of the pictures would be due to the vintage effects this book brings and that is something I haven't seen that often. The illustrations definitely helped me stay intrigued in the story itself.
4. Uses in the classroom:
-Have children discuss the major events in order.
-Set up a dramatic play center and allow children to reenact the book experimenting with different voices.
-Talk about lying with the students and why or why not it's a good thing to do.
-Talk about size and have children sort big, medium and small items into groups.

- New Paltz, NY
Mon, 16 Oct 2017

“The Three Billy Goats Gruff” by Susan Blair; published by Scholastic Book Services; New York; copyright 1963.
1. Awards the book has received: This book has not received any awards.
2. Appropriate grade level(s): This book is appropriate for children from Kindergarten – 2nd grade.
3. Summary: The Billy goats go over the bridge to go the hillside to make themselves fat. The youngest goat goes first. The troll who lives under the bridge wants to eat him but he says that the second goat is bigger. The troll let him go and waited for the second one. The second goat came and convinced the troll to wait and eat the third Billy goat because he was bigger than the second. Then when the third came along he was too big for the troll and beat up the troll.
4. Review: This Norwegian folktale will grab students’ attention due to the older illustrations. I enjoyed the story but it may be a little much for younger children. It can be read to younger children if they are ready for the story. It can also be used to teach a lesson to students about being greedy.
5. Uses in the classroom:
• Students can act out the story in a dramatic play center.
• Students can create a modern-day application to teach the same lesson and illustrate it.
• Discuss the meaning of the story and why the third Billy goat did what he did.

- New Paltz, NY
Tue, 17 Oct 2017

The Three Billy-Goats Gruff by Susan Blair, is a famous piece of traditional Norwegian literature that is quite well known and has been re-illustrated in multiple different ways. This book has received no awards, although it has spawned many different interpretations. This book would probably be most appropriate for children around second or first grade as the pictures may be slightly frightening. Despite the possibly frightening illustrations, this book would be excellent to have around on the bookshelves for the kids.
The book starts when the three billy-goats run out of food to eat (grass) and son they must move somewhere there is a more abundant amount of grass. To do this they have to cross the bridge where a hideous troll lives, who is possessive and attempts to eat those who cross his path. After the troll threatens the first, smaller goat, the smaller goat tells the troll that he should wait for the next goat. The next goat repeats the same concept, so when the biggest goat comes along he is able to defeat the troll so they can all safely get the grassy fields.
This is a good book that can be seen as a way for kids to stand up to bullies, but in this instance it is telling kids to react in a violent way (if that is the intended purpose). It could also just be a tale about three goats and their trip for food and how they fought adversity to get something they really wanted. Either way this is a very good classic book, but the only thing that may be a large negative are some of the illustrations and the troll specifically. The troll wanting to eat the main characters might scare the younger viewers. If you do gives this book to young kids, be sure to monitor them closely and gauge their reaction to the troll and see whether it frightens them or not. Activities for this book can include changing the species of the goat and their objective, but keep everything else the same and writing their own little book. Another possible activity can include having a share time in a small group environment where kids share a time they were scared or faced adversity and found a way through it, which can give many kids different strategies to solving adversity.

- New Paltz, NY
Sat, 14 Oct 2017

"The Three Billy-Goats Gruff" by Susan Blair; published by Scholastic Book Services; New York; copyright 1963.
1. Awards: none
2. Grade level(s): Pre-K-3
3. Summary: This book tells the story of three billy goats that need to go on a journey so they can get food at the top of the hill and make themselves fat. On their walk, they come across a bridge with a troll that leaves underneath it. Each time a goat tries to cross the bridge the troll says he will eat them, but the goat convinces the troll to eat the next billy goat that comes along and so on. This continues until the last and biggest billy goat tries to cross the bridge and instead of giving up he threatens to beat up the troll, eventually doing so. The three billy goats make it to the top of the hill and they are fat and full of food.
4. Review: I had never heard of this Norwegian folktale before and I think kids would enjoy the plot due to it's humor. I think that kids would find it very surprising that the goat essentially beats up the troll because fighting is seen as a bad trait in children's minds. In a sense, it exposes them to how different types of people handle and defend themselves in scary situations. Lastly, this book is very old with unique illustrations that children would be fascinated by because they might have never seen something like it before.
5. Uses in the classroom:
-Talk about self defense versus fighting with your children and what the difference is.
-Have students create their own version of a troll.
-Have students create goat masks and have them act out/retell the story in groups.

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